Monday, October 30, 2006 / 6:26 PM
fill in the blanks

1. full name: Lin Shuli
2. name backwards: iluhs nil
3. were you named after someone: nope but my grandfather picked this name for me personally and i am proud of it.
4. meaning of name: ehh? I think it just meant that i am supposed to be demure and with a nature like a jasmine flower: genteel and graceful.
5. nickname: not that i know of..but my brother always say i am a fat girl! ARGH..
6. screen name: it changes most of the time :)
7. D.O.B: 18th May 1989
8. place of birth: Thomson Hospital. The doctor who handled the delivery is still in practice at this same hospital still!
9. nationality: Singaporean
10. current location: Singapore.
11. star sign: Taurus
12. religion: Buddhism. Member of the Singapore Soka Association :)
13. height: 168
14. weight: not telling!
15. shoe size: I have pretty big feet..US size 9 and UK size 6.5
16. hair colour: Black
17. eye colour: Black
18. who do (people say) you look like: some say i look fierce and scary when i dun smile or have eye contact. But i think i look just normal.
19. innie or outtie: outtie, if u meant being vocal and fun-loving
20. leftie or rightie: Rightie.
21. gay, straight, bi or others: Straight. What can 'others' meant? Devoid of feelings?
22. best friend(s): the six chicks,candice,diana
23. best friend you trust most: shamaine, samo
24. favourite pals: Zel, weewee,candice and diana
25. best friend of opposite sex: Jonas?
26. best buddies: six chicks!
27. boyfriend or girlfriend: Lots of girl friends but no boyfriend. Boo hoo hoo.
28. crush: the six chicks will know ;)
29. parents: Mr and Mrs Lim
30. worst enemy: fear and cowardice.
31. favourite online guy: no bahdi..
32. favourite online girl:Diana..with her crazy antics such as the video camera she uses to show the rest what she is doing at her desk. Hur hur.
33. craziest friend: DIANA!!!! no one but HER..
34. advice friend: Samo
35. loudest friend: Wahaha..This award goes to WEISHUN
36. person you cry with: Zelda, Samo, Weewee, Shamaine
37. any sisters: nope
38. any brothers: two elder brothers, one 28 and one 26.
39. any pets: uh uh
40. any disease: nopeeee
41. pagers: -.-|||
42. personal phone line: dun wan tell u.
43. cell phone: duh.
45. pool or hot tub: Pool! give me both variations anytime.
46. a car: No problemo! Would want one when i get my license.
47. your personality: Silly,goofy,serious,funny
48. driving:wait till i'm of age
49. room: bed,dresser,fan,mirror,closets,bookcase,bags,'s a mess right now cos i am trying to get ready to move house.
50. whats missing: some colours,new furniture, a laptop,bigger windows that allow more natural light in..argh the list goes on and on.
51. school: National Junior College
52. bed colour: white and mint
53. relationship with parents: pretty shweet.
54. believe in yourself: not when i was younger. but now i tend to do that more often cos i know that when the mind says something, you can really achieve it.
55. believe in love at first sight: not really,. lets wait till it has really happened to me first.
56. good listener: i think so
57. get along well with parents: yeah
58. save email conversations: no, most of the time.
59. pray: daily
60. believe in reincarnation: 50-50
61. make fun of people: do i? I'm nice OKAYYY
62. like to talk on the phone: it's all right but i prefer a nice talk over coffee in a nice cafe or place.or just somewhere comfortable.
63. wants to get married: i have no idea. it's too early anyway.
64. like to drive:haven tried it yet but i think the experience gotten from bumper cars puts me off a lot.nah..dunno abt tad yet.
65. motion sickness: sometimes
66. eat stem of broccoli: GIVE ME A FIELD OF BROCCOLI
67. eat chicken with fork: sure, but its more fun when u use your hands.
68. dream in colour: uhh..think so.
69. type with your fingers on home role: what?
70. sleep with stuff animals: when i was still sucking my thumb and peeing in diapers.
71. next to you: my nalgene bottle.
72. on the walls of your room: not my room cos i'm in the study. Its plain white and its kind of old but it will get a fresh look soon.
73. on your mousepad: the mouse?
74. dream car: its just the Mini Cooper. Or a convertible. Or a SUV.
75. dream date:hmm..someone who is funny, loving,taller than me,smart and a great kisser.
76. dream honeymoon spot: Korea? Maybe the couple could go for some nip and tuck there on the way..heh heh.
77. dream husband or wife: he must love me loads,funny,has a stable financial standing and fillial
78. bedtime: oh it varies. on normal school days its abt 1130 or 12am and during weekends and holidays its abt 330am or 4am.
79. under your bed: oh the boogeyman.HAHA..The floor lah.
80.Single most important question:Are there aliens or not?
81. bad time of a day:mornings,when u slam the alarm clock and wish for another 5 mins but u just gotta get up. but everything is fine after a wash up.
82. your worst fear: never seeing my family ever again.
83. the weather is: nice. skies are blue now that the sun has set.cooling too.
84. time: 6:47pm
85. date: 30th of Oct
86. best trick done on someone: shhhhh
87. theme song: erm..It's Not Easy by five for fighting
88. hardest thing about growing up: dealing with problems and setbacks
89. funniest experience: no one in particular cos my friends are always so funny all the time.
90. scariest experience: whoa.seeing what you think do not exists.
91. silliest thing you have ever said:when i kept screaming "WHERE IS MY CELLPHONE?!!?" to all my peeps then i realised i was clutching it in one of my hands. so cliche.
92. scariest thing while you are with your friends: nothing
93. worst feeling: getting left out of the crowd or failing
94. best feeling in the world: to know when somebody loves you.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 / 8:21 PM
vivo viva!

