Sunday, July 31, 2005 / 2:50 AM
what a girl wants

wow...bought this dvd at a really great price at video ezy at grams.$14.90!!Lol...din get to watch it when it first came out so i figured it would be kinda fun to just get the dvd.

Amanda Bynes' character was so hilarious and free-spirited.Her parents were separated due to a misunderstanding devied by her father's devious political advisor Alistair,and Cloin Firth stars as Henry Dashwood,undoubtedly Daphne Reynolds(Amanda) aristocratic dad. She flies all over to London for her dad and they had a really interesting encounter. Then Daphne meets a really cute boy Ian Wallace and they fall madly in love. She then learns of herself and the norms of the society of the rich and sophisticated. Well,like most sickening lovely comedies, Daphne triumphs over the evil peeps and finally the whole family is reunited.

Okay...i saw your eyes rolled.I know this is like a really lame plot and everything is so damn predictable,but i am just such a sucker for these kind of shows.I mean,alls well ends well right?I really enjoy seeing all things turning out the good side and that everyone is happy in the end.Not that my life will always be full of happily-ever-afters...but i do hope i can just get that kind of feel from movies. Don't movies make you feel as if you are part of em?You just plunge right in the world of sugar and spice and everything nice.Lol...i sound really idealistic eh?Dreamy me.

Prelims are in less than a month,and yet my anxiety is nibbling me off the edges.ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who the hell came up with the O'levels?Damnit.We have to mug for our impending doom and have practically no life and freedom or wad so ever.ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay...i shud just stop whining.Nothing miraculous will happen anyway.Its not as if i will be able to get a really good score for my scary!It will be like the end of my life if i dun do well for my exams.I will be like the biggest failure in the entire cohort.YIKES!!!!!!!!!

Okays...gotta go to bed.Tmr is family day,and i can finally sleep in on a sunday morning...YAY!We will go for breakfast and do some shopping and i will have to clean my room and vacuum it.Awesome man!Finally can do some rearranging and stuff...Been looking forward to it all week!

Friday, July 22, 2005 / 9:09 PM
racial harmony day celebrations

racial harmony day was such fun lo!Everyone was decked in their ethnic costumes and the whole class donned on different types of costumes!Luckily,no one turned up in a Spiderman suit.

reached in the morning and then went to change with Kareen,and both of us were wearing black with red details.Then kaishin went to change and she looked real feminine!Then everyone else came swarming in and by 7am,the whole class was in a flurry of excitement and we were just taking pictures like there is no tomorrow!Those sequinned shoes that Mom lent me were terrors to my feet.Guess i cant survive on heels.

then we proceeded to the hall,where everyone were walking around displaying their costumes and checking each other out.Think only our class 4E3 and 4E1 had everyone wearing ethnic costumes.Funny the lower sec din showed too much enthusiasm;almost everyone were in their school uniforms only!

went to class...and felt strange that we looked so different from a normal school day.Had to change out of my costume for PE and then change back after chem prac.WOW.First time i felt so drained by changing clothes.After that we just kept taking pics of each other,supposedly to enhance out class video.

during math remedial's e math mock exam,lots of the girls' bangles were making alot of noise.I had to take off mine before i can write properly.Anyway,i am bound to flunk the paper.Hee.

Then we went to look for ms kaur to take some pictures,and was i glad that Pesa committee,YMCA, had sent an invitation for the prize presentation ceremony.Mr Chan Soo Sen will be there...I am so looking forward to get my COP.Took pics with ms kaur and my band of friends.

changed outta my costume and un-bunned my hair.Boy,i looked like i just had my hair permed!Coached melody and hafidz on their catwalk routine and did my a math sums at the same time.It was a lot of fun!

walked to mrt station with wingki and chatted while eating at the bus stop.What simple pleasures in life!Reached home with aching shoulders and a really stiff neck.Not much of an appetite for dinner and retreated to my room soon thereafter.Viewed all the pics and videos i took and laughed my head off.LOL!

Saturday, July 02, 2005 / 9:30 PM
sjab carnival

phew!finally our dance is over!I thot our dance was really good because all our juniors were sicerely cheering for us and that we were even asked to dance for the finale even b4 we performed!3 CHEERS AND 3 CHEERS AND 3 CHEERS FOR THE SIX CHICKS!WE WERE AWESOME MAN!Goodness gracious...we were over the top lo! doubt swiss sjab stole the show and hogged the limelight...but it was because other schools were really lukewarm and uninterested.Oh well~our dance was really good lo.HEHE.

A bird shit missed me just as i was walking to hq.It splattered on the floor just right after i walked pass that spot.WOW.What a relief man.

Took lotsa piccies today. How wonderful!Lots of memories to have of this day. Cant forget how kelly and na duo hua dance the YMCA today lo. It looked really...ahem.

I got the 6TH position for the Swiss Annual Cross Country ytd. HURRAY!!!Din expect this at all.Thot i will come in last.Got 3rd for house overall performance.Not bad eh? I like it~Waha!6th!!!Unbelievable!

Freak is so damn disgusting.Wonder why he doesnt get drowned when he bathes and why cant he just disappear from the face of the earth.Unpleasant sight to behold lo.Yucks!I just wish he would stop it and stop making other people so put off.So Freak if you are reading this,please stop making me feel nauseated and disgusted.Just shoo off somewhere and leave me alone!

Youth day on mon.Hee..

Weather is so hot seh...Cannot tahan.Melting under the scorching sky u know!Bad for the skin,with all that UV rays.Haiyo~


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