Saturday, December 29, 2007 / 9:20 PM
end of 2007

Well its nearing the end of 2007, a year of so many upheavals and stress and fears. I just wanna make good use of my humble blog to show my gratitude to some people in my life who have helped made a difference, be it major or minor.

  • i wanna thank TING TING for being such an inspiration in my JC days. She really encouraged me with sensei's guidance and gave me so much warmth and patience that really made me feel so much better. Her tireless and bottomless care and concern is really touching, and i am glad to have her as my CIC!
  • WEN QING: I have to tell you that you are a superb CIC who goes out of her way to help everyone and encourage them. It touches me that you care so much about our well-being and current life condition and will try your best to give us guidance so that we may face our challenges more valiantly. Really appreciate all your inspiration and help!
  • ABIGAIL: we stuck through thick and thin all the way from JJC TO NJC. same class same school same side. it feels really good to have a buddy like you during the tough jc days, where everyone was trying to get ahead and not many people truly hung in there together. i may be a tad impatient sometimes and i may even get upset with you, but you were always there for me. THANKS ABI! and now that u have found someone, i'm really happy for you girl. tickles me whenever i think of the two of you, so sweet and cute together. cheers to our friendship!
  • JIYUE: ahhh...itchy-eh! It was so hilarious the first time i got to know jiyue; we were all loitering about nj and just chanced upon each other, only to realise that she lived just 6 floors below me! we were neighbours for so long and yet i didn't realise that. Quite strange but funny. She is the epitome of blurness..You are so forgetful and completely oblivious to your surroundings. You can just leave your cellphone in school and go home just like that! Whoa, really bow down to you. You are so funny because you always look silly and do weird things that we can never imagine. Tsk tsk tsk..Really enjoyed the times we went out and hung out after school, crapping and laughing like mad women. Those days were really nice! Glad to have known you cos you made life in school a lot more bearable!
  • MICHELLE CHONG: hello econs rep! At first i wasn't very close to you cos i thought you only wanted to hang out with abi. haha..that was funny. Got to know you better this year, and realised that we could click quite well! Went shopping, eating and hanging out..the best was the laughter and silly jokes we always tell each other, and those times where we studied at the oasis (i remember we were always studying econs) and the outings to covo, estivo and ema's!
  • ENG CHIEW: I know you weren't very good with words, but i am just so glad that you were beside me and supporting me in silence when i was feeling so upset and angry. You offered me help in math and although it wasn't much, i am really thankful to have gotten to known you. It feels good to know that there is a friend whom you can always be assured that she'll be there.
  • JOYCE KOH: We have so many similarities, so i guess that is why we clicked too! It feels good to study with you, because you were always so encouraging and patient. We sucked in math, but tried to help each other out in class, whenever mr yeo throws us a math qn. You are so reliable and sweet, and jc days are so much better with you!
  • SAMANTHA SHERIE!: LOL i would love the soon-to-happen meet-the-relatives session at the tea party when u bring your special someone there. Anyway, you are just so adorable and funny, because you blab the weirdest things at random and sing out of the blue. Loved those trips to your house!
  • ZELDA CHAN: LOVE YOU! Glad that we are still in this together after a whole 6 years! I don't think words can describe our friendship. So happy to see you during the camp, where we laughed and chatted in the classroom till the wee hours and then went to wash up together. Just feels good to be around you!
  • SAMANTHA HO: LOVE YOU SAMO! We may have differing views at times, and both of us may be firm in our conviction, but we had never let our differences separate us. We have learnt to strike a balance between the both of our characters, although sometimes we just walk it off with a little grumble. Just like the six chicks, our friendship is just so magnificent that i think it'll be an understatement to describe it. We just feel the love!
  • SHAMAINE: Although i have not seen you much this year, i know that you must have been working really hard and shuttling between SJAB, PJ choir and your personal affairs. You are one hardworking person! But you always forget to take a break and recharge, and sometimes end up with illnesses. Having such a weak constitution, i really hope that you'll take good care of yourself!
  • XUELIAN: xue rian~~~~comrade in faith ah..ok that sounds a tad cheesy. You are so hilarious, thoughtful and loyal, and it makes me feel so so so touched to have gotten to known you through ASD. And we have never looked back. It feels great to go to Chingay and other Soka activities with you and JIEYING and JELLYNN and CAROL because we are a gang, and you are our "head".Lian Jie-er!Hope that we can continue to uphold our faith and keep our friendship going!
  • MDM ZAINAB: You are just such a wonderful teacher, and you really understand us. I am really glad that you still keep in contact with us, your ex-students although we have graduated for almost 2 years. Really hope that you'll ocntinue to stay in Swiss and keep the spirit of geography going!
  • MR GOH: ECONOMICS has never been more interesting and exciting with you as my teacher. You make me wanna go gaga over Marshall-Lerner, Heckscher-Ohlin, Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns and fiscal policies. Everyone is born unique; don't die a copy ahh.
  • MR WHITBY: "It ain't rocket science", "Oh sugar!", "Say it like it is~"...iconic phrases you always throw at us during Literature. You are such a fantastic teacher, making concepts and unseen seem to easy to grasp. Great Ex has been so much more vibrant with you teaching it, and Pip seems to applaud at your wit too!
  • MS DOROTHY CHUA: I always think of you as a sunshine teacher, or look like a sunflower, because you are always beaming and cheery. It so brightens up the classroom and lift our spirits.
I know there are others whom i may have left out, but here is a THANK YOU for all the help and guidance you have offered me throughout the year. Christmas is a season to give thanks, but i hope that everyone who read this entry will feel my sincerity. I am really fortunate to have gotten to know you all.

