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all flushed out-chapter3


Elyssa felt as if her heart was going to tear open her chest any minute.He face looked as red as a tomato and she inhaled unsteadily.Whatever Samuel said just now really shocked her guts out.Was he just teasing her?She has no idea.I mean...Why would anyone with such good background and social standing be interested in a girl like her?She isn't as pretty as Carla nor Macy, just looking decent and well-groomed and make-up-free.Just what is on Samuel's mind?

Elyssa shook her head wildly and stared at the girl in the mirror in front of her.Sure...If she could get her eye-brows plucked,do up her hair,wear fitting clothes and be more open with guys, she would be more accepted by the cliques.But she is not going to change herself for the sake of being accepted.Elyssa loved her sneakers, her worn out jeans and her top.

Sure...Elyssa doesn't dress like the other girls with their breasts drooping out of their extremely low cut tops or unbearably mini skirts or flirt like there is no tomorrow.SHE IS NOT GOING TO CONFORM!!!

Well...Maybe she should just avoid Samuel for the time being.She can give advice on love and stuff but when it all boils down to her turn,she is totally helpless!Ironic,you may exclaim,but that is just how this character is.

Just as she steps out of the washroom,Samuel was waiting for her outside.Oh shit...Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit....Elyssa had no idea how to react as Samuel walked up to her and gave her a little peck on her forehead.Elyssa's heart skipped a few beats, and then a few more, and closed her eyes to steady her breathing.

"Gosh...You are so cute!Haha...Would you be my girlfriend?I really really really hope you will say yes...I liked you the first day i saw you move into the house beside mine and i just didn't dare to ask you...So,would you be my girl?"


"I said,would you be my girlfriend?"

Elyssa hesitated.Should she,or should she not?Her Prelims are coming,and she should not be even thinking of anything regarding teenage love.They will ruin her!This is such a pleasant and yet unrealistic surprise...

"Bitch!F***ing whore!How dare she make a move on Samuel?He's MINEEE!!!!"snarled Macy, as Carla nudged her to keep it down.

"Hey,are you dumb or what?We are spying on them ok?Do you want to let the whole world know that we are eavesdroppping on other people?Blonde!" hissed Carla impatiently.

"So what is your take on this?I would really love to go into a relationship with you.I am sick and tired of all those artificial smiles and pretense of people.You made me feel alive and that there is a true meaning to my existence.Elyssa...I....I really like you.You..."

Just before Samuel could continue with another word,Elyssa was whisked off by her Zorro-it's actually Helen- and landed on safer grounds.

"So Samuel finally asked you to be his girl?Wah liao eh!Song bo?!?!I thought you wanted him reallyyyyyyyyyyyy badly one?But your good friend,I think you better study hard hard and don't pat tor so early.Later affect your grades ah!" Helen chided Elyssa.

Helen's rants continued, as she shares her broken English mixed with some Hokkien dialect.Elyssa stared at the clouds outside,and decided to be PROACTIVE.

Yes...This is what she shall do.

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Elyssa stared hard at her Physics practical test. I cannot believe this!

6/30.With a huge SEE ME beside her disgusting marks.

Mdm Tan is going to chew my head off, Elyssa thought. Everyone else were cheering loudly on what great marks they've all got and as usual, the bitchy gang were again swooning over to Samuel, the genius who got a perfect 30/30 once again.

"OH MY GOD Samuel...You are so so so so so smart!My idol!!!!" screamed Macy with a noticeably fake tone of hers.

Oohs and aahs were exchanged among the pack of heavily made up girls surrounding Samuel, as they kept edging closer towards Samuel with their unbelievably padded chests. Yucks...They are so shameless!How can they try to seduce Samuel like that? I despise them!!!!!!! screamed Elyssa in her head.

"Laxing la~~~You see your veins all poping out le ley. Those cha bor is liddat one...Will do anything to seduce Samuel, but i heck care one la.Haiyo wei ah E,dun think so much.Go study la!O levels coming seh.Stop staring at em la." Helen interjected, while crossing her legs, putting em on Macy's seat.

Samuel squirmed in his seat,uncomfortable by the approaching of tits and legs,tried to hide his uneasiness by flashing his mega-watt smile.He peered over to Elyssa, who was pouring over her Physics text book,occasionally looking up towards him.He had wanted to talk to her long ago, becasue she seemed like a really great girl to be with. He was tired of all this pretence and plastitude-plastic attitude- and yearned to be a normal guy with friends who truly care about him.

