Wednesday, September 28, 2005 / 6:12 PM

sick and tired,i hear you say through your
gritted teeth,stained with colours of brown and red.
i watch you warily,clutching my favourite teddy bear,
your mane adorned itself with colourful outbursts of emotions.
i took a few steps back,my bouncing curls,
dancing joyously with the breeze.
you told me life was never fair and kind,and the ol sun
plays silly tricks on everyone.
pretends to be all warm and cheery,then slap you
in the face with a thunderstorm.

i dont understand!i just want teddy...
then a well-deserved slap lands on my face.
the area turns pink,like the petals of a nubile rose,
but i never see that smile on your face evermore.
i squeezed teddy's hand,seeking for some power to
change your indifference.
you turn away,facing the wind,leaving me standing all
alone.i wail,i whine and i sob,but you refuse to cheer me up

look!the dark clouds are clearing!haha!!!
i dance like a nutcase,holding teddy high up in the air.
then the unbelievable happens.
you awkward smile gradually breaking into
a horrible chain of isane laughter.the intensity grows,till i
can't bear with it.
then i accidentally drops teddy,him falling out of my grasp
onto the concrete then pat on my head and tell me to be
selfish and be happy,as you flung yourself off the height,
of my innocent mind.

look!the sun is out!haha!!!

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