Wednesday, November 29, 2006 / 12:15 PM
so much work so little time

Went onto KM today and it dawned on me that i had very little time to complete a lot of things.
  1. Do TJC math promo papers
  2. Do RJC math promo papers
  3. Do HCI math promo papers
  4. Do ACJC math promo papers
  5. Geography research paper on NIEs and etc for 1500 words
  6. 2 Geography DRQs
  7. Lit essay on the poems of Wilfred Owen
  8. Read up on Chap 7 of Econs
Uh uh. Not a good sign. But anyway for those who are in either TJC,RJC,HCI or ACJC, i welcome you to send me or pass me the solutions for the math promo papers. THANKS a mil!Pls pls pls~

Anyway, watched High School Musical and Anacondas ytd. High School Musical was the typical oh-we-love-to-sing and then there comes the boy meets girl, both in love, something separates them and then all is well. But liked the singing and the storyline cos its kinda sweet. Loved Gabriella's hair! I would rather be brainy than be like an airhead like Sharpay (what kind of name is that?). Besides, its nice to see Troy and Gab together. But i thought Troy looked kinda like Amanda Bynes. Perhaps he should have starred as Sebastian in She's The Man instead.

Anacondas: The search for the blood orchid
was, not surprisingly, a box office flop and well, none of the characters in the show are like, famous. The anacondas look pathetically CGI-ed and the saving grace was Kong the monkey with its expressive facial features and vocal chords. Lots of inconsistencies to watch out for and it is definitely one show that screams BORING!! for the first 80 mins, though the show is only a mere 96 mins. Director builds up tension for a whole hour plus and you only get to see the action in the last 10 mins or so.HURHUR. Felt so compelled to fast forward. Besides, die for the sake of a flower? I'll pass.

Then did a little packing and realised i dun really know what to bring. Like blur. Went to get some stuff and realised i had no idea of what to get. Sent my blazer and costume for dry cleaning and my is it expensive. But for the sake of comfort, its worth it.

Ate Carl's Jr at Vivo ytd and my gawd, i think i know why Caucasians are getting obese. The burger they serve are as big as my face and is the equivalent of 2.5 Big Macs! I almost puked while trying to finish the burger, which i eventually did. I ordered a Portobello Mushroom Burger, which tastes like the mushroom swiss of bk but at twice the price. It was ok at first until i was finishing the burger. It was SO FILLING. Could not even finish my fries. My brother really amazed me cos not only did he finished his burger in like 10 mins,he finished the rest of his meal while i was still struggling thru! Brava! But i managed to see one hot guy. He was so tall and that was like the height i really liked; boyish looks and awesomely cute! Man he does look like he work out a lot. Taut and lean muscles i see there. WOOOOO~*claps claps* *does a head stand*
Anyway, he is so hot. Tssssss~

Here is the portobello burger and i assure u its bigger than it looks.

All that calories!!!AHHH~

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 / 1:57 AM
gai gai (walk walk)

Anyway, Fig and Olive at Vivo City serves pretty distasteful pasta. Mine screamed soggy while diana and candice's tasted as if pepper was for free. Totally horrible and it was a sure waste of our money. Not value-for-money. And another thing is that their service was kind of bad.

The bad service
First they gave us the bill just shortly after we have placed our orders, then realising its for another table. Then when they tried to clear my plate,two waiters fought over it and the plate was kinda like shoving in my face. GAWD i am most certainly amazed by this. When i asked for the bill the lady replied if she could refill my cup with more tap water. WAD THE HECK??!? Baffled and most certainly amused. We had a hard time trying to finish our food.

Then i bought a new pair of Charles and Keith sandals,those that look like chiong Birkenstocks (Man i would LOVEEEEEEEEEE to get a pair but they are simply too expensive~) and man does it hurt. So now i still have a blister. Ouch.

So here i am, blogging at 2 am in the morning,with my feet hurting from the walk and my breath filled with the Swedish dill potato chips. Well, really gotta start mugging soon. Finish the papers, read hard and try to work harder cos well, not as smart as the rest. Maybe i will go surf the net and do some tests on Tickle. Oh well.

Baby, i love you so.
But the things that you do are horrible.
I know we were meant to be.
But the way you are screwing this up.
Sorry,i just gotta go.
Holler when ya done.

