Tuesday, January 31, 2006 / 3:35 PM

Happy New Year!!!
Wow..It's finally the Chinese New Year! Got lots of ang paos and ate quite a fair amount of delicacies! BUT, I am sick right now. Grr... Must be due to all that chilli i ate during the reunion steamboat dinner. One ulcer on my tongue too. Boo hoo hoo... So my voice now sounds horrible and i have an intense headache. Damnit! Can't touch any spicy food for the next couple of days. Hope that i will be able to get well very soon!
The date of releasing our results is just looming around the corner! Yikes... i just hope my L1R5 better not exceed 20 or else i wun be getting anywhere but simply STUCK. Still, the question of poly or jc is resonating in my head. Poly seems more vibrant and wonderful while jc is more structured and concise. Haiyo.... Headache!
Grrr... Still gotta do my Geog project and GP project. Humph. Oh yeah, the fan-tastic beef burger is still a far cry from the ones sold at Mos burger.

Friday, January 27, 2006 / 8:46 PM
hectic transit

Wow, it has been heck of a longgggggggg week! Everything was simply going at full force and i am having a burn out! Hmm... with the Chingay looming around the corner and our O Level results soon to be released, one cannot feel but to be doubtful and uncertain to what the future holds.

Well, recently, i realised that sometimes the human world can be extremely nonsensical. A little flutter of the eyes of a beauty makes a guy go weak in his knees ( just like the scene in Memoirs of a Geisha) or a stare can get a chatterbox to shut up. Hmm~ why so often than not, a simple gesture or a non-intended action can create such animosity or coldness? Or perhaps, it was just due too much to my imagination. Still, it feels uncomfortable to have a gun pointing to your head.

Just the other day, while i was walking home from the bus stop, i saw this little girl with her brother. They were just two innocent and bubbly children and they were at the void deck playing with their toys and just chasing each other. Then the little girl fell down, and started bawling her eyes out. For a moment, i thought her brother would just stand there with his arms folded, laughing at how clumsy his sister can be. NOOOO, he tenderly helped her up and patted the dust from her clothes, before sweetly holding her as they took the lift back home.

Why, that was something really wonderful and adorable. Something to be celebrated. Even at such a young age, the boy displays such kindness and sense of responsibility. I feel so happy for their parents cos they have brought up their children well. But, what about in the future?Food for thought.

Having ikan bilis with porridge now cos i simplay dun feel like eating anything else. Really tasty! Haha, it just goes to show how the little things in life make you feel so rejuvenated. Yummy! Going to watch some DVDs tonight since i can't really sleep after a long afternoon nap. Heh heh... Tmr is New Year's Eve and we shall all shou ye! Gonna put the red packet ah ma gave me under my pillow and simply kuai gao zhang da and do well in my studies. Sheesh... O level results are coming out soon! Very very apprehensive and afraid man...

Well, gotta watch some teevo. Tut, the idiosyncracies of being a modern world kid, you just gotta have some technology wrapped around your little finger.

Friday, January 20, 2006 / 10:37 PM
shaved off of energy

Wow. Its been heck of a long week and i am seriously getting a burn out! Argh... I feel so tired and extremely sick of this whole busy time table. With the Chingay training and school and cca commitments, i am already feeling the stress of it all. Luckily Chingay is coming to an end really soon, so it won't pose much of a problem in future. But right now i am already bearing the brunt of everything. Goodness gracious! If school were to really start, i wonder if i would be able to take it.Hmm.

Pool was really fun since i played with the group a people. I even managed to do a stunt accidentally! Haw haw~~~ Yong Rui was like Yoda of Pool man... He always hits the balls in and he is so damn pro! WOO HOO! Mark was especially patient with the rest who had no idea what is pool, and Jia Wei is really a pain in the ass cos he likes to disturb you whenever you are feathering by doing stupid faces. And he likes to go around in three-quaters and t shirts and slippers, which makes him look like a complete CHALET BOY!Hahahaha...

