Thursday, December 22, 2005 / 9:53 PM
going taiwan tmr

Well... I am going to Taiwan tmr! Except that i dun feel particularly excited or elated cos of this auntie that will be going on the trip with us. She happens to be my mum's sister's friend so in short she is my mum's friend. Don't know what got into my mum to invite her on this trip and look at the mess created even before the trip started! First it was about the deposit money, then about the itinerary, then about the flight and all the crap la. What a mess!

Loathe her. And worse, i have to sleep with her in the same room for the whole trip! Gosh... Who knows if she will keep chatting to me abt some really not-my-generation things? What will i have to do then? Sheesh... I hope she gets off my back and GIVE ME SOME PEACE.

Heard that Taiwan is damn cold right now. Everyone who came back ended up with parched lips and badly dehydrated skin. Goodness gracious! Is it really that bad? I hope not...

All right... Really gotta get a decent pair of running shoes cos i doubt my Reeboks will hold any longer. Besides, i will also need it for JC. Hmm... Nikes will do the trick. Gotta pop down to Queensway someday, not to forget grabbing a bite at Ikea's.

Gotta go have some proper sleep now since i am having a morning flight tmr. Transit at Hk? What a waste of time. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y'all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 / 9:18 PM
festive season

Went to Orchard with Weewee and Samo today cos it has been so looooooong since we met and this is like a mini gathering. Anyway, we went to Pepper Lunch! Haha... The food there is really marvellous cos its all hot-plate and taste superb! I especially like the sirloin steak set meal cos the meat tasted surreeeeeal..... You guys shud go Taka and try it out but beware of the lunch time cos the place will be too crowded to even get a seat. Bet Pepper Lunch is giving Yoshinoya a run for its money pretty soon.

Finally went to Garcon today and bought that pretty orange skirt i have been thinking for a long time. Luckily the store was having a sale cos the original price was $49. Looks like everywhere you see signboards screaming SALE!... Sheesh... But i have one tiny problem with the adidas store at Heeren cos they dun seem to carry much female wear!!! Even the jackets look pathetic hanging loosely off the rack.

Then was at Beard Papa buying the cheesesticks and cream puffs when there was this middle-aged lady who was such a pest. She couldnt figure out simple mathematics of the price of the fondant she was getting (1o!) and kept asking the salesperson how come it was so expensive. So the poor salesperson had to explain to her 3 times but to no avail, with her demanding a receipt. Then she asked that all 10 of the chocolate fondants be squeezed into 1 box since "they have all hardened all-leady lite?" OMG~~~~ You should have seen the look on our faces and the rest in the never-ending queue. I just want to strangle her man.. Cos she was taking a bloody hell lot of time! Grrrrrr

School reopening soon! Wow... Gotta get myself a nice bag and all preped up for JJC. Wonder wad kind of ppl i will end up making friends with? Will i get bullied? Will i become an outcast? Well... Samo said she wanna crash JC... Presumably NJC or SAJC. I dunno abt myself. Guess i may go to diff schools and experience the diff environments!

Well, flying to Taiwan this Friday. My flight is 10.10am but i gotta reach by 8.10am. Anybody interested in sending me off? Doubt so, since many of you would rather snuggle up in your warm beds then travelling all the way to Changi Airport. Its ok... I totally understand. I will be back on the 29th and i will be looking forward to seeing you peeps again!

Have a nice life.

Monday, December 19, 2005 / 12:05 AM
The Chronicles of Chalet 4E3

OKayyyyyyyyyy.... After seeing so many of my friends recounting their experience of the chalet we had, i decided to write something about it too.

I woke up LATE. Meeting time was 11am yet i woke up with a jolt at 10.50 am. PERFECT. Luckily i had packed all my stuff and laid my clothes out. So i chionged all the way from my house and reached Jurong East at abt 11.10am. Phew! Then the rest of the group had to wait for Miss Un-Punctual(= Diana) for about another 30 mins before we finally set off for Bedok.

The chalet was cosy and i flung myself on the bed as soon as i opened the doors. Nice! After that wa endless cycling and watching Kok Hien looking hapless handling the poor bike while Jorge coached him painstakingly.

Then it was time for BBQ and i remembered i stood in front of the pit cooking the food. Haha.. Had no idea i could cook! A sotong ball is undone unless it expands and looks a lil brown; crab sticks cant be cooked for very long cos it will stick to the netting; hot dogs are only cooked when they have boils around them and chicken wings taste best when coated with HONEYYYYYY!

Mis Tan arrived with Kaishin and Liyana behind her and the guys busied themselves chatting with them. I was just contented cooking the food and i felt as if my face was slimmer cos of all the heat. Woo hoo!