Went to Vivo City twice this week and had a blast shopping man! Went there with my mum today and man, we blew our minds doing some serious shopping and fittings. I went home feeling rejuvenated with a pair of jeans from Esprit, a top from Forever 21 and some bangles from Tangs' Island Shop. It was a really girly day as i hanged out with my mum and i think she is great company! I mean she is so patient and she gives solid advice for clothes. Hahah..I made her wear some clothes she would not wear usually like the younger type and we had so much laughter in the fitting rooms. Lol..But Vivo City is quite a nice place to go for shopping and also dating. We had lunch at Terra, this cosy little restaurant and man, there were so many couples. Some of them looked so nubile and some of them were old Caucasian couples, who looked really shweet!

Feeling the soreness in my legs now, after all that walking. Bleahs.

Samo, Shar and I went to Bugis ytd. Been a long time since we went out together. After lunch, we headed for a pedicure and manicure at Hollywood Nails and we painted out toe nails the same hue. I think its named Espresso. On first look, i thought it was black or a deep deep red. Upon closer inspection, it is dark brown lah. With a little shimmer too. OOOOH~Then shaped our nails and gave it a little buffing and we were all set to go.

After that we just shopped a little and then guess who we bumped into at Old Chang Kee? KENNETH AND WEISHUN. Weishun freaked me out when i turned around at the counter with his face right in front of me. Sheesh potato man..You very scary eh. Then the two lads guided us to Sim Lim where Samo and me bought out thumbdrives FINALLY. Then we went to Bugis Street and walk walk. The two boys left us to look for Imran so we went back to Bugis Junction. There, i got myself 2 tops from outfitters girls and we got ourselves a facial mask each at the face shop. Lol..Tiring but fruitful day.

OP is coming!! Sheesh... Kinda afraid for it cos of the imminent questions that the assessors may pose. But for now, take a step at a time. Still gotta clean up my room and pack my stuff. Having a little bit of a headache right now. Thump Thump Thump...

OK..Gotta watch some teevo. Ciao!

Thursday, October 26, 2006 / 8:30 PM

Some pics we took during the gathering..

/ 8:14 PM
i love GAP

It's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!WOOT!!!!!!!

Had ur farewell party for Miss Tan, our econs tutor today. She will be leaving next Feb on a mission trip for her church and will not be teaching us anymore. Whoa..It was so touching that she cried and well, dunno wad to say abt tad. Anyway, it was all very sweet and cute!

Took a peek around Vivo City today and had not really done much shopping. Bought a top from GAP and yet another 2 shirts from Naf Naf. LOVED THE PLACE MAN!! Gotta do some serious shopping tmr or some day. It is really a great place to go for some retail therapy and soak up the atmosphere.