Tmr's Chingay training is all the way from 1.30 pm to 11.30pm. Oh gosh... It freaks me out with the fact that we will be wearing those bulky costumes for nearing 6 hours for run-through. Yucks. And it is so hot! I just hope that tmr's full-dress rehearsal will be successful and smooth-sailing!

Oh yeah, there's also an OGL interview tmr morning. Not going AGM because of it. Will miss him but still i have to turn up for the interview cos its my responsibility. Heh heh... Wonder what kind of questions will they ask? Hmm~ Unnerving. Guess i will find out when i enter the room tmr.

Alrightey i had better sleep early tonight. It's gonna be a really long day tmr.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 / 8:46 PM
i need a guru, a psychiatrist and a whole truck of self-help books

All right, "real" tutorials have finally began last week. It was a totally weird feeling, jostling among the throngs of people in different uniforms, desperately trying to fit in and to belong to a clique or a group. Goodness gracious, it just feels superficial and unreal, cos you don't want to be slapping on an ingenuine smile and facing the world. But then again, what else can you possibly do? PAE is just like that. Orientation is just like that. Nothing phat but JUST LIKE THAT. Even i sound fake when people ask for my name, because it just doesn't feel right repeating your name so many times in front of people you don't even wanna know.

I may sound like some freak- i know~~~ (-_-)... Some people may just slap on my back and tell me to freshen up and stop being such a whiner. I am not being a whiner. I just hate the fact that my friends that i truly can click with and talk to are basically five miles away from me. Unreachable. Perhaps some guru can intercept my thoughts and provide me tips on how to live my life prim and proper and to cultivate my body into a temple. However, the fact remains that i am still pretty much juxtaposed from my fantasies and reality.

It always seems like my reality and results always fall short of my expectations and dreams. Just like today when i went for the CCA Orientation for Chinese Publications, i felt as minute as i can be. Even though my Chinese may have snagged an A1 and is considered "not too bad" by many teachers, the rest in the club are all China peeps! And we had to do this interview thing with our seniors and boy, was i such a sight! The girl whom i was supposed to interview was playing the role of a patient who has just recovered from cancer-- she's from China, of course--, kept laughing like crazy and wouldn't give me answers properly. Was she picking on me? Hmm~~ I thought being a Chinese journalist for the school paper would be fun but it turns out to be not that interesting anymore! GRRRR~~~~

And then there are the people whom i seriously have some communication disabilities with. Either they are Martians or it is just that i cannot be bothered. What the hell is wrong with 17 year olds who feel the immense need to talk during lectures and tutorials and people who cannot grasp the importance of being serious at your age? Sometimes it just gets on your nerves and the desire to scream at them to shut up their fat mouths simply overwhelms you. Goodness gracious, i hope those imbeciles aren't reading this entry right now. Well, in any case and even if they do chance upon this, let's just hope it won't affect them too much.

Lit was totally S-L-O-W. I feel out of the world in Lit cos whatever the tutor is talking about has long been taught way back in Sec Three. Today, he even showed us a clip of Romeo and Juliet and yakked on how we could change the form of literary texts to suit the modern world and yadda yadda yadda. Sorry to say this but Miss Kaur showed it to us 2 years back. Hmm.

Chinese sucks cos the teacher looks haggard and even though he is a male, he shows no enthusiasm or masculinity in class by raising his voice at those who are simply not paying attention. Not to be unfair, he did scold a few girls for sleeping blatantly in front of him.

Math and econs are bland. Can't grasp the concept of econs that well yet but i shall persevere. GP was ok even though the hamburger thing was real cute.

With the Chingay training and table tennis training that are usually 4 hours long, I AM EXHAUSTED. Just the other night i got home at about 11.40pm and had to wake up by 5.30am the next day. Really tired man. And right now my left knee hurts. A strain perhaps.

Tmr is yet another day and i am just not looking forward to it. GP project...people...CCA..Its the time for a whole new perspective.

Monday, January 09, 2006 / 3:34 PM
first day at JJC

Well... How sucky! I was down with fever on JJ Nite, the last night of the whole orientation camp and i had to simply pack up and lug my aching body home. Grr~ It was certainly sweet to see all of the ppl having so much fun and watching the girls giggling like mad while i sat at the back of the hall in agony.