The night cycling with Diana and Benjamin was unforgettable cos i was talking to myself while i lagged behind them. The cycling left my ham strings and thigh muscles tearing apart and screaming. I couldn't even walk properly. Boo hoo hoo... Results of pure stubborness by using the toughest gear on Darrel's bike.

In the wee hours of the morning i sat on bed with Yuan Ruo, chatting abt everything under the sun until Janar decided to stop cuddling his blanket ( yes, he brought his own to the chalet) and broke into our conversation. Man, he thought i was some kind of guru and started to ask me these funny questions. o.O...

Did not sleep for the whole night and then went to the beach with Poh Ling and Qiwen and tried to wait for the sun to rise. Argh, i guess we were on the wrong side cos all we could see was darkness and the sea. Oh yeah, and ants too. Really huge ones.

Couldn't walk to the jetty with the guys cos my muscles ache way too much and i returned for some sleep. Woke up to Poh Ling's call and retreated to the guys chalet cos Qiwen had a cold and the air con was turned off.

Soon, Miss Flaky returned with my Big Breakfast and my saviour, SALONPAS! My thighs certainly felt alive after using those strips. After that we just went around watching how people sleep and well, Kok Hien really looks like Weishun when he is sleeping.. Eeks!

Alvin looks really cute asleep and so is Darrel and Jorge. Weishun then helped Yuan Ruo put on a blanket while Yuan Ruo stirred a little, causing dear Weishun to squeal with excitement and commented that Yuan Ruo looks like an adorable baby boy. -_-

Went kayaking and i was partnered up with Koky. Janar actually wanted to go solo when he didn't know how to kayak at all! Woww... Bravado! Diana was with Yuan Ruo, Mich with Yayuan, Darrel and Jing Xiang. Had a lot of fun tho my arms were sore like hell. We were the first to reach the shore cos we were smart to make full use of the waves to propel us forward! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~ Poor Diana actually vomitted when she was ashore cos she was sea-sick. Yuan Ruo jumped into the middle of the sea to retrieve a wooden block. Michelle and Yayuan looked like they were having loads of fun.

Showered and then had a little of the BBQ before heading home with Diana.

Diana- Quirky and fun to be with, although was missing Kenneth half the time and constantly bringing sand onto the beds and indoors.. Best bud cos she was really caring and helped me in every single way. And wads with those balloons?!?

Melody- Witch skincare fan and a hard-core cyclist.

Michelle and Yayuan- Japanese toursits with those sunglasses of theirs, Laughing all the time and sleeping very soundly despite all the commotion happening.

Devi and Povan- FUN GALS!!!

Poh Ling and Qiwen- very helpful and kind towards me. Can nvr foeget the time we spent on the beach!

Alvin- chalet planner, blader, cyclist. And those sexy legs of yours can beat Kok Hien's! And kudos to you and your family who were so enthu abt the whole chalet and u have a really humourous Dad!

Darrel- Mr Nice for buying that precious bottle of Evian for me.

Jing Xiang- Amazingly fun and wild.

Kok Hien- Learning to cycle and kayak in 2 days and as usual, he cannot keep his nasty claws off Janar. And looking like Weishun when asleep!

Yuan Ruo- Great person to chat with and the most susceptible to rumours and match-making. Poor you but i aint gonna stop just yet!

Jorge- Nice work with the charcoal and setting up the fire.

Overall, the chalet was more like a gathering cos there weren't many people. But it had been really wonderful and fun and i had certainly enjoyed myself despite the terrible aches. Will certainly keep these memories close to my heart.

Sunday, December 18, 2005 / 11:13 PM

Well, it's night again. A day has just gone past like that. It is such a relief to be able to see the sun when u wake up the next day. It is plain scary to think that once you fall asleep, you may never wake up again. What if your heart decides to go on a long vacation and stops beating? What if you suffer from acute cardiac arrest when you are at your happiest moment? Sheesh... I really love my life and myself. I want to see the world. I want to meet lots of people and get into a really wonderful relationship that leaves me feeling like the most fortunate person.

What if life decides to deal me a blow that i will not be able to take?

I know all these are "what ifs", but there is still a possibility that things do happen at random. I may sound like someone who is over-reacting and too timid but recent events have made me cherish life for the way it is.

Not trying to promote the Singapore Heart Foundation here, but i really think that our heart is a really miraculous and sophisticated organ in the whole human anatomy. It never rests and pumps blood to the rest of our body every second in every day of our lives. Like a faithful servant, the heart serves us, its masters, dutifully and yet never complains a bit. It just works silently and quietly, ensuring our survival.

My heart, have you heard me?

Please don't ever stop beating. I know its herditary but please just continue for my sake. You are the greatest part of me and just press on.