Now gotta get back to cleaning up my room and prepare to move. Sorry if i cannot chat online very often cos i dunno wad the heck is wrong with the network at home. It keeps bailing out whenever i try to sign in to MSN.Stupid lahh..


Sunday, October 22, 2006 / 4:36 PM

Watched Death Note yesterday and well, it is a nice movie. But it is rather scary to think that if such a phenomenon exists, what kind of effects will it have? Geez..

Had fun walking around and relaxing. Diana and I teased Candice and Jonas a little and it was rather funny to see their reaction.

Man..sometimes its better to practise a little self-discretion. Prevents you from getting hated and also from being labelled as a person who can't keep things to himself. Maybe i should apply it to myself too, that is after he learns that first. Some things are better left unsaid, but when they are spoken, there is nothing much you can do.

Words are so cunning.

Anyway, Princess Hours is a really nice show! Love the clothes of Chae Gyong and simply addicted to the chemistry between her and Shin. Man..their public kiss was simply mind-blowing. Now i want that too! Haha..But it was really sweet watching them start from being a bickering couple who cant stand the sight of each other to the proud and loving parents of a little girl. Man...SO SWEET!! When will it be my turn? HEHE..

Anyway, the short paragraph below is something worth thinking about. Vital information!!

Find a guy, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he
cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."

Thursday, October 19, 2006 / 10:46 PM
coming soon

WOW.We are going to get back our promos results tmr. Wad the heck. Dun wanna think abt it too much too.

Anyway, been really slack these few days and i am sorry i wun be able to come online as often cos my desktop is experiencing some problems and the network is so not cooperative. But anyway, will try to solve this problem and get to sign in to MSN!

"Princess Hours" is a really sweet show and well, really pissed that i always miss it cos either i am home late or my mum and brother will be hogging the tv.GRRR.

OK..gotta go before this old laptop i am using shuts down on me for no reason. Ciao!

Sunday, October 15, 2006 / 10:22 PM
tired but loving it

Ytd was njc's open day and i had a roaring time! Had fun helping out at the different booths and doing ppl the favour by bringing them around.. Especially this one last family that i took them on a tour of njc and the little boy was so cuteeeee! He was only 8 and he was so lively and bubbly that i immediately took a liking to this boy. His name is Owen and his brother Bryan is coming in through DSA for academis excellence. WOOT! They were a really nice family and i am glad they enjoyed my company too.

After that i went to westmall with Wee and we had great fun too. Was really freezing when we both were having our ice kachangs at the foodcourt and the both of us just could not stop shivering. So i went to bu a bowl of dumpling soup and that made us felt better. Then we went to the booth where they allow us to do art stuff with paint. Dunno how to describe it but u can squeeze these tubes of couloured paint and colour your paintings. I did an alphabet "S" while Wee did a picture. The boss helped transform my artwork from a mess to pretty. Really take my hat off him man. He was so skillful! Then bought dinner home, bathed and settled in front of the TV and then went to sleep. Was really zonked out and cant keep my eyes open cos i had walked around so much and talked so much abt the sch. ZZZZZ~~

School resumes tmr and my will it be boring. All the teachers will then start dropping you hints on how badly you have done and all the shit. I'm am so afraid for Math cos i know i did a pretty sucky paper and i aint proud of it at all. GRR...Dun dare to face my Math teacher too.

Other subjects are just as bad. But i dun wanna think abt it for now and just hope to live each day to the fullest and enjoy everything around me. Start preparing for PW instead.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 / 12:23 AM
open day 2006


No la. It's just that it has passed midnight. Anyway, i hope that the open day will be a blast. But then there are so many other JCs having open day today. Gonna be quite a mad rush for the students. Will be a really tiring day for us.

Went for Yuanruo and Diana's birthday dinner at PizzaHut and boy did we had a great time! We went to the arcade and played games like mad. The funniest part was when we did Dance Dance Revolution cos we all looked so awkward trying to get the steps right. Was really proud of myself cos i got a 33 combo! Not bad for someone who never does this game except on remote on Playstation right? HIAK HIAK~ But we had loads of fun =)

Anyway, gotta go get some sleep. Super long day today and i gotta prep up for it. Argh...Was so hoping to sleep in~

i've been watching
i've been waiting
in the shadows for my time

Thursday, October 12, 2006 / 10:43 PM
really beat

Had my first table tennis training today and i am dead tired. What a lack of stamina. But the coach was really funny and i had fun learning all the serves from him. Jolly man!

