Wednesday, April 20, 2011 / 10:53 PM
exams are coming!

Haven't been myself lately, and have had bizarre dreams and thoughts in and out of my mind. Guess that is part of the process.

Exams for me are next friday, and honestly i do feel a little dizzy thinking about it. Parched throat and sweaty palms. But i am just going to do what i can and head for the exams like it is. Nothing much i can try to manipulate too.

Life has been banal, and i have been gaining weight. Slowly looking like a pear now. Ugly. Not gonna do much about it except to go for runs whenever i can! But the weather these few days has been awfully erratic that its hard to arrange for a run at the track, unless i head to the gym and sweat it out on the treadmill. Muahaha.

I kind of rejected two internships today, and i hope i made the right choices. Got rejected by EDB, but that's okay, because the phone interview was really tough and the interviewer asked me some pretty challenging question. I gave my best analysis and thoughts, and i guess that should be enough. Let the smarter people take the lead!

MFA is kind of interesting, but too bad that they only do 4 week internships! And the timings are so strange. Singapore Pools was like 0.0... Not too keen on taking it.

Oh, and i rejected OBS too, because it required me to travel to Pulau Ubin EVERYDAY. This means i have to reach PUNGGOL JETTY EVERYDAY from Monday to Friday by 8.15am, or reach Commonwealth by 715am. WHOA WHOA WHOA. So much for island life!

Well, not left with much choices. Hope i do get something!

Gotta head back to the books now, and rest early for the night cos i got an early morning consultation with Prof Ho for urban sociology. Sigh, this is one of the modules that i feel very worried for, partly because i don't know what he wants. What makes him tick and such. I know as students we should not be thinking about such things, but i cannot help it but feel that sometimes we have to write things that professors like. Sacrificing intellectual freedom perhaps, but its the GRADES. And the bell curve. Sigh!

Cannot help but to also feel that many other people in Sociology are more prepared than me, and the same thing applies for the rest of the cohort. I feel very unprepared, and i fear that i might lag behind. SIGH!!! Gotta get back my confidence in everything!


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