Thursday, January 31, 2008 / 10:29 PM
just a note

I am so tired and exhausted everyday that i don't even wanna update my blog. Wanna do online shopping but in deep need of recommendations for sprees.

Anyway, Saturday is my most tiring day cos there will be a Chingay event that lasts the WHOLE day, from 11am to midnight. Gosh.

Sleepy. Good night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 / 8:14 PM

It is funny how a small little belief can bring about such mass destruction to everyone. Think about the slew of terrorist attacks. The main reason that sparked off everything, in my opinion, is that individual parties have differing views due to different religions. The terrorists believed in a certain way of life that clashes with the others, and what happens to those in between? They get hurt.

This is the way things happen.

I have two friends who have stayed together for a really long period of time, Ben and Anna. They have known each other since they were 18 years old, and for the record they are married. Married for 30 years already, so i guess they should be about 50 or so. Ben is a Taoist, while Anna is a Buddhist. They share different religions, although it seems like what they are practising is the same.

Anyway, Ben loathes the fact that Anna is not a Taoist. He hates her being a Buddhist and always lambastes her for being such a devout Buddhist. He picks a fight with her all the time, just to fight about this whole religion thing. Everything leads to the religion issue. And the worst thing is that Ben and Anna have two kids who are in their teens already. So this whole quarreling thing has been giving them pressure over the years. They feel drained whenever they hear their parents quarrel over the stupidest thing. In fact, when i speak to them, i can really feel their frustration and a little hatred for their parents. They hate that they always fight and this interrupts their thoughts and they just cannot concentrate. They get so preoccupied with their parents' problems that sometimes they get so depressed and very disappointed. And of course, their fears are multiplied with the constant threats their father dish out to their mother about DIVORCE.

I really dislike Ben. He never thinks from the side of Anna, and neither does he put in efforts to ameliorate the situation. I just hate his attitude, because he is being such an ASSHOLE. JERK. BULLSHIT. PIECE OF SHIT. BASTARD. I just cannot understand his mindset. He just refuses to accept Anna's religion and keeps forcing her to quit and join him. I feel that love should not be used this way. Anna loves Ben for who he is, not what religion he is in. So why can't Ben try to do the same too? Why does he have to keep forcing his ideals and way of thinking onto Anna?! He is being totally SELFISH and STUPID.

Why the hype over what deity or doctrine to believe in? Why can't people just let live?

Seriously, why be so concerned over the religion of a friend, lover or spouse? It is his or her perogative to choose which religion to follow. You should not even be criticising nor threatening someone to give up on her religion just because you "don't like it". WHAT NONSENSE IS THAT! Does Ben have any idea how much pain he is causing Anna and his kids just because of his stupid or bloody attitude? Of course he doesn't know because he is too busy caring about himself. He only cares whether he is happy or not, but gives a shit to what his family thinks. I just cannot accept this sort of mentality and willfulness. At his age, Ben should have thought better. And he still wants to divorce Anna?! He should take a good look at himself in the mirror and think more than twice. With all his "qualities", he should be glad that Anna even married him. Now he is turning his back on her.

Whoa. Whenever i hear their problems, i just cannot help but feel angry yet sad. Angry that someone can be so obstinate and inflexible and fucked up; sad that their love cannot even conquer a religion issue. I don't know how their kids will feel towards their parents' divorce, but i think they will have a hard time.

As for Ben and Anna, i can only feel sorry for Anna. She has suffered so much and endured so much, only to end up like this. Ben, is just incorrigible. Utter rubbish.

So the next time i get a boyfriend, i shall get one from Soka. Guys from soka, do contact me :D

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Monday, January 07, 2008 / 9:51 PM

I have never really realised how much work that goes behind the scenes in so many professions. It may look simple on the surface but there is just so much more to it.

The best analogy to use is that of swans.

Swans may look graceful when they are in the water, seeming to be gliding across the water surface without much effort and maintaining their poise and elegance. But who knows how damn tired they are peddling their feet underneath the water?

Anyway, i decided to get braver and think more positively. Not gonna let a small episode affect me in anyway. Just gotta learn how to get over some things.

Feeling really beat everyday i come home. Exhausted and extremely sleepy. Guess its all the effort and energy that is poured out. Hope to get some sweet returns.

Till then.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 / 11:16 PM

Was just doing up the powerpoint slides to be used for the Sec ones just now. Wow i think i should have done them earlier. But no fret since this whole week may be free for me since the sec ones are still having their orientation.

A little nervous about tmr, although i will not be teaching them yet.

Well tmr is Ikeda Sensei's birthday, and he will be 80! So happy that i start work on his birthday. Hope that he will remain healthy and happy all the time!

Nothing much to type about. Had an exhausting day spring cleaning my room.


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