Now,in his world,everyone just wants a piece of him.Girls stick around him to gain more attention from the boys and guys just want to take advantage of him to get to know more girls. How ironic! Inside, Samuel really wants to break away from all of these and just be free. I guess, Elyssa and her friends seems to be the only ones who are pure and real, thought Samuel.

Just then,the forever noisy and loud Mdm Tan ambled into the class room and bellowed, "CLASS STAND!CLASS GREET!SIT DOWN!" and went on to castigate all those failures.

Elyssa felt terrible and she just wanted to die. Her O's are coming,yet she is still failing subjects?Oh dear...she may never make it to a junior college!She is just going to repeat another year in this school and be laughed at by her juniors and peers.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Mdm Tan screaming at her, and she stood up from her desk and walk slowly towards the gates to Hell...erm no the teacher's table. There was her Physics teacher, like a lump of something plonked on her seat.So, she was, like a helpless lamb awaiting for her round of scoldings.

Lunchtime finally arrived, and it was apparent today was just not Elyssa's day. She failed her Physics practical badly, gotten a leashing rom her Math teacher and got picked on by Carla for being dowdy and PLAIN.

Seated beside her was old Helen, slurping her noodles at a deafening volume and munching them without any cares. Elyssa played with her vegetables on the plate, having no appetite for anything. There are going to be remedials all the way to the evening, and by then she will be as good as dead.Tania and Kate sat down in front of the girls, and started chatting about school.

Okay...let me introduce our two new characters: Tania and Kate.

Tania: Cheer leader. Used to be about 80 kg but slimmed down after someone mistook her squatting down for a arm chair. Not like the typical flirty and bitchy girls in her squad, Tania remains down-to-earth and is loyal and extremely kind.

Kate: Highly gothic and mysterious, always slapping on too much of compact powder and thick eye liners. Her faves are Marilyn Manson and she is always in black and red.But those are just a pretense.Deep down, she is very philosophical and experienced in life, emitting a somewhat jaded and cynical persona.

Elyssa poured out her woes to her bosom buddies, and they tried their best to cheer her up, but to no avail. It was of no use, for Elyssa is extremely dejected and she just wants to be knocked out. Elyssa excused herself, and went back to the classroom.

She walked painstakingly up the steps, and sighed heavily. She felt a tap on her shoulders, and turned back only to see Samuel smiling shyly at her. PHWOAR! Elyssa felt her face burn and took in a deep breath.

"Hi Samuel!What are you doing here?"

"Erm...I was waiting for you.I saw you looking so unhappy and i just wanted to tell you that failure does not mean anything.You are a great girl, and i don't want to see you looking so down. Cheer up ok? It breaks my heart to see you so sad." Samuel said, all the while looking at her with adoring eyes.

Elyssa was flabbergasted. Is Samuel down with a fever or did he said all of that to tease her? Or could have the boys ganged up to play this stupid trick on her? She surveyed the surroundings, and looked at Samuel with a confused display of histronics.

Samuel was about to say another word before Elyssa scooted off, covering her face which was of an adorable pink hue.

How cute!She is one special girl, mused Samuel.

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murphy's law


i am down with a sore throat, a cough and a really really really really BAD BAD BAD voice!!!!!!
JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am having my O Level English orals tmr and i have a ugly voice?!?!?!?!?!I am gonna be so dead. The examiners are going to snort and snicker at my pathetic and gruesome voice and give me a really really low grade and i will fail English!Oh dear...wad am i gonna do?i was hoping to get a 35/40 but i think tad is impossible right now.

Must be someone doing voodoo on me.Some pathetic guy or girl in the school. snipped some of my hair and got my eight characters from somewhere and stabbed a needle through the neck of the voodoo doll, thus explaining my sore throat. WAH!!! Whoever is that with the voodoo doll, i plead and beg and hope and wish that you will just let me off..........please?please?please?PLEASE?Take it that i am on my knees and begging earnestly to you...

OK.Worse comes to worse i will have to change date. BUT i wanna take with the class eh. It feels so weird if you are sitting among strangers and then u get a really low low low low mark. HAIZ~~~~~~I AM GOING TO FAIL MY ENGLISH ORALS!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sob sob....may the force be with me.

