Tuesday, November 16, 2004 / 6:02 PM
a penny for your thoughts

ooh...its been A WHILE since i updated my blog.anyways,since the start of my hols i have been going to sch everyday sia...what's a holiday like anyway???bah.last friday gastric pain sia...waited for 2 hrs at the polyclinic before it's my turn.i should go back to the private clinic..it doesnt cost u much time to wait.doc said i must abstain from fried food,chilli,coffee and anything that may be stimulating to the stomach and go on a soft diet...WAH!!!

had a wild time at east coast on sat after the cycling course.we went kayaking after the rain stopped.taught samo how to kayak tho.v simple one...u guys should try it!!!then when we came back to shore to exchange kayaks,one of em hit my feet and it kinda hurt.then it was my turn to take the solo one.it was only when i kayaked out to the sea that my feet is bleeding really profusely.gosh~~~i kayaked back and put plaster then went out again.heehee~it rained and rained at east coast that day.had dinner at macs.then we wait for apple's sister's husband to come and pick us up.had a fun talk tho.woke up the nest day with extreme muscle aches at my shoulders...

apple's mum and my mum finally met!but they dun look that alike eh...had lunch then went shopping.her mum left earlier cos she kinda tired.so apple and her niece yunzhen followed us.yunzhen is so naughty lo...she kept jumping around and sat on the floor...quite boy boy eh!but she was really adorable and looked like a jap schoolgirl..haha...

next thu is the dance for the sec4s le!!!yet....we haven finish choreographing.ba hahaha...gotta work doubly hard!!!

next fri is wanru's wedding!gosh...i gotta get the script from her.nervous sia...hehe~

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