Sunday, July 30, 2006 / 12:47 AM
taiwan immersion programme 1

Whoo!!! My taiwan immersion programme buddy is here! Lol.. She is really like me! We look damn alike and share almost the same tastes and preferences in everything! Woot!

Picked her up from the hotel this afternoon and then we went for dinner at Balestier . Had Boon Tong Kee chicken rice and other dishes and then we went home. Rested for a while and then we went out again! Haha.. Met up with 4 other guys and then went to JEC to play pool and boy, did we have a pro among us! He was really good and i think his name is Gary. Whoa.. he was marvellous man. Good-looking too.

Ok..we have got another 10 days to go and well, i am really glad that my buddy and myself are getting along fine and so far, we are really like sisters! Her name is Vivian and she is a year younger than me. Woot man! Gonna bring her out these few days and get to know more abt each other.

All right..More updates later!

Sunday, July 23, 2006 / 10:57 PM

Sorry haven't been updating cos the house comp is down and i am being denied of internet access. Tried to use the school computers but oh well, the place is always filled to the brim and i just gotta sigh and walk away. Well my brothers are better off. I mean both of them got laptops and so i am using one of theirs now. Otherwise this will be like my 5th day of computer-less days. Argh.

Got back all of my results and well, my common test was not such a thing to be proud of. Failed 2 out of 5 subjects. Oh boy there goes my H3 Literature. Nvm..whats done cannot be undone. Cannot imagine how my results will change after all those moderations and et cetera. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Man i really feel that my Math teacher hates me. I dunno why but i always feel like 3 cm in his lessons. Not that he is mean or lazy or wad ever but he is really nice and all. The thing is i am always afraid of Math teachers, ever since primary school. Like REALLY AFRAID. Man i have no idea how this phobia came about. maybe its because my math sucks and boy does it really sucks! Ok.. Its just that i feel so small in his class u know. Sometimes i wish he would just leave me alone and pretend i wasnt there and sometimes i wished he would just acknowledge my presence. Argh. My capricious nature just got the better of me. Then i felt so bad i din do his hw for a particular tutorial and well, i felt minute and it was like i was as big as a dust particle. HAHA. WHY AM I SO SCARED? There really isnt anything to fear is there? But boy am i worried for my promos. Especially for Econs and Math, two of my worst subjects. Hmm..JIA LAT.

Anyway, my taiwan buddy is coming over this saturday!!! Actually she will be reaching Singapore on tues but they will be touring around a little. Well i have got my room done and the furniture rearranged so yep, now i just gotta change the bedsheets, vacuum the floor and clear a shelf in my closet for her. Boy, i really dunno what to expect. I mean i dunno how she looks like and i dunno hw her personality is like and stuff. Oh yeah she is a year younger than me! Lol..Whoo..I hope we get along just fine and everything turns out all right =)

All right.. gotta go do my dumb tutorials and read up on all the drab econs. YADDAH YADDAH YADDAH. Hope i can pon PE tmr morning. Frisbee~~~!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006 / 2:18 PM

All right. I think wasps hate me.

Just got stung by one and well, it damn bloody hurts!! Once you touch the surrounding area and man, i can hit the roof. Gosh..nv knew it would hurt so much man. But i am okay now.

The current record is that i have failed both Math and Econs with a F and S respectively. How perfect. Pretty sure my parents will get called in and then my brothers will holler at me and you know, the self-defeating thoughts surface. Then i get all moody and restless and you will see me at the grocery stall carting away huge tubs of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. HAHA.

Anyway, watched Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man's Chest ytd night and well ,i thought the first installment was better. The ending to the sequel was rather like a reversal of audience's expectations, cos i was half-heartedly hoping it was Jack Sparrow who was walking down the stairs but NOPE. Too bad then.

Hated the scene whereby Keira Knightely got all girly and childish and used all of her stupid antics to get the three men to stop sparring. That was downright dumb. Pissed me off a little. But the saving grace was the POTC cup i got from the popcorn combo set at the theatre. Haha. Diana even "stole" it. It was an ok movie i guess, although Yuan Ruo claims it was "really good". Ahh..I dunno man. Just thought it was ok.

Then we went to Macs after the show ended and well ,just sat down there. Some of the boys started playing bridge and then they were just lost in a world of their own and divided us from the rest who are non-players. It was quite weird though, cos the two gps of ppl who had wanted to talk were separated by the bridgers. Then we just went off without doing much. LOL.

Woke up real late and i must say it felt really good to wake up in the late morning with the sun beaming at your face, beckoning to stretch your lazy bones and shake off the sleepiness. Going off for a soka meeting later and maybe go walk walk by myself.

Sometimes solitude may not be all that bad.

Friday, July 07, 2006 / 10:45 PM

Obsessed with Spider Solitaire lately.

The youth stared at his computer screen as he muttered to himself these words. Swift clicking sounds followed as his marks keep increasing, feeling the elatedness running thorugh his entire body.

The middle-aged man hurls emotive language and points his fingers at his wife,making a big deal out of everything. The wife shouts back and it turns into an ugly public display of "affection".

The young lady sits down at the coffeshop wearing her favourite hipster jeans, exposing her butt cracks and her ugly Pokemon underwear. Guess she never heard of boy shorts or better lingerie.

The fat auntie hollers at her son to walk faster despite carrying a heavy school bag, and rattles away at her cell phone.

Ears hurt.

She climbs steadily over the fence and into a wild patch of overgrown hedges and grass. Ah, this is the land of never ending freedom? How wild. How isolated. How sparse. Is this all that she has dreamt about? Dreams lie. Deceiving piece of shit.

He slaps himself hard as he sits in the conference room,waiting for the meeting to begin. Why am i thinking of dying? Am i that sleepy? What's wrong with that man sitting opposite me?Is he trying to do something?Am i going to get hurt?!!?


It looks at everyone in despair and walks away into the distance.It no. 2 shakes its head and turns to leave. It no.3 wants to stay despite everything.

Innocence,self-love and hope. Ah,the sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice realm never existed. A facade!How silly.Slams head against the wall and comtemplates.

One wonders why do people like to pretend? Pretend like they are suffering because of a relationship and stuff and that they are going to fail a driving test? Why do people not think deeper and try to grasp control? Why are we born to go through so much unhappiness..

I think about Samuel Becket's Act Without Words alot lately. Seems so true about humanoids. Like we are forever trying to pursue things that don't last and all that. But unlike the character, humans continue to do that after failing once or twice or more. Stubborn creatures arent we.

Its been tiring enough trying to deal with people. Maybe i shall just hibernate myself and protest myself with a thin piece of veil. Some sort of defence huh?

Me getting all gibberish again.

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