Happy New Year
Happy 2008!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007 / 4:24 PM
festive season without the mistletoe


Today is christmas but i don't really have any plans. Guess i will be trying to get myself to do some spring cleaning for my room. Realised that many people have gone overseas for holidays, be it neighbouring countries or even further out. But poor shuli has only gone to malacca this year. And it was only a day trip that lasted 5 hours. Sigh sigh sigh, shuli wished she had done some travelling before she gets thrown into the rat race when the new year comes.

Ha. I am so envious that i am now talking about myself in third person.

My life has been boring these days, feel that nothing much is going on except for the twice-a-week Chingay trainings and also the visits to BBDC. Did some stuffs and now my BTT is pushed to Feb. ARGH!!! Dun wanna talk about that. Makes me wanna slap myself real hard.

The Christmas BBQ at CSC on Sunday was really nice. Had a great gathering with all the swiss peeps over food. Glad that most people came, although i wished the six chicks were all present. Haha! It was just really heartwarming cos we all had so much to talk about and just kept the laughter going. Saw some people whom i had not seen in ages, so it was all nice. Had a rather entertaining ride home with Brandon driving. Man, this boy ah.

Went clubbing with Jiyue, Michelle, Jorge, Jonas, Alvin, Candice, Diana, Yuanruo at MoS and well it was quite fun. The place was swarming with people and all i had ws this sweaty teenage girl bumping against me. Eww. But it was still fun cos i got checked out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~some guys were cute too. Then i saw girls puking all over in the toilet and men pushing each other around. Whatever. But the craziest part is when Alvin got high and went into the dancefloor with Jonas, only to come back telling us that some caucasian guy was grating himself against him. That was just gross! But oh well, wish i had stayed longer but i had to go out early morning the next day. But it was really fun and wacky going clubbing with people you love!

Did lots of homevisits this week for the upcoming SD Kenshu. Met some pretty nice people and some pretty curt ones, and had some pleasant surprises too. Got to hear some comments about this guy, and i thought it was pretty apt. I guess most guys go for looks.

Anyway, i would not be updating often cos well, my laptop is all cranky and i cannot go online as and when i want. So gotta start looking for a new laptop before i start work (hopefully i can get a Vaio) as a teacher. And i haven got the paperwork done yet.

Well, merry christmas and a happy and a happy new year to all!

jia you shuli.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007 / 12:50 PM
commercialise everything

Everyone wants to be healthy and lead a happy life. We have heard of so many motivational and inspirational books on how the most essential thing in life is to be HAPPY and how easy it is to achieve it by following some of the rules stipulated in those pages. Well it is kind of hard to be happy nowadays, judging by the soaring oil and food prices, health scares over contaminated chocolate cakes and now, scary people trying to sell you the latest health products that guarantee you a perfect life.