Happy Birthday to Yuanruo, who will be turning 17. So looking forward to the dinner tmr cos 4e3 ppl are gonna meet up again!!WHEE~~Like pizza hut for their pastas cos there is cheese..YUM YUM.

Seems like we are not gonna get back the results tmr. GRRR. Who told me is tmr de?!!?!? But once they go through the papers, we will know how is our score like already. Sigh.

Ok..Gotta go get some sleep. Long day tmr.

a kiss on the forehead and sweet dreams my girl

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 / 10:29 PM
getting back results!


That will also happen to be my doom anniversary in years to come. Or the day i will feel extremely relieved and get down on my knees and show my gratitude. Whatever the case is, i shall take this sick and evil Results and slap his face. Be brave!! Anyway, there is no point crying over spilt milk cos the results are fixed and there is nothing much i can do about it.

Watched the movie "Take the Lead" today and it was really an inspiring and motivational show that got me all hyped up. Its about how Antonio Banderas decided to give a couple of kids in detention some ballroom classes that not only teach them a set of values and learn respect, but it also gives them a vision of what kind of future they want.

Mind you, these kids are all those hip hop kinda peeps and they know heck about ballroom dancing. Its amazing to see the transformation of these "schol rejects" to coruscating gems on the dance floor, moving in sync with the Waltz and foxtrot, and doing their thang for the rhumba. It is not all about winning but to take yourself on a life journey and learn something new. Try something that you have never done before and let your instinct take you to where you want to be.

Really needed that kind of pep talk and boost cos i din have the courage to do what i wanted.

Anyway, finally joined table tennis and going to my first training tmr afternoon. To think of it, it is quite silly. I have a PW consultation in the morning at 930am then the training is at 430pm. Shucks. What am i gonna do for the interval? Go home? Or simply stay in school with no one? Hmm..Aint gona give up on that. Shouldnt let my laziness get the better of me. But kinda nervous abt tmr's training cos its my first time there and it is so late in the year already. Hope everything goes well and i can be part of the team successfully.

PW is so worrisome. Just wish to get it over and done with. ARGH.

fly me to the moon

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 / 9:41 PM

My only wish and prayer now is to get promoted to JC2 and for my left knee to recover fully.

Monday, October 09, 2006 / 9:32 PM
sick and tired of it

You know something?Ok you don't. Well the thing is sometimes i get sick of trying to wait for people to notice me and to actually spare a thought for me. I know we may not be the best of friends and we may have since drifted apart due to the different schools we are in now but can u just STOP trying to exclude me from the rest of the group? It gets sick after a while trying to fit back in and waiting for you to contact me. That's it. I'm DONE.

Phew, feels good to simply just pour out all my dissatisfaction.

Anyway, today was Games Festival and we had loads of sports and games up for learning. So my first stop was at the shooting club and did relatively well for a first timer at the rifle. Managed to hit the card and it was really near the bull's eye. But OMG, the rifle is HEAVY.

Then proceeded to play squash and i have to say the time given to play is too short. Haven really got the hang of the game and another grp is coming in already. But it was all right. Then went to play captain's ball with some school mates and had a great time screaming and laughing. Then went to play table tennis and played with Thomas. Loved the feeling of playing table tennis cos this whole sense of rhythm just comes flowing all back.

Had the tip meeting and well, feels good to see all of the fellow tipers. Looking forward to the Taiwan trip!! The FOOD and the SHOPPING and the SIGHT-SEEING. Gawd~~~But it is still a long way till Dec so i just gotta wait patiently..

Anyway, its gonna be a long day tmr -it's the sickening PW Day- and there are a thousand and one things to do for PW. Really hate this subject man cos it is so troublesome.

Tata..Weather is so hot.

