Monday, December 27, 2004 / 1:47 PM
our play cum cip

all right...ytd was our charity performance at the xmas concert at bukit gombak.i arrived at 2.10pm.thot i was freaking late but turned out that the teacher who told us to be there at two wasnt even here yet.tsk tsk....impolite and rude.forget it.quite a large turnout of the class tho...even janar came.

then me,candice,diana,qiwen,jessie and pohling went with bags of keropok and went door to door to sell em.haha...wad great fun!!!i think i really am cut out for being a salesperson or wad so's really exciting!haw haw haw....

i thot our play was a disaster...but ms kaur kept insisting it was fab.well well...anyway,gurmit singh was there and he even sang a song.sounds kinda like croaking to me.our makeup was so kaur la!haiyo~~~

did hennna on both of my hands.haw interesting.everyone seems to be really at ease with one another.that's nice.chatted with some of the residents there.heheh..

my eldest bro came and drove me home.reached ard 10pm and later celebrated my mum's bdae.haha..she is the most beautiful woman.haha...the log cake tasted wonderful.the atmosphere was great.hehehehehehe....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!*hugs and kisses*

Thursday, December 02, 2004 / 10:42 PM
my eye is twitching like mad

u noe that part underneath your eyes?i dunno wad is it called...but it has been twitching non-stop ever since there a problem or something?or is it that part of my eye is damaged?!?ah!!!!!wad am i going to do?????help help..

next mon and tue is the training camp le.mum and dad are going overseas on sunday.haiz~i am left with my brothers sia...SIAN.i wonder wad will happen at the camp u noe...i hope everything foes on well and nothing bad happens.

first time saw jolin tsai in person.she is so so so so petite and her face is just laden with makeup.well well...there is also this six plus band.the PD at orchard on mon was boring and exhausting.but its still kinda fun to see celebrities and how crazy fans can get.but boy...are these fans devoted!

sat is the pd for some catholic church at the indoor stadium.wonder wad kind of event will be held that requires the use of the indoor stadium? hope u guys wun feel awkward when u see each other..

exactly one month from tmr,sch will reopen and i will kick start the year as a sec4.whoa~~~STRESS!!!i hope i can make it...

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