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elyssa's story chapter 1

Elyssa is a very normal sixteen year old, just like you and most of us around. She loves to fantasise about her boyfriends- how they look like,talk and behave etc- although she has never had a relationship before. I mean, she has never had a boyfriend of any sort, as compared to the more glamorous girls in her class. Elyssa is like this very quiet and reserved white rose, patiently waiting for her lover to come just at the right time she blossoms into a beautiful flower.
"OH MY GOD...You cannot be serious!Samuel asked you out instead of me? So where are you guys going?...." shrieked Carla, gesturing wildly in front of her sidekick, Macy.
"You think Samuel would want anything to do with you? Come on, although you are the homecoming queen, the school counsellor, cheerleading captain and so many more achievements i have no desire to name, i think Samuel prefers cute, innocent girls--like me!Hahahahaha~" Macy retorted.
Together,the bitchy dual burst into laughter, continuing to gossip about Samuel, and by convention, the school jock,counsellor and golden boy of the track and field team. You may credit him with the title Prince Charming, as many girls would get embroiled in cat fights just to get a wink from him.
Elyssa's heart skipped a beat. Samuel was her neighbour, yet he never had a proper look at her. Well of course, why would Samuel, such a good looking school jock want to look at her, Elyssa Tan the Plain? No, Elyssa is not plain looking at all. In fact, she merely tried to hide her looks from everyone else, deeming that girls like Carla deserved better. Fugghetaboutit...Samuel is never going to like me anyway, thought Elyssa.
"Hey E, don't give me that look whenever someone talks about Samuel can anot? If you like him then go after that boy la! You think you sit here wait wait wait miracle can happen is it? Must be what is that word ah....Ah! PROACTIVE! Wah seh...Understand not?" blabbered Helen.
"Thanks Helen...But i figured i should just stop thinking about relationships, or i will never graduate."Elyssa sighed. Yeah...The O levels are coming, and she had better be serious and focussed, no matter how difficult it would be. Just then, Samuel sauntered into the class room, with all eyes glued on him.
"Samuel oh Samuel....He just has to make a BIG entrance. He think he from Hollywood ah?" Helen whined, drawing some malicious stares from Samuel's admirers. Elyssa tried hard not to look at him, for fear that she might sink deeper and deeper with her mind filled with thoughts of him.
Everyone oohed and aahed, and cooed as Samuel plops himself down on his seat, in front of Elysssa, and starts reading his notes, ignoring all the excited comments from the girls. Elyssa felt her face burn, and her heart was beating at all the wrong rhythms. Oh dear...if my heart continues to beat this irregularly,I may just die before I am 17! thought Elyssa.
Miss Chen then walks into the class, signalling that it is time for 3 periods of really boring History lessons. Elyssa shrugged, and starts reading the notes passed down. The war of Waterloo?Hmm...

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 is the day of the filming of the class video!!!!Lol...I was the hair and makeup artist for today sia...Diana should thank me for her wonderful hairstyle hor..Managed to tame her wild wild hair just in time for the shoot.Hehe...

Went to suntec with candice today and did some shopping.Then she left to meet her dear,so i went shopping by myself.Bought a new nike t shirt,a retro scarf cum belt,a tote from topshop and some lavender scented bags.WOOHOO!Great shopping but terribly sore feet.Shopaholics should be able to take all kinds of agony brought abt by too much walking and stuff.Hehe~

PRELIMS ARE COMING!!!!!This very sentence goes on and on in my head.It is like everyone else is ready and all set and geared up for the prelims and yet i seem to be lagging all the way behind everyone.Oh dear....Wad is going on?I am stuck in quicksand if this goes on man.

And seeing all our seniors back for speech day makes me wonder how did they get such good grades?Its like voila! and they get 8 distinctions.I know it is not tad easy...but i dread to think abt the future.HAIZ~~~~~~life sucks sometimes when u dun feel like tackling it by its horns.

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some piccies

/ 2:17 PM

oh wow...this is me at ytd's PESA Prize Presentation ceremony.Dunnno who tad elegant lady was but anyway...i really wanted my cert.She looked really nice anyway.

Had really a really wacky time at the buffet dinner...and saw some seniors from swiss.Guess they came to root for their JC classmates.They sorta recognised us tho.Lol.

We went to coffee club express again and saw that funny manager who knocked himself against the glass door the last time we were here.Haha!Treated the bitches to a banana split and had lots of giggling done.haha...wad fun. Well...the banana split was great.

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