Sunday, November 26, 2006 / 11:59 PM

Oh yeah man..I've finally finished the entire arduous process of moving house and its DONE!WHEEEEEEEE~ Man was it tiring and dangerous. I mean i have had quite a few ugly bruises already and it wun subside like in a minute's time. Grr.

Anyway, today was the last day of the moving and my mum just went bonkers. She started yelling and scolding and cursing cos there were just TOO MUCH of her stuff. Not too many but too much, cos they are simply un-countable. Pure madness! Then when i said some stuff should be thrown away if they are too old or if they will not be used in the future, she just screamed in my face that she wants to keep them all. So i'm like FINE I ALSO CAN SCREAM and i screamed back telling her to think properly and dun keep all the trash. Then she just walked away in a huff and kept mumbling and nagging. MENOPAUSE AH...She kept complaining that we were not helping her to clear all her stuff but HELLO? how the hell are we supposed to know which are the ones you wish to keep and which are the ones you wanna get rid of? Isn't it irritating? She's been clearing her stuff for 2 weeks and they are still LIKE THAT. Then she panics and starts to lose it and scolds everyone of us. WTH. But anyway, the old house is finally cleared and i think renovation will start pretty soon!

Ghost Whisperer is quite a nice drama series to catch cos its got so much visual oomph and the stories are simply shweet. Like the last episode, LOVE was the main theme. First it speaks of how a teenage girl pines for her dead boyfriend who is still keeping vigil by her side. Then it talks of how dedicated Jennifer Love Hewitt's reel life husband is towards her. I liked the part where the ghost of the teenager's boyfriend came back to dance with her cos they never got to on their prom night cos well the guy died during a football game. That was really lovely and i just cried when i saw that part. Sweet. And that guy was so CUTE.

Back is aching from all that moving and is my injured knee. Grr..Gotta rest well to get the muscles recovered. This new estate is still pretty alien to me so trying to get used to it. Will inform you guys when there is a housewarming! But till then,its just endless unpacking and storing.

Sunday, November 19, 2006 / 8:39 PM
requiem for my desk

Today was the first day of moving and mer gawd! there are hell a lot of stuff to move!My stuff was relatively ok except for the boxes of books that i gotta bring over to the new place and heck i did so much carrying and it was also the first time that i took a lorry in the front seat and at the back. It was quite fun though. The furniture were the scariest cos they were the heaviest and its just us who are doing all the moving. Funny how my dad does not want the professional movers to do this. It will be much faster and neater and we would not have been so exhausted. We went to and fro 3 times to get less than a third of our stuff moved, so you can see how much longer we will have to take to evacuate the present place. Whoa.

Cried just now cos my dad wanted to throw away my desk. I bought the entire bedroom set for less than 5 years and had spent quite a deal of time at my desk peering over the stack of notes to be studied for the O levels. I had ate on that desk, slept, drooled, mugged,made up...yet my family members wanted me to dispose it. Can understand why seeing that it is on the brink of falling apart and it is unstable. Its made of chipboard,and in case you are wondering what is that,recall sec2 D&T notes. So dun cha ever buy furniture made from chipboard esp from courts,unless you wanna throw it away before you have even thoroughly used it.

I was really upset that i gotta throw it away and get a new table cos i seriously want just that table and NOTHING ELSE! But then..i still gotta throw it away. Call me emotional or simply whiny,i really liked that desk A LOT. So bye bye deskie~~~

The flu jab is a CHEAT. It enters your arm slowly and smoothly,caressing your veins and telling the system its gonna protect her for at least a year,then it gives you a damn numbing feeling in the arm a couple of hours later.SHOOT. But i have finally gotten the jab so praying for no repercussions.

Man it will be yet another stressful and daunting day of packing up tmr. ARGH. I dun even wanna do anything cos i am so tired from my best friend's visit and there is the costumes and also the furniture to be settled.WHAM!Big slap to my head. Gotta wisen up and get things DONE.

A:What is the name of our President?
A: -.- Stupid idiot la you that's the president for USA. What were you thinking?!
C:Hiak hiak..silly.I know who is the president of Singapore. It's Lee Kuan Yew!
A,B: HARK! He is the MM for goodness sake!
C:OH paiseh paiseh..heh heh
D: HAIYA let me enlighten you imbeciles. I know who is it. It's Nathan!
A: Well, so what is his full name?
D: Wah trying to test me ah?
Everyone waits with abated breath
D: That is easy. It's Nathan........BALAKRISHNAN!

Morale of this excerpt from someone's OP script? Political empathy is essential.

