Saturday, January 30, 2010 / 2:15 PM


Gosh i have so much things to be homesick about. But i shall not let that impede me in my brave new world. At times you just feel like shit, with the whole environment not being what you expected and hoped for, and you wish to throw in the towel and head back with tail in between your legs. No that is not going to happen to me.

You haven't seen the best of LIN SHULI yet.

Monday, January 25, 2010 / 11:17 AM
4th week of montreal!

Gosh i really need to study but i find no impetus sometimes! In deep need of study buddy but hard to find.

Montreal has been kind to me so far, and apparently it's gonna rain tmr! How strange is that. But here it's called freezing rain, where it freezes once it hits the ground, making the floor really slippery. It's supposedly warmer tmr, so i guess i can wear nicer stuff to go out! :) And there is also a Soka meeting at a member's place, so it's going to be my first time attending a home meeting in Montreal! Can't wait :)

Open heart and smiles would do just fine.

This is going to be one wonderful trip :) FIGHTING SHULI!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 / 2:58 PM
mid jan in montreal

Well it's been almost 2 weeks plus for me in Montreal, guess i shall do up an entry!

School has been fine so far, except that there are loads of readings to be done and i am waaaaay behind everybody else. I have at least one coursepack for EVERY module, so i totally can imagine myself being buried in heaps of intellectual verbatim. Imagine me being able to sprout out some decent essays after that.

Food here is boring, unless you bother to walk around and look closely. According to my credible informants, there are Thai and Korean restaurants near McGill, so i am definitely gonna check them out! Totally craving for restaurant food that is not all about pasta, bread and pizza. Asian food, yum. And i am cooking more often, preferring to cook my meals at home instead of eating out since it's a lot cheaper. Cooking at home also gives you more autonomy and creativity!

People here are generally okay, except that they aren't exactly very friendly to you. I wonder if there is an inherent discrimination and detest for Asians, or is there a post-colonial supremacy sort of self-induced gratification going on there. In any case, i love hanging out with my Asian peeps! The whole bunch of us are really friendly, and it's nice to have a mixture of countries. China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and even Russia! Maybe it's the weather, but most European and Caucasian international and exchange students tend to stick to their own kind and most of the time, neglect us! Time for some change.

Clubbing here has been a great experience, since we went to the famous Club 737 on the top of a building. Nice meeting people, and the girls here are HAWT! Some guys are cute too, but they tend to stick to their own people.

SKIING WAS PHENOMENAL!!! Ended up with loads of bruises and aches but it was well worth it! Guess i have mastered it since i went onto the beginners' slopes and manage to come back in one piece! Mount Saint Anne :)

All right, there are my emo moments, and during those moments i really loathe coming for exchange. I feel vulnerable, lonely and pathetic. Then you wonder why the hell did you come for exchange and feel so so so upset and depressed. But then i snap out of it and get back on my feet. Time and tide waits for no man.


Saturday, January 09, 2010 / 4:27 PM

Wow it is the end of the school week already, and i must say that so far, all the lectures are good. I just have to now do my readings and then i can catch up!

Nothing much to blog about, pictures are on fb. Just gonna try to be more open and receptive to things and ideas here.

It's pretty late, and my room is a little cold. I tried to turn up the heater already, cos when i checked for the weather it is currently -13. Gahh if it gets too cold i think i shall just stay at home and fossilize.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010 / 1:14 PM
day one of school


That dowdy picture was taken while i was attending the arts orientation talk ytd afternoon. The sun sets at about 4pm everyday, while my classes end at about 525pm. Quite 'late' already, if you look at the skies. And cos McGill is based on a mountain or something, the wind gets stronger and i cannot imagine wind + snow. This Sunday is going to be a test for us, since the weather forecast stated it to be as low as -22. I wanna stay home already.

And i need more socks! I am so unprepared i tell you. A lot of things didn't bring :(

Mum and Big Bro are living it up in NEW YORK CITY!!! School has been okay, but i must say it is really hard to make friends. Everyone is in their cliques and always in a hurry. Guess this is reciprocal, just like how we treat foreign exchange students back in NUS.

The campus is darn big, with loads of rustic renaissance buildings, colonial structures i don't know how to describe. The campus is just really big. And i forgot to wear my thermal pants under my jeans so i was shivering all day. It gets worse at night.

Gonna go school again later! JIAYOU SHULI!

Monday, January 04, 2010 / 11:50 AM
mcgill tmr!


Think i am slowly getting used to the time here, and at 1051pm i am still not sleepy yet, so this goes to show that my body is slowly adjusting to the time difference of -gasp- 13 hours!

The wind has been pretty strong these few days, with light snow flakes. When the wind blows it is really devastating, cos it's so cold! And when the wind blows you so wish that it was blowing away from you instead of towards you. At times i get so cosy at home that i become reluctant to step out of the house. And the metro is quite a walk from my place. Metro Papineau and Frontenac.

Gotta prepare myself for school tmr! Heading to school early since M has lessons at 835am. SY is meeting us too. ROCK ON MCGILL!


Friday, January 01, 2010 / 10:20 AM
day 3

Gawd here in Montreal it's 3hours plus to 2010! Everyone in Singapore must have counted down already, and definitely has ushered in the new year.

I have so much i want to accomplish in the new year, and i sure hope that i will be able to do more meaningful and rewarding stuffs this year. And i want to change so much that i think i wanna be almost brand new. Sparkling new.

It's my third day in Montreal, and well i am definitely settling in. Know the way around the neighbourhood and how to walk back to my house from the metro. Know how to take the metro to McGill and also the glorious underground shopping malls near my school! There is American Apparel, American Eagle, Old Navy, La Senza and so much more! And Uggs are EVERYWHERE. Haha. But i gotta restrain my shopping cos well, i don't have a lot to spare! :D

Weather these days have been much better, today was warmer at -5. Food is okay, but life's good when my mum is here to do the cooking for me. Think i will get lazier when i am alone. Very much lazier.

Feeling a little uncertain about school, don't know how would it be like in school especially when i don't know anyone. Gotta make friends with a more open heart i guess. And to be smiley and less opinionated.

Gosh, i wish this was a long holiday. Like just have fun. Haha.

Some people are missed. Some are always on my mind.

Bon soir!

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