This was something i heard from a relative in the business of health products. She claims that her products are so good that you can even cure cancer and all sorts of illness without seeing a doctor. The products are mostly apparel that you can wear like wristbands, scarves, pajamas, socks, tights and even normal clothes. It has been said that they adopt a technology called "Negative Ion Technology", or in my understanding simply anions. This was something i studied back in Sec 3 in Chemistry, but i had no idea it has healing properties!

Apparently, this lady says that we are always in contact with positive ions all the time, be it spending time in front of our computers or simply just watching TV. She gave me an example of how we can get anions infused in our bodies so that we get healthier: standing under a waterfall. She says that is the best way where we can get natural anions inside of us so that we cleanse up our system and better improve blood circulation. But since there are no waterfalls in Singapore and it is a tad inconvenient to stand under a waterfall, we should wear her products because it is good for our healths.

Wait a minute, i am getting skeptical.

How can you improve your health by just wearing a piece of cloth that is said to have anions that heal? In my entire existence, i have been taught that the only way to achieve a healthy physique is regular exercise, balanced diet and also lots of laughter everyday. And i have been subscribing to that notion all this time. How dare you come and tell me something so radically different and so unbelievable? And the worst thing is that she does not have any material to back up her claims about this technology because there have been NO scientific reports nor institutions who have recognised and endorsed this technology. So you cannot really blame me for not trusting testimonials and this sort of thing. I most certainly don't wanna wear something that may be unsafe or even endanger myself.

Because of my cynicism, this relative sometimes gets angry with me. But i just cannot stand her way of introducing her products to her friends and how obsessed she is. It freaks and disgusts me sometime. Still i remain skeptical and cool towards this sort of technology and for now, i refuse to give it some worth. It is just too fantastical and sounds too much like something out of a story book. Too naive and shallow. And it revolts me so much that she is pumping so much money into this line and making herself sound so good, like what she is asking you to wear will save your life and you will be eternally grateful to her wonderful recommendation.

HA HA HA. What a scam.

So now whenever she sees me, she keeps promoting her products and kind of coerces me to wear them. Whatever. I just try to refrain rebutting her about her "belief" and just keep quiet whenever she talks about her miraculous products which cost a whopping big stack of $50 notes. Its just crazy. Sigh... I wonder how she is managing her finances. But for now i guess i should just keep her at arm's length.


Ok this is gonna be a super long entry but i still want to talk about this. I really wonder what teenagers are up to nowadays. Just this morning, i was reading the papers when i saw an article regarding teens and their wild partying ways. Parties that are held at home are becoming the norm, and most of these parties are held at clubhouses in condominiums and mostly catered to teens 18 and below. Booze, cigarettes and drugs are readily available and you just need to pay to use them. One teen interviewed said he even saw a boy and a girl having sex on the hallway, with all their private parts exposed in full view of "65 other party-goers".

Whoa talk about "Sex on the Beach". This one is more fierce.

So i got flabbergasted, and my jaw hit the table as i read the article. Then i started to recall my days when i was only 14 years old and in Secondary 2, and the most i did was to go bowling at CDANS and maybe just walk around in shopping malls like Jurong Point, Westmall, Lot 1, Causeway Point and the occasional Orchard Road trips. As for staying out, i hardly do that. The latest i returned home was 10.30pm, and that was after my weekly tuition lessons at Jurong East. Not once did i stay out late nor returned home in drunken stupor.

I was no doubt, well-mannered and obedient, and stayed within the rules. Some may call that geeky and a social outcast, but i liked the way i lived my life. I didn't have to go for rave parties and down drinks after drinks. I didn't have to swallow pills nor snort plants to get "high". And most importantly, i don't make out with some guy who is drunk and obviously wants to cop a feel. I don't know about how others think, but i liked my behaviour.

Well maybe its because most teens are more liberal and they think differently. Some may feel that pre-marital sex is something to be despised on, while others may have already done it several times. I still stick to my guns and principles. Even if i go to Clarke Quay with my friends, i may portray an image that i do not want, but deep down i am still conservative and still like to stay within the laws. I like to play it safe la.