Hmm... I sound like a dying person huh? Well, i am not. People feel differently under the moonlight and with all the emotions surging, i just cant help but to feel melancholic for a moment. Whenever i think of how fragile a person is, i shiver in fear. I mean, how long can our lives last? 80 years?70 years? Or even lesser? If our lives are truly that short, should we not make it worth remembering?

True, life is VERY SHORT. Would a man on his death-bed whine and sigh that he should have spent more time at his desk instead of having joy and precious moments with his family? No... He would hope and wish with all his strength to be able to turn back the arms of Time and to be able to spend more time with his family instead of busy earning money for others.

Then why do people use their limited lifespan on fighting and staging a cold war? Isn't that very wasteful? Really, it's plain stupid to do that, bickering and not seeing eye to eye on everything. The name-calling, shouting, fingers at throat, eyes rolling... Are those really necessary? Contemplate and weigh the pros and cons. Imbeciles.

All right, guess i sound too angry and " screw the world!" back there.As i have said, it's all because of the moonlight.

School is starting real soon, and its hello Jurong! for me. Well, haven known of much people who are going there except Benjamin and Thar Er. Whyyyyyyyy?!? Why so little people? So folks, if you are reading this entry and u happen to be posted to JJC do drop me a note or IM me.

Chingay training tmr and we gotta present our item to the PA folks and they will deside to scrape or retain our item for the actual day. I hope we will do a great job and scare the shit outta their pants! WE WILL AND WE SHALL!

Dido has really got a great voice and listening to "White Flag" right now. To all fellow bloggers out there, listen to Jars of Clay and Jadon Lavik!

Have a nice life.

Saturday, December 10, 2005 / 10:50 PM
shirt sticking to your skin

Once again, it is CHINGAY training at PA. Was really funny when i met Xiao Ying at Bugis MRT station for dinner when she turned up late. She was really ecstatic cos her dad just bought her a phone and she is a first time user. She was then babbling all the way until we had found ourselves a seat at Yoshinoya then she realised she had no money with her. So i paid for her dinner and dessert. That was so funny cos her facial expression was really dramatic.

Then we literally "window-shopped" cos i haven't had much money with me. It was plain agony cos i saw this bag i really liked yet had no funds to get it. Argh... Never mind.

Training was fun cos you dun really do much dancing tad makes you totally exhausted or dehdrated but the talking and mingling does. It was really fun cos we had 2 new participants joining us today and one of them is a Taiwanese! LOL!

Did a lot of running cos you have like 32 beats to get into position before you start to dance and i have to dash like mad since i am the marker for the entire row. Sheesh... It felt ok since i have been consistently running but my friends were all complaining that this is too much to bear since we had just taken our breaks and our stomach is filled with water. *chuckles* They are really a bunch of fun and dynamic peeps. Loveeeeee to be around them.

In case any of you guys are wondering if i have seen any suave alpha males, well i did. Some of them look really dashing and cool but hey, they are all in uni or some other tertiary institutions. Even though i prefer mature men, it is not that easy to grab some 25 year old guy and start striking up a conversation. Half the time they are just intent on gazing at their girlfriends. Bleahx... Very true... All the good and desirable men are all taken up yonks ago.

All right, i should stop sounding like a desperate predator on the prowl cos i AM NOT! Enough on men but back to the Chingay prac itself. The game we played was a whole lot of fun cos we had to make the longest line using our belongings that were on us. So many of us just detached wadever decent stuff and laid them on the ground, trying to make the LONGEST line. We won, of course, cos we had to U -turn twice to continue our line, with ppl lying down to add on to the length of course. It was a whole lot of fun as we were amidst the sweat, laughter and of course the stench of the socks and sneakers.

I took off my belt and walked awkwardly to my group members as i asked for shelter to do my belt. My pants were a tad too loose! Just then, this photographer had to come around with a digi cam recording the whole party. SHIT! My friends then stood in front of me as i pathetically tried to put on my belt due to my growing fear of being captured as "the girl fastening her belt while others were having a great time". ROFL... Jie ying, Jia min and Liting were laughing their heads off man. Argh.. i felt so embarrassed!

The training was really enriching and i got to put on my costume for the very first time! It felt like Lycra but it was very comfortable. Heh heh... 4th of Feb!

Gotta get some sleep. Must wake up early tomorrow cos got to get to the airport to send someone off. Hmm... That's all for my Chingay adventures folks!

Thursday, December 08, 2005 / 9:33 PM
feel the beat

Went to JRL today and spent about 3 hours in the cafe reading all types of mag and "enjoying " my fish and chips accompanied by a sinful cup of vanilla milkshake. It felt really weird reading Hollywood Life cos everything takes place in L.A and i don't seem to get into the hang of things. Sheesh... The folks in Hollywood must be really enjoyin the fun as they see Lindsay Lohan make out with some other A list star; Helen Hunt picking up some flowers at a florist; Brandon Davis out with Mischa Barton...

