Saturday, June 04, 2005 / 2:36 PM

oh man...pesa is next thur and guess wad? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONFIDENCE AND MOOD! Oh dear...this is just so sucky! I cannot even believe i am going in for competition next thu and i am simply not prepared. The look of all the other smug contestants simply terrify me so much. i think my heart is going to jump outta my mouth. HELP ME OUT! I would hate that i wun even get into the finals...That would make me such a pathetic LOSER and everyone is gonna be mad at me. Anyway, i just gotta go up there and put on a great show and exit the scene. Hee~

it's the june hols but apparently everyone is still schooling as usual. Got tons of specimen papers to work on and so many things to understand. And my physics is like crap. I cannot understand anything and seriously dunno how experiments are suppose to be done. Predicting an E8 for O levels. Bah.

Life is very much the same, with revolving around studies, friends and stress. It will be even tougher when it is approaching the Prelims. Tut, it's tough man. Just hope that i will be able to endure all of these shit and the sky will be clear once again.

Just bear with all these! I am sure you can do it! These are tribulations of life, and once the storm is over, the rainbow will appear and the sun will shine again!

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