Then the other day when i was on the bus home from a SD meeting, i was unfortunately seated near a bunch of teenagers who were talking really loud and their conversations were interspersed with colourful language that really stung my ears. They talk like they were some triad members, saying that they will teach whoever a lesson blah blah blah. It was really stupid to hear them talk like that, and wonder why do they want to behave this way? I felt so terrible listening to the guy at the back speak on him cellphone. I mean he was literally shouting as if he owned the bus. He was talking about relationships stuffs but i cannot be bothered to listen to it. The whole time they were speaking in really fragmented English, which may be the wrath of their English teachers. They couldn't spell simple words and used really poor grammar and not to mention, their lack of vocabulary.

Gosh. OK.

Guess i shall not be such a busybody. It is anyone's choice to live and behave the way they want. Just hope that they can restrain themselves at times and not disturb other people. When we keep quiet about your behaviour it does not mean that we are cowards or losers who dare not castigate you. Sometimes, we just want to save ourselves trouble and effort, so we just bear with it. As young and educated individuals with a strong attitude, these youths should learn to well, manage themselves.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007 / 12:45 AM

I have been tagged!

1.Do the following WITHOUT complaint
2.Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.
3.Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4.Start your post with; I have been tagged!

Tagged by Alvin

Favourite Colour: Black, white, pastels
Favourite Food: soups
Favourite Movie: Princess Diaries
Favourite Sport: Running
Favourite Day: Everyday
Favourite Season: Spring, where all the flowers bloom and glow.
Favourite Ice-cream: chocolate mint

Current Mood: Confused
Current Clothes: Nike T shirt and FBT shorts.
Current Desktop: sorry but its a laptop
Current Time: 4.33pm
Current Surroundings: my bedroom

First Best Friend: hah no recollection.
First Crush: some Caucasian boy in my pri school called Matthew.
First Movie: whoa don't remember.
First Lie: too many to recall.
First Music: i guess it was when i was still a foetus? You should so ask my mum this question.

Last drink: Plain water from my Nalgene bottle
Last Crush: dun wanna tell ya~~~~
Last Phone Call: from Samantha
Last CD played: i hardly listen to CDs, except the one playing at Precious Thots at Westmall..

Have you ever dated one of your good friends: NO!
Have you ever broken the law: Yeah. Jay-walking, drank water on MRT, ate some chips in the library...does that qualify?
Have you ever been arrested: NO
Have you ever been on TV: yeah twice. On Bryan Wong and Quan Yifeng's show, and on Jack Neo's variety show
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: NO LAH~~unless i am super drunk with my friends, which will never happen.

5 things you are good at:
1) Table Tennis (*gives a sheepish look*)
2) Speaking
3) Shouting
4) Footdrill?
5) Running

5 Things you've done today:

1) Basic Theory Practice
2) Switched to manual driving (SIGH SIGH SIGH)
3) Bought my work clothes
4) Had lunch with Samo
5) Signed up for relief teaching online


hiak hiak.


Monday, December 10, 2007 / 1:56 AM
twelfth night

Do you guys know the play Twelfth Night? People who have done the text in secondary school may be kind of familiar with it.

You know back in Swiss we used to stage Twelfth Night during school hours? We got the funds after pitching our ideas to some pretty influential people and voila! the play was staged. I recall playing Olivia, the woman in power who yearns for the love of another, yet is badgered by one very persistent Orsino. I still remember how i had to painstakingly memorise the lines and do it in a high-fashion sort of way, trying to sound as "royal" and ostentatious as i could. In the end Olivia ended up with Sebastian and Orsino with Viola and yadda yadda.

What i am trying to say is that that some parts of the play do happen in real life. I for once have encountered the episode that Olivia had to go through. She loves another yet she cannot get his attention, while the one that she loathes had to hover around her like an ominous cloud. Orsino had the looks and dough, but his attitude was just plain revolting. Narcissistic, melancholic and insensitive to others' feelings. Sebastian was everything Olivia wanted, yet she had to go through so much to finally have a happy ending with him. But their story falls short of the typical romance novel.

