Monday, September 27, 2004 / 4:18 PM

currently eating strawberry flavour pocky right has been a long time since i ate tastes so milky tho.
candice cried in class today,during english lesson(we were dismissed at 1.10 tho) because she sat at jodee's chair and kareen said she should have gotten other people's permission before she sits on anyone's chair.well...candice was so upset that she packed her things and left crying.i was at a loss of watta do,cos i din realise she got so me and diana ran to the sch gate and found her standing there bursting with tears.of course,we comforted her whilst wiping off our perspiration and told her to calm down and not take things too hard.afterall,it wasn't a scolding or insult right?perhaps candice took it too hard,or kareen sounded harsh.well...i aint taking sides.jason was really pissed...gesturing his middle finger.boy...its just a chair.why bother to implicate things further?anyways....everything will be fine. was really awesome man.8 free periods throughout the day!!!can u imagine?miss kaur not got 5 periods free.then mdm ong nvr come also...another 2...then mdm zainab just gave i 5+2+1=8
did maths today like no body's business.haha...basically,i know how to do logarithms,surds,indices and circular measure le.just find binomial theorem a little confusing and sat is the english paper already.can u imagine???gosh...time flies man.

friday the ideas in action thing..i shook hands with the minister of edu for the state mr chan!!!ah!!!!!cool!!!!boy...that was one cool experience.

good luck to all of us for the upcoming examinations.ciao~!

Saturday, September 25, 2004 / 9:27 AM
frozen in time

seriously..blogs can do so much harm to one another.
when u just want to express your temporary feelings
u get lambasted for being rude and selfish
worm in my shit?
who is being rude now?
i dun want to probe further
it's tiring to do so.
true,i have critcised candice before.
i dun like her to speak in that squeaky and cute tone.
why cant she be herself?
that was wad i thot.
this is my blog,i can do wadever i want.
sue me for libel,slander or tarnishing your minds whith such abrupt outbursts of emotions.
go our fight.lawsuits.shouts.hurling abuses.
is that wad u want?u want things to get into a sticky situation?
feste may think foes are better than friends
still...Othello gets sabotaged by Iago.
what heavens sayest thou?
speak for yourself man...
dun say things about others when u cant even accomplish em.
i aint no queen or royalty
i am just like any other human beings who has the right to say something
say something that i feel like and want to
it is very painful to keep everything to myself
that's what blogs are for
of course,it is up to anyone to say anything they want in their own blogs.
it's their freedom.their will.their rights.
i am not being rude here.just want to clear the air.
this temporary friendship u have shown me.
i thank u for that.

Friday, September 03, 2004 / 8:53 PM
she is so so so damned rude

she really very the rude to her and din bother to pay attention to me.wad GREAT upbringing she has received from her parents.even if she hates me for the unfair treatment she had from the superiors,shouldnt she encompass the basic courtesy to at least look at the conversationalist?RUDE IMPOLITE ILL-MANNERED GIRL.i hope YOU see this entry,and go reflect on yourself!

he/she is such a disgusting, and snorts when he laughs.okok...he's a he.he is so so so unrefined and ah gua.i really hate the way he behaves lo.thinks he is so smart..well...i BEG TO DIFFER!if he is so good,he wun be in this school lo.if YOU ARE THAT GOOD,go RI lo.u disgusting transvetite pesky whimsical-looking asshole.

she has so much "glue" on her hair that sometimes her hair doesnt look like hair but PLASTIC.bambi-eyed brownish irritating dumb ignorant think-so-much-of-yourself idiot.just go dig a tunnel in the ground and stay there for the rest of your lives.why bother to wear skirts if u love pants?why bother to eat smelly beancurd when u hate soyabean?dumb ass.

and she is another nut case.she laughs like a hyena and literally whines when she is bullied.cant forget that day she made a fool outta herself.i merely brushed my shoulders and walked away.why should i bother?and this "thing" fantasises about love and romance all day long...who cares even if u have that thing called BRAINS?oh gosh...stop looking like a gorm.u simply put people off with that i-think-i-look-gorgeous are huge and have a wide ass.GIRL-FROM-SOME-FREAKING-PLANET-IN-SOME-DIMENSION,get outta my sight.

where did all these angst come from?
where did all the harmony go?
where did all the self-pity hid?
where is all the humanity?

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