Friday, July 30, 2004 / 9:11 PM
absolutely stressing the guts outta me

all was a heck of a day.firstly,2 classes chose to remain absent for the functions test after school that led to many implications.well...our class also postponed the test.haiyo...wasted 2 hours in the class lo!then adi's phone is so chic sia.especially tad voice recording of some guy trying to sound like the engine of a sports gosh...i laughed till me sides ached..tad guy sounded really like Hairul tho.

felt real good to solve math problems.real life problems apply too.

wee broke down to some ambiguous reason today.comforted her.i will be there for you dear!!friends hould be frank with each other..and be there for each other when we need help.come on...u can confide in me!!!

40th anni is next sat.haiz...dunno wad will happen.many ppl say our dance very nice.but...i hate to see it become a flop.even mr koh also say its very nice lo.haiz...good luck to all the dancers!

jessica alba rocks big time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 / 8:39 PM

okay...i must have watched HONEY the movie like 8 times?lol...i am such an ass.i dun noe why this honey movie got me the hots for hip i really wanna be like honey daniels.OMG...she is so damn cool.her moves shows how talented she is.oh gosh...if we could all dance like her.haiyo~if we could.

passed both physics and chem test wor!WOO HOO! happy and glad.dun feel so much like an idiot anymore.hehe...

our pn dance was a success sia.everyone was like praising our dance to the skies lor..haiyo...i feel so touched when i saw the video man.our moves were so uniform!oh boy..we look like pros!hehe...i hope the 40th anni we can also dance like tad.i hope to use i believe by yolanda adams but i guess there aint enuff time to choreograph something in less than 2 weeks.
boy!the 40th anni is next sat lor!OMG....i am so worried sia.the sec1s haven fully mastered the dance yet.haiz...worries multiply man.

hope alls well ends well.

Friday, July 02, 2004 / 4:04 PM
friday 2/7/04

hey guys...we celebrated st john's day to day.we did a marvelous job lo..the banging and stuff like that.i think everyone put in alot of effort and no body is fit to comment on us when they arent even FIT to.u very good footdrill all this u can do anot?everytime care abt your nails and hair and keep folding your skirt...disgusting.stop looking down on others dun have the right to anyway.

tmr is o'level listening exam liao le.i am sooooo scared.i am so afraid that i may miss out on some important detail and then flunk the paper.haiz~i am so terrified of exams now.ever since my mid year.i think i am not good in studies i?i also dunno.

i dun think i am a good commander lo.frm wad i have heard and seen,i think i am not up to standard.zel says that alvin is that kind everytime punish ppl to make them wake up one.then yumei is that kind of neutral and then very forgiving type.then i am that kind of very motivating and encouraging she says we will have a really good squad.well..regarding this,i am not so sure.i feel so odd being in the squad cos i am a corporal while they 2 are sergeants.feel so lowly man.but its ok...its just that i almost broke down on thursday afternoon.i kept thinking and thinking...then my squad performance so bad...then say tiong's comments...then tmr is sj day...then i ran back to sj room to cool down.then jun dhat and fairuzana came up to me and tell me wad they dun have and like expect me to pass it to them immediately lo.then shamaine very unhappy then tell me to go punish i ask them go run 2 rounds(only!).then i was so filled with rage that i just scolded them.PLEASE LOR...i am NOT YOUR MAID.dun order me around and expect everything to be done for u.those things can be settled long time ago lo..but they choose to tell only now.wad the heck...

pn coming..going to dance for it.but honestly,i think i look like an elephant dancing lo..huge and clumsy..i hate.

later going for swiss serenade.dunno whether it will sound good not.honestly,the band shows no confidence they were forced into this.i see their faces all so unhappy and bored.wonder wad will happen later.haiz.

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