Anyway.I have had an Olivia moment too. It just annoys me so much that the guy i like always fail to notice me. It is as if he is blind-folded or something because he never bothers to talk to me much nor even look at me. Pretty sad huh. I am self-deprecating, if not more.

How come they never look this way? Why are they always looking at the new girl? The thin, wide-eyed, pouty lips, long raven hair girl? Shucks. I am baffled half the time. People have been saying that maybe i should lower my standards, but hey i have no standards to abide by since there is no one to even set the yardsticks on! Dismal but very real.

I hate being so whiny, but sometimes it just gets into my head you know. There will always be this tiny voice inside my head reminding me of all sorts of things i wish i hadn't thought of. There will always be a tinge of envy when i see couples queuing up for movie tickets, hand in hand; couples taking a stroll while talking happily to one another; romance movies or novels where the girl always snags the guy she likes and blah blah blah....Its kind of hard not to notice though.

As far as i crave for something new, I'm not desperate like some others. I don't pounce onto every man i see nor do i divert my attention to my close friends. Its just sick. But sometimes failed relationships that i have heard about simply reduces the energy to think about these stuff. You fear that once you step into a relationship you may lose yourself in it or end up getting hurt. Nothing stays gold forever. Perhaps that is the reason why sometimes i am afraid of attention from the opposite sex, especially from people whom i dislike or simply do not think of them as possible boyfriends. I may not have high standards, but there ARE standards still.

I know i am a person who sounds like i'm contradicting myself. What do you mean you want and don't really want a guy? Haha. There are times where you just cannot seem to figure out a clear solution because you just cannot make up your mind. There are too many things to think about and you just feel like brushing them aside.

Maybe it is just not the right time yet. Maybe the guy that i am looking for is not in Singapore. Maybe they were right. Maybe i set my standards too high. Maybe i shouldnt be so picky. Maybe i should settle for something lesser. Well i don't know man.

Gosh i bet it must be the wee hours of the night that is causing all this verbal vomit. I have come to realise that some of my entries about relationships were always written late at night. Perhaps it's the moon. Manipulates how you feel and react to certain issues.

Well i hope i find him soon. Wherever he may be.


Thursday, December 06, 2007 / 7:22 PM

Well the day that i have been looking forward to has finally passed. It was a "magical" night or to quote from the councillors, a "night frozen in time". Literally.

We all observed a minute of silence for Mr Stephen Loh, and it was really awkward when the emcee thanked us for observing that minute of silence and applause erupted. So weird. I guess everyone was so preoccupied with taking photos that night so much so that the emcee had to repeat his plea to get us seated like 5 times. But again no one bothered cos well, we needed to use up the bytes.

Not gonna talk much about the prom cos it was just eating, playing games and taking an insane amount of pictures. But the post prom was the most exciting, cos well we met some pretty colourful characters at fashionbar, where we went meaning to take a breather from our heels but ended up with more than we expected.

OK. We were just sitting around in fashionbar, which was empty on a monday night. It was just the six of us. Then we got picked up by two Turks, and it was just plain gross after that. I think they were looking to get laid, so we were obviously not the best candidates cos we looked so so so nubile and they could possibly get slapped with a crime. But whatever! It was the most uncomfortable moment cos obviously, the conversation was heading NOWHERE and we werent exactly what they wanted. It was just EEWWWWW. ARGH!!! A good thing was that we all kept our cool and looked bored, so that made those things go away and off to The Arena, where ACJC was having their post-prom too. WHATEVER!

Really glad that nothing bad happened cos i was just simply smothered there. Never draw unnecessary attention to yourself and ALWAYS wait for the guys to pick you up. You may just be looking for trouble by taking the initiative.

What a night.


Had my eyebrows done today at browhaus with my mum at holland village. Got myself a nice pair of pale rose-pink shorts that looked like tweed at a steal at $35. Perfect! Then queued up for a free cup of Starbucks cos they were having some promotion. I chose the raspberry peppermint latte i think..the latest edition of drinks they were having for christmas. Real nice.

Check out my facebook for prom pics!

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