Sunday, November 25, 2007 / 5:41 PM

Really shocked about Mr Loh, a PE teacher at NJC. His body was found this morning, along with four other team mates. Although i do not know him personally, we always loved to look at him because he was so pleasant, earnest, charming and super cool. He just seems like a really nice teacher. It was only a few weeks ago that i saw him taking his motor bike home and him around the canteen eating with the other PE teachers. But today he is gone.

To all NJCians out there who so happens to read this entry, please remember him. You may not know him or have only seen the news, but just remember this teacher. To his family, my condolences. Please do not take it too hard. It is just so sudden and so overwhelming, and i can fully understand how his family must feel. In any case, i am deeply saddened.

Hope that NJC will do something for Mr Loh.

Rest in peace.

Friday, November 23, 2007 / 1:03 AM
post a levels

me with my coveted raspberry souffle at BAKERZIN..but it didn't taste that fantastic..
the aftermath of 4 ravenous chicks jumping into their 5 delectable tapas. I loved the creme brulee, rum and raisin ice cream and panna cotta the BEST!
ok this is a really BAD shot of us drinking. We were at BARFLY at Clarke Quay on LADIES NIGHT and there is the both of us with our vodka shots. Lol! We got free martinis! Prior to that i had a peace lecture by Datin Paduka Marina Mahatir at SMU. Then i chionged over to the Satay Club to meet up with the rest before we decided to go for some drinks.

Well the A levels are finally over, but the feeling of euphoria and extreme ecstasy is absent from my range of emotions. I just that. It didn't make any difference although the "horror, the horror" has finally "stepped over the edge". We are all still quoting from our lit texts, explaining things with econs theory and doing math all the time. Sheesh. I feel indifferent towards this whole ending. Call me strange or what so ever, but i think i need a lot more time for the "notion" to sink in.

Gonna go into relief teaching i guess. Perhaps i'm gonna take up the job for a month, depending on my degree of necessity. Maybe i have to start looking for other jobs since i have no idea how long this teaching stint may last. Shrugs.

Now in search for THE prom dress. Our school's theme is "Arabian Nights" (rolls eyes) and although i have thought of dressing according to the theme by looking like Jasmine from Aladdin, i think it is quite difficult. I have no idea how to piece the costume together. Or rather, i want to dress up in something sensible and red-carpet worthy, something glamorous and not black. Sigh. It is tough to find a dress! And some people have already started their preparations for everything. That makes me break out in cold sweat. How do these people get it together?!

There is the hair, the nails, the shoes, the dress, the make up, the bag, the perfume..

Anyway, i still have some time before the actual prom. Gotta keep up the search!

Saturday, November 17, 2007 / 1:29 PM

its the last lap.
burn your soles,Shuli.
feel the rush.


Saturday, November 10, 2007 / 4:28 PM
dinner at covo

the beautiful rainbow behind the house

At Covo
dear old abi sipping her ice lemon tea

yeah me trying to savour the tea too

splendid cheese and pumpkin soup, with scallop and salmon on the left. this was fantastic, and the entree was meat dumpling, fried ebi and escargot, which i forgot to take a pic of..

abi with her salad

me with my vongole

look how tasty it looks!oh my i am thinking of it even now..

dessert was (from left): some jelly with alcohol, chocolate brownie and raspberry cheesecake. HEAVENLY!!!

and this was the apple crumble we ordered when we were having lunch at Greenwood Fish Market in the afternoon. I had a lobster linguini, michelle had a smoked mackerel linguini, eng chiew had the fish and chips and abi had baked salmon. It was just delicious and really really nice. whee!

nice afternoon out with the girls before econs consultation with mr goh. great (candle-light) dinner with my dear BFF abigail at covo. really pleasant day. then headed over to tbsc for daimokukai and got some marshmallows from xuelian.woo!

sugar and spice and everything nice.

Thursday, November 08, 2007 / 12:01 AM
what eco system is your water from?

Today was a nice day.
Bought a FIJI bottled water from the cold storage at KAP that asked, " What eco system is your water from?"
That made me gape.
From some plant in ulu pandan?

Anyway it was a nice bottle that cost me $2.90. How much are you supposed to pay for plastic? This? Whatever.

Been thinking a lot, and it scares me and shocks me out of my comfort zone just by thinking and contemplating. What may happen and what choices do i make.

But before i scream for freedom and celebrate my release from the pangs of death, i shall continue to study really hard for my most worrying Econs and Lit.

Till then i will be keeping a lookout for activity partners.

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