Sunday, October 08, 2006 / 12:41 PM
haze cleared

Anyway, really had fun. Then went to join my family for some yummy claypot rice and i finished a whole big bowl of soup. Really loved all kinds of herbal, tonic or boiled soup. Wish i could cook but nah, i'd rather not burn down the kitchen. Going for yet another wedding dinner tonight (went for 2 for the past 2 consecutive Sundays) and all i care is the food. Haha..such a sucker for delicious food. But now trying to get to lose some weight cos my knee is injured and i cant do any running. But doing crunches and sit ups at home aint really helping much. So i gotta just go find out more weight loss tips and diets. Hopefully i can lose all the extra flab!!


is there something in my drink??
then a really emo Samo..(no la this picture was posed)
here is a cheery Samo..
me looking all spastic
Weewee looking mesmerised by the food

Went out with Weewee and Samo ytd and had loads of fun shopping. Bought lots of things too. But it was really nice to be able to walk around and just chill, having retail therapy!

Friday, October 06, 2006 / 9:19 PM
the air

Man really pissed with all the haze and the smell in the air. It is horrible and the thingis it makes me feel so nauseatic all the time. UGH. Why does it always have to happen all the time?!?!

Anyway, had a really really SLACK day today. Cos i slept at only 3.30am in the morning, i woke up like 1130am today, close to lunch time. My brothers just kept yelling for me to wake up cos i was such a sleepy-head. BUT I JUST BARRICADED MYSELF UNDER THE SHEETS WAHAHAHA..Looooong time never sleep for so long so must enjoy it for a little while more. Then had instand noodles for lunch and watched my brother play return to castle wolfenstein, and it was really cool with all the killing and treasure getting. The graphics were kinda gross cos there were like occult experiments, producing ugly creatures.LOL..I cannot really play computer games and neither am i good at them. Dun really have that great hand-eye coordination.

So happy that the weekend is here!!!Lots of chiong-ing to do and gotta just soak up the relaxed pace for now. So many things to do and i gotta plan well for it. Heh heh..Just hope that my knee will be all right for all the walking and stuff.

Anyway, gotta drink more water to prevent myelf from getting sick or having a sorethroat. Hope the haze goes away real soon cos it looks quite bad through the windows.

Liar Liar pants on fire!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006 / 6:20 PM


Anyway, had my last paper today and not very optimistic abt it. BUT WHAT THE HECK MAN..IT'S FINALLY OVER. Then there is still the horrible getting back of results but lets not think about that for the time being.

Anyway, gonna go for some retail therapy this weekend and work towards shedding some pounds. Also gotta go get some real sleep and then regain my strength. Gotta start swimming soon or my muscles are all gonna go limp and weak.Heehee~

New York New York is a nice restaurant and really love the ambience and food. Went with some classmates today and haha, did we have lots of laughing and guffawing. That really cheered me up.

Oh yeah, i find Marina Square a really nice place to hang out during off-peak hours. No crowds, no long queues, broader pathways and easy shopping. Yay.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006 / 8:26 PM

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a damn fun game.Fun to watch especially.

Nevertheless, last paper tmr.No confidence abt it la. Guess i should just try my best...Seems like it is a long long journey and i dunno if i can still believe in it anymore.

Anyway, off to mug now. Wish me luck.

release your inhibitions

Sunday, October 01, 2006 / 2:29 PM

This has comed as a tight slap to my face and more importantly, a reminder for all the lost time.

I have to say the promos are like euthanasia, except that they first humiliate you, crush your ego then send you down to the 19th level of Hell. It is not exactly a peaceful death, since u dun wanna die and they force you to.

Morbid thoughts run through my mind, as i try to squeeze these disgusting things out. Things like them just like to attack you when u are most vulnearable. But heck, my immune system to them is down too.

Rancid smell in the air, choking my senses. Falling down into a pit but the anticipated impact doesn't come that fast. It is like the hands of the dead, eluding you from the present and setting up a fictional world for you to believe in.You think you will end up with a few bruises but heck, all your bones are crushed.

But just as you thought all your armour is gone and gunpower down, a light descends upon the grey grey skies. You reach towards it, feeling its warmth and sincerity. It lifts you up, and a cooling sensation spreads through your limbs. You rejoice, you smile and you een giggle a little.

That is the light of hope. And i am waiting for its arrival.

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