The folks of the Civil Defence Club know drats about first aid. This guy who had just eaten some pastries had opened up a pack of ANTISEPTIC wipes and proceeded to clean up this guy's abrasion. WTF! He then meticulously pasted ONE plaster onto the entire wound. Goodness gracious... To all the St Johns or Red Cross members out there, how can u use one measly plaster for a nasty abrasion? Either u use gauze or simply slap on some antiseptic cream and leave it. The most hilarious thing was that the CDC guys had never undergone actual first aid training and lessons. What's stomach disease? Knee shock?...............

School today was ok... Lots of free periods in between since my lessons began at only 9.30am but we still had to be in sch by 7am. Lit was fun and i was appalled to find that ppl who had nvr taken lit before are actually in the class and they dunno anything abt metaphors and similes. One guy in my OG said he took it cos he needs some entertainment. HAW HAW.

Math was ok since it was just Add math back in sec 4 with some tutorials to be completed by next lesson which is this fri. Ha... My math lecturer today actually looked and sounded like Mrs Wai! The work was ok... Just dun dare to anticipate more.

Right... Tmr is a holiday and it just perks me up! Gotta get my track shoes realllllllyyyyyyyyyy fast cos my Reeboks are falling apart anytime. Ok... They aren't in such a bad shape.

Bot the Bikilah House shirt...Nice.Oh yeah, and there's still the school badge. CCA recruitment drive is this wed while swiss's is on thu and fri. Gotta go back and help out! Heh heh~

Sunday, January 01, 2006 / 9:12 PM
back from Taiwan

things to take note while visiting Taiwan

1. Be very careful when using the disposable chopsticks. A tiny wooden splinter got into my index finger on the first night and i had to use a nail clipper to cut open my skin to pull it out. OUCH. Had to bear with the pain for about the entire evening before we got back to the hotel at midnight.

2. There are not much trash bins in sight in the whole of Taiwan, even in shopping centres. So make sure you either keep that wrapper in your back or simply, as the tour guide puts it, " swiftly throw it to the ground and just walk away FAST".

3. Please do not ogle at the bin lang zi shi cos of the skimpy outfits they wear cos its RUDE! Simply just cast a look at them properly and treat them like normal beings! Really cannot tahan those ah peks who drool and stick close to them. Yucks.

4. Watch out for the traffic. I realised that Taiwan has 5 different traffic lights for 5 different directions, so watch out man. Also, cab drivers don't bother to stop at red lights and they try to speed across if they can. Even if the green man light is not flickering, it is best to simply dash across the road, but still do watch out for incoming traffic. You won't wanna come home with a broken leg, so break a leg. No pun intended.

5. Exhibit your bargaining prowess at tourist hotspots like the Sun and Moon Lake and Chiufen. Example: this auntie on our tour chose 3 keychains for NT50 and then persuaded the guy to give her one for free. Gosh... Those keychains were handmade with beads so the guy aint earning much already. Wow. Really ruthless.

6. Taipei City is da place to watch out for celebrities. I personally saw Evonne Hsu and William Lee promoting Narnia and my mum saw a TV host. Nice.

7. Be warned not to buy any Chinese pi xiu, tian lu or bi xie ornaments that claim to bring you luck and good fortune. However, you can try to have your name tested to hear what incredulous things they predict about your future.

8. When visiting night markets like Feng Jia in Taichung and Shilin in Taipei City, watch out for robbers and never-ending crowds. I got stuck in Feng Jia for about 20 mins immoblie cos there were just too many ppl. But u get realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheap stuff of good quality, so what's there to complain? LOL.

9. If you wanna be some self-obsessed and mighty freak, always converse in English. Sure, most Taiwanese do know basic English but if you reeeeeeally feel a need to show off, JDI.

10. Just have a nice time shopping, eating and taking in all the wonderous sights in Taiwan. Naruwan!

gosh...i sound like some tourism ambassador for Taiwan..sheesh~~~~

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