Wednesday, November 30, 2005 / 10:21 PM
the perfect man

All right peeps out there,there is definitely no such thing as the Perfect Man. Which is why it is absolutely ironic for Hilary Duff to starr in this movie called The Perfect Man.Sheesh..The movie was sweet but i had no urge to watch it a second time. The ending is always cliched as it is always happily ever after with everyone else happily settled with a dashing man or beautiful woman.Damnit...I am such a sucker for romance.

Well, everyone whom i know are going overseas. And yet i am still inbound and with no getaway.BUT me and my mum managed to get down to a travel agency today to find out more about trips to Taiwan. Hey hey...I may get to travel afterall.

Talking about travelling, I am a very cautious person. I never fail to bring all kinds of medication and necessities that makes my parents roll their eyes in disbelief. Hiak hiak... Come on,it's natural to be more careful when abroad.And yes, I caught you rolling your eyes at the monitor.

Haven't got myself a job at all. What a failure i am! Wanted to coach tuition for Chinese and English but that has not been accomplished. Went for 2 job interviews and it has been a week yet there has not been any news.Well, what can i say? I suppose not many ppl would want to hire someone for a month and is inexperienced. Sure, I am terribly interested in being a salesperson and recommending stuff to ppl cos its just abt talking. Talking to ppl isnt that hard at all! Wonder why i don't have that much flow.

It is approximately 1 month before we go to our respective junior colleges in Jan. Wonder whether i would be selected and enter the jc of my choice? Bugs me...Argh! All i have to do is wait for 16 Dec to arrive and perhaps i may feel a lil better.

Hmm...Chingay training is really tough. I mean there are so many things to remember. The dance steps are way CONFUSING! YEEKS! And worse, the people there aren't that keen to talk you know! Find that i am in another world cos they seem so enthusiastic and yet i can't seem to be getting on. Oh well...Guess i have to try to mix with them cos they are a really fun bunch of people and i shouldnt be such a wet blanket. All the way man!

All right...Enough of me.Have a nice life.=)

Monday, November 28, 2005 / 11:10 PM
anyone but him

Listening to Gareth Gates's Anyone of Us.

It can happen to anyone of us,anyone you think of.Some stupid mistake this persona made and got the girl really pissed.

I hate this guy.

Stop saying its not really your fault that something so drastic happened.That you had no idea she would do this.You keep saying that you merely wanted to help her out but i seriously think there's more to what you have been telling us.

You say there's nothing between the both of you and ask for forgiveness.You really think we will believe all this crap?Shut up.Stop trying to think that it was not your fault that the "situation got out of hand".CRAP!!!

I loathe you for being such a wimp.

All right...I should stop sounding so angry.Afterall,people come and go in your life right?Yeah...No point getting too attached to something that you know will never last.Sheesh.

It has been quite a while since grad tea.Went for job interviews but nothing falls in place.Seems like the folks don't really wanna hire some sixteen year old and inexperienced girl for just one month.Technically speaking,it's 31 days, to be exact.Cant really blame them of course.

So what am i going to do?Learn a new language?Yeah...Been reading up on French from this pocket handbook to learning the language.Si vous plait...Merci..Oui...Bohnner nuit...Random.Or perhaps i could go learn some whimsical stuff like tarot card reading?Hee...Salsa?Hip hop?Wow...the permutations are getting me dizzy.

But it feels so terrible slacking at home,waiting for time to pass.All right,i wasn't exactly slacking but have finished reading quite a few novels,mostly abt how A and B broke up or divorced cos B the husband is cheating on the wife A.Wife then finds a great job and had a great life then meets a new man and TATA!Happily ever after.And the setting is always in some place in Ireland.In fact, three books that i have read are set in the same town in Ireland with the same story line but different authors.

Wonder what the rest are doing?They would most probably be nicely with a part time job or holidaying somewhere.Sheesh..Feels so empty inside.No hungry but just empty.Boredom seems to be filling me up.

It has been a long time since i have been slacking to this extent.Well, Sec 4 wasn't of so much fun but just endless studying and cramming.Sleeping was something constantly insufficient of.Now i am having too much of it.

All right,I should stop pigging myself out and get down to doing something concrete.Will be jogging tmr morning i guess.Smell the air,or polluted air as some may argue.Just feel the sun on my skin would be very nice indeed.

Friday, November 25, 2005 / 8:05 PM
sentiments exactly

Woo hoo...Grad tea is finally over.