Friday, November 17, 2006 / 10:29 PM
My job

This is the first time that i am working and well, my workplace and colleagues are kind of funny and they are the most real people you can ever see.

My job is pretty simple cos you only have to do shading and then calculate the marks and thats all. But my group has some of the most interesting people and i simply have to write an entry dedicated to all my colleagues. They are the STUFF man.

First of all, let me introduce my team leader who is in his sixties. Has weak command of Chinese but is a good conversationalist. Then there are the aunties who always chit chat about their children, 4D, TOTO, horse races, housework and husbands. So then there is me the poor young girl who happily shades and laughs at their jokes.HAHA.

Then there is yet another group leader who is always full of smiles and is extremely kind. This 60 year old man is one barrel of laughter and i like him so much! He is really nice and always cheers us up with his talk and all that. And i really think he looks like stuart little :)

Its quite a nice place to work in cos of the aunties and uncles who always take good care of us youngsters. Nice folks. Feel kind of sad that i have left the job but anyway, it was nice having them as colleagues.

Work can be enriching at times and you don't really need a lot of luck to find one.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 / 12:43 AM

WHAM! So damn tired after a long day at work. Then there was some other events and i got home late and then i gotta do this lit project that i procrastinated for a long time and well, finally its going to be DONE.

Man i dun have much strength to talk more...Really gotta hit the sack. Later folks.

Saturday, November 11, 2006 / 8:59 PM
how true is this?

Does your name begin with: L
You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. Having a partner is of paramount importance to you. You are free in your expression of love and are willing to take chances, try new sexual experiences and partners, provided it's all in good taste. Brains turn you on. You must feel that your partner is intellectually stimulating, otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship. You require loving, cuddling, wining, and dining to know that you're being appreciated.

Stubborn and hard-hearted
Strong-willed and highly motivated
Sharp thoughts
Easily angered
Attracts others and loves attention
Deep feelings
Beautiful physically and mentally
Firm standpoint
Easily influenced
Needs no motivation
Easily consoled
Systematic (left brain)
Loves to dream
Strong clairvoyance
Sickness usually in the ear and neck
Good imagination
Good debating skills
Good physical
Weak breathing
Loves literature and the arts
Loves travelling
Dislike being at home
Not having many children
High spirited


Turn ons

Stability and dependability characterize Taurus. They like people who can blend and grow with them. If you have a Taurus partner you should appreciate all things bright and beautiful. They have an inherent artistic sense and are fond of color and music. Judge the life with them from purely materialistic point of view. Enjoy everything luxurious that money can provide. Enjoy good food (better if you can cook to please them) and good drinks with them.

Turn offs

Taurus is very slow to anger (in fact you may spend the whole life with them and still no spark) but you should not push your luck too much. Being unreasonable or aggressive with them may get you into trouble. Do not press him into a corner and if you do be prepared for a violent rage. Taurus is capable of violent outbursts though this is on very rare occasions. If you have a roving eye forget it because Taurus have can take the cake when it comes to being possessive. They can be suffocating when being possessive about you.

How true is this?Haha..

Friday, November 10, 2006 / 11:18 PM
pure madness

Cant fathom how some people can critisise others of their behavious nad manners when they dun even practice what they preach. That is just so superficial.Loathe it.

Just made new specs and frankly, i am not very satisfied with em. Thot they were ugly man.Just so sommon and not hip at all. Really regretted buying it. It looked ok when i tried it on and now i thought it looked kinda weird on me.Oh whatever. Just wear lo.

Anyway, i am really beat. Feel really tired everyday and the only thing i want to do after work is to go home and sleep. Just feel exhausted although it is just simple paperwork. Gosh..I am drifting in and out of sleep as i type this so yeah, i'm THAT tired.

Can finally sleep in late tmr cos its sat!Ooh..Still got an essay to write for lit and research to be done. Good golly..Its just busy busy busy!!

What's really on the other side of the rainbow?NOTHING but a barrel of cereal.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 / 10:15 PM

Man i am so pissed nowadays. First there is the moving house, then there is my part time job and then there is school. Gosh. Really vexed with all the house things to do cos there is just so much money spent going around and i thought we should just restrict the spending on the furniture. But the master is a tough one. He does not yield no matter how rational and reasonable the cause may be cos he does not frigging care. He thinks anything can be done with money and we should just try to live the high life. Afterall, he's got the money.