Anyway, I decided to go for a run today. It has been a hell long of time since i last went for a run. So i just put on my Reeboks who have been with me dutifully for 5 years and it's time to hit the road!

I had actually counted for 10000 steps before i broke into a run. Could feel the muscles debating whether to go on a strike or go with the flow of my breathing.

Running gives you a sense of satisfaction. Even though i haven't been running consistently and the fear of losing my stamina is scary, I foung out that i could still manage 4.6 km non-stop despite a 2 month hiatus. Phew! It certainly feels wonderful to feel the breeze in your hair and the sun kissing your skin once again.

Then headed to the nearby coffee shop and got dinner for the family. Thot i might meet him but no such luck. I like his dog... White and big, makes you really wanna bend down and hug it. I guess there's just no affinity.

Chingay training was really fun cos you get to meet ppl from all over the island. You also get to ask some seniors about their studies and how they made certain choices and ended up where they wanted to be. Guess the whole soka community is just tight-knitted and very encouraging, and that makes you wanna be part of the scene too, trying to lead a cheer or count the dance steps out loud for everyone to follow.

I used to resent going to trainings cos i thot i would definitely be stuck with a bunch of NTU, NUS, ITE and other older students. NOOOOO... I was so wrong! I managed to click with this student from Pionner JC whom has just completed her A levels. She is a very nice person! Haha.. and there's still Gladys, Liting and Huimin from ITE, Mark and Alina from NUS...Hope this friendship will be able to last for a long long time.

I am just glad i did not just spend the whole of this holiday in vain. At least there is still Chingay and of course, the shopping. Hiak hiak!

Monday, December 05, 2005 / 1:48 PM

It is really scary to once again contemplate the fact that people can leave you suddenly. They pass on beyond even if they looked okay the day before. They flung themselves off the building despite the fact that you guys were chatting happily just a few minutes ago. They got hit by a drunken driver just as you wave goodbye.


Just like an egg shell, life is smooth and flawless in its initial stages. But it is forever vulnerable to a squeeze or a smack. It cracks, shatters into pieces, reverting to dust. Swept away by the gentle breeze, returning to its beginning.

Lousy description, you might say. Well, I just feel melancholy with regards to all the things i have experienced. Was looking through some blogs today and chanced upon this entry by many famous bloggers that this particular lady, Sondra of Idle Days, has just passed away due to a blood infection.

Although i don't know her at all, something compelled me to go take a look at her blog and understand what kind of person she is.

Her blog was pretty, with a picture of fallen leaves at the road side. Shows herself to be a prudent and nice person who loves all things in simplicity. Then i scrolled down to read some of her entries and that she was actually planning to migrate to England with her new found love.

Fate tends to play wicked tricks on people huh?

Here's my heartfelt condolescences to the family of Sondra and may she rest in peace.

A poem surfaced in my mind, the poem by Robert Frost.
Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
Not propogating the mentality of death and all things grey, here's a special note to all bloggers out there. Give your parents a well-deserved break and just always be filial and polite to them. Your parents gave you life and sustenance, so be grateful for that. Cherish all your friends and teachers and mentors for all the help and concern and warmth given along the way. Without them being around, you most probably couldnt have made through exams and the nit grits of life. Stay true and have a nice life.
when the sun comes out, the stars will have to go away.

Friday, December 02, 2005 / 1:53 PM
down with fever

OKAYYYYYY....I was down with fever for the whole of yesterday. The highest temp i ever hit was 38.1 deg celcius! Gosh...It certainly feels terrible to be sick cos your whole body aches and u feel like vomitting all the time.

It is really strange that i was feeling alright the day before and even stayed up till abt 1 am. Then the next day i woke up and i felt like shit. I was getting ready to go to sch for sjab stuff when i felt really dizzy and feverish. Took my temp and it was 37.8 deg c. So i had to crawl back in bed hoping that the fever will subside and i will be ok.

No...The fever climbed and soon i was on my way to the clinic.

The medicine didn't make me feel any better cos i was still aching all over and felt terrible. It felt as if some asshole had planted a hundred dynamites in my head and setting them off one by one. Damn...My eyes felt as if they were going to pop out! Then i started to see things blurred,and with a green colour to all the images. I thought that i must be going blind cos i am not seeing things as per normal. Everything was coated with green and yellow hues.

Luckily i felt ok this morning when i woke up. My fever was gone! Too bad i missed the training ytd.Hope the squad is making improvements!

Chingay rehearsal coming this sat at people's association. Hmm...Hopefully i can mix with all the people who are almost 10 years my senior.Good Luck!

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