The aftermath remains as astonishing as the tsunami: blisters refusing to subside arising from the pair of black satin stilettos I recently bought; the itch in my eyelashes from all that mascara those Red Earth peeps smothered over ( i am so incensed with the beauty personnel at Red Earth Wisma Atria cos they had done an awful job with my mum...You guys just watch out for an angry 16 year old!); the stubborn glitter still stuck on my scalp; and finally, the agony of my camera running out of battery when i had just reached Grand Hyatt.


All right...The event was nothing of spectacular cos Mr Shashi had decided to appear as Darth Vader whose helmet proved to be of an unnatural size for his head. Anyway, he tried to make all of us laugh but i thought he was really comical. He never fails to try to get the party started. No pun intended.

I was kind of disappointed that the dance floor was gone.I remembered when we went to perform for the '04 cohort at the very same ballroom there was a small dancefloor. The couples danced and i swear i saw em kiss. Gosh...How sweet!

There was NO dance floor. Sigh...I had hoped for Mr Wee to bring his wife along so that they could dance.HUMPH.

Everyone was dressed up to the nines, with some extremely catastrophic fashion mistakes. Some had poise and elegance that Grace Kelly would wind up in shame. Some should just realise the need to cover up their thighs and unnecesary flab around the midsection.

The worse were some people who did not feel the need to dress appropriately and simply just grabbed a thing or two from the bottom of their closets. Hello, they seem to have taken "smart casual" a little too, literally.

But most of the peeps were decked in beautiful hues and amazing clothes. It was certainly a totally different feeling to see your friends with coloured manes and formal wear. The coequettish and flirty atmosphere was well, weird.

The grad videos were really good, just dun understand how come only the selected classes are allowed to compete for the best video thing. No fair. I thought ours was really sweet with al lthe sultry music and cool peeps. But 5N3 was the thang man...That scene in the boys toilet was really hilarious. Thumbs up!

The whole event ended really normally. There were no howling and whining girls nor boys who were trying so hard to choke back their tears that all their veins were bulgeoning. That is a good sign, is it? This meant we were not really that attached to each other after all. Boohoohoo...

True, the only TREASURED MOMENTS would be the grad tea itself. We walked away with beautiful smiles, amicable talks and goodbyes and an awful lot of keepsakes. I will really miss all my classmates, really cherish the times we had all spent together and all the silly stuff attempted.

I guess this parting does not necessarily means that we wil never see each other again. Afterall, the world is a small place eh?

Just finished reading "The Second Summer of the Sisterhood", the sequel to "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants". Both books touched me a lot and made me cry and laugh.

To the girls and the bitches who have remained a permanent fixture in my life, our friendship will be like the Sisterhood.

As for the Travelling Pants,we'll see.

Saturday, November 19, 2005 / 12:50 PM
elyssa's story chapter 6

"The smell of freedom...How do you actually define it? is a type of smell without humidity,no smell of chalk powder,no stress and no more books!" Kate screamed in utter exhilaration.

The rest of the group nodded their heads in unison.True,yesterday was the last day of the O level examinations, and it was the Chemistry paper.

Elyssa knew she was bound to fail her Combined Humanities and Physics, because she really sucked in them.Good for Helen and Kate- they never fail anything.

Elyssa just cannot believe how four years in secondary school simply ended just like that. It seemed so fast! She felt like she was just thirteen yesterday, steeping onto the school compound with her dorky frames and a body that yells "FAT!" Now,she is a young and pretty lady all grown up and ready to face the world. It was a wonderful metamorphosis.

She surveyed the school premises,taking note of each detail: the auntie who cleans the toilet dutifully everyday;the bookshop auntie who never fails to put extra pink hues on her cheeks;the uncle who prims the plants and admire his work;the class room that she had spent her sec 4 year in and lastly,her seat.

It was just a seat by the window,where she could let her mind wander in the lush greenery outside her classroom and zone out for a while.

Now,she wondered who will be the next person to sit here?

The four girls stepped out of the school together, waving goodbyes. Wow, all the memories they had will always be kept preciously in their hearts.

The girls then had a wild night out,first catching a movie,then had girl talk over dinner and coffee,only returning home around midnight.Anyway,they are already sixteen!They deserved this fun and freedom after all the stress accumulated from studying like bonkers.

True, they are finally "young adults".

Once you reach a certain age, problems of all kinds start to arise. Relationships, work, friendships and most importantly, family issues start flooding down and cascading onto your shoulders.

Wonder how Elyssa is gonna take it all?

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