But i dun freaking agree with this warped mentality! Why must we try to be who we are not? Why are you not spending within your own means? Why cant you listen to others and stop being such a asshole and idiot? CAN'T YOU FREAKING LISTEN?!!? STOP BEING SO FULL OF YOURSELF!!


And now the worrying thing is table tennis. The truth is, i suck when compared to the rest on the team. Plus that knee injury is not going to get me anywhere but of course, i can try. Then there is still the temp job and well, it clashes with a lot of things. School, personal commitments and family. I feel so flustered. Like i am losing control on what are the priorities. HELP!!!!

Then should i quit and throw in the towel like a frigging loser who cant even balance work and school? Sigh man. How i wish i had a sister here with me to analyse the situation and listen to me talk and help me out a little. Kind of torn between personal commitments and family. Its one or another, never both. Shucks man. I just hope that it will not always be ME who has to go see the furniture but perhaps one of my siblings can go. It just sucks having to go through one item after another and man, it frigging sucks.

I dunno man. Maybe i should just hang in there. Try to work things out. ARGH I AM SICK OF ALL THESE!In deep need of advice and shrink and some chocolates will do :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006 / 12:27 AM
should i?

Thinking whether i am acting my age sometimes.Is it the time for me to go out an dhave fun and experience wha tis it like to be at this age? Or should i be a nice kid who stays at home and merely watches TV? This desire to get out and have fun is what i dun comprehend.Man..i should just wait for yet another year.

Anyway, OP is coming.Grr..Nth much to say abt it except that i am praying for the best :)

My mind seems to be under a siege.

Saturday, November 04, 2006 / 1:00 AM

One. Think of 15 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself. And they’ve gotta be true.

Two. Come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun’s sake keep them in the thershold of believability.

Three. Jumble them all up together and list them in any order.

Four. Post them on your blog and let people guess which the five false ones are!

Five. Get 5 others to do the same.

not exactly thinking cos my mind is fuzzy now but HERE WE GO:

1. I swallowed an entire fishball and freaked my primary school classmate who thought i didn't have a throat.

2. i was the tallest girl in class throughout my 6 years in pri sch.

3. i used to braid my hair until my mom cut it shorter.

4. i love maplestory

5. My primary school form teacher used to hate me for being lousy in Math

6. I was once hit by a motorcycle and sent to the hospital.

7. When i was in pri sch and went outside for a public performance with my xiangsheng partner, he cried and forgot his lines and i was so angry i din talk to him for the entire year.

8. I adore dark chocolates.

9. Chillies are my buddies.

10. i used a tampon to stop a nosebleed before.

11. I have to drink lots of water everyday or my body will heat up and it gets very uncomfortable.

12. I was convinced Santa Claus existed and wrote letters to him.Only to get them sent back instead.

13. I used to have this crush on this Caucasian boy in pri sch named Matthew who was of the same height as me with adorable eyes.

14. i love golden retrievers and hush puppies.

15. i like all kinds of vegetables.

16. Soups are what i like to driink most of the time.

17. i killed a snail and held a funeral for it before.

18. I am addicted to the runner's high.

19. I love to travel and see the world.

20. i am attached now.

The five people tagged are: samo,candice,jodee,hafidz and davin :)

/ 12:31 AM
housewarming/too cold?

Went to Jianwei's housewarming party today. Well you cannot really call it a party but it was just a small quiet affair and we just kept eating and eating. Lol..Managed to get to know a few people but overall it was rather boring.I even met Lily's close guy friend PT! Man they looked so good and cute together and i was trying to create opportunities for the both of them to be together. HAHA..GET HITCHED LILY!

So we merely goofed around and started talking about our pri sch days over food and drinks by the poolside and it was all very nice and soft. Wanted to eat the sweetcorn but it seems like the guys ate em up. DANG. But oh well. It was quite nice to see people you haven seen for so long. Like really close friends. Really nice. Shocked to know that Jian has a girlfriend la..But they look so sweet together it just melts you. Awwwww..Good for that guy that he has gotten someone so good!

So i had my new specs made today and will be collecting them next week. Woot! Hope it looks okayyy.Been pretty busy these few days and now that i am working part-time,yeah it gets more tiring. My temp job is kind of easy and relaxed, just scanning papers and doing paper work. It's quite ok i guess. So i can only sleep in on mostly weekends and that is a bummer. But oh well i'm just glad i got myself a temp job.

OP is coming~~!!Scary man. Hope everything turns out ok.

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