Monday, April 30, 2007 / 9:37 PM
the princess and the not too pauper

Once upon a time in a land of unicorns and all magical beings, there lived a princess by the name of Angelia. She was the vision all men ever wished for: long flowing tresses, a pretty face, svelte figure and a wonderful family, being the royals of the land. She had everything she wanted because her family was so so so rich. Jewels, gems, velvet gowns, silk dresses,chandelier earrings...Angelia was the most adorned and adored lady. But she was haughty, cynical and thinks that she is the most pretty in the world.

Then we see Nadine, a middle-class lady who is kind, talented and virtuous, but with her wings clipped from soaring due to the many restrictions she has to adhere to. She is not like Angelia who can attend the top universities or go for courses she wants because they are simply not well off. Money is the issue. However, Nadine has the talent and the drive in producing brilliant work, where else Angelia deals with the superficial and never delves deeper.

But the issue is the both of them are applying for a job in the same firm. If you were the employer, who would you choose? The one with the packaging all spruced and glittering or the one who has what it takes and with a good work attitude?

This is not a Civics topic about writing resumes or interviewing for a job.

This is a real life reflection of mine and i loathe Angelia. By the way, Angelia is not a person whom i know and if anyone happens to have the same name and you feel offended, I apologise but this is not directed to anyone but to some place.

Hypocrisy should be shamed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 / 10:37 PM
busy like a worker bee

Ok today we had a talk for the Taiwan Immersion Programme at RJC for all the five participating JCs and well, i guess the audience had a good time listening to my speech and looking at all the videos and pictures we put up. Relinquishing those memories will be fantastic.

School has been really tiring and i am almost half-dead everyday when i get home. Even my brother who is working gets home earlier than i do. My mum asks me how come i am so late everyday and its all because of chinese drama rehearsals for SYF and damn does it take a toll on me. Kind of turning in at like 1am everyday and waking up with reluctance every morning cos i am still tired from yesterday. Gosh i need a Kit Kat.

And the worst thing is that I MAY NEED TO SEE MRS CHENG FOR MY CT RESULTS!!! It feels so horrible to look at your progress report and you realise you are scoring nothing but Ds and Es and an ugly U. I AM TERRIFIED. I wonder what the hell is wrong with me and that i am not doing well at all. It is so terrifying to see yourself slipping into a deep abyss. I don't wanna let my parents know that i am not doing well, especially my brother. I figured he will just reprimand me but yet again, it may just help to wake me up.

So a tea session with the principal is inevitable. Sigh.

Gotta rush off to do my literature essay and Probability tutorial and econs workbook after this entry. Wonder what time will i sleep tonight? Maybe tmr morning. I guess i sound like some whiner who just cannot manage her work well. Gosh what is my problem?I NEED HELP.NOW.

You think you are good?
Think again.
There will always be someone better.

Sunday, April 22, 2007 / 12:48 PM
GCE O Levels Hokkien Paper

GSCE 'O' Levels Hokkien Exam Paper Instructions:
1. Read the passage carefully.
2. Grade yourself with the grading system at the end of the passage after reading.
3. Not that difficult, chin chai do lah !

Section A: Orrler Exeminetion (60 marks)
Question:Singalella why become rich ?

Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella. She got two sisters, but the
stepmarder and the sisters all damn kuai-lan, so she quite zhia-lat oso.
Last time Singalella got own maid, but now she become the amah.Everyday
must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao. If her sister say liak
kar zhuak, she liak. Tak jit zho kah tau-hin. CPF poon boh. But then, kay
piak eh ah-pek got one son call Ah Ming got party. So he say, 'oeh, long
chong lai ah.' Singalella very happy because ! she never go party before
but then her step-marder say, 'Lee Mana eh-sai kee, this one bahru lu eh
sisters wu standard.' Then Singalella must zho sui-sui for her sisters and
step-marder. Tap pai how, buay zhia, buay koon and buay pang-sai. That
night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and
cook Maggi mee.Her neighbour came over and ask, 'Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee
party?' So Singaalella kong, 'I-wan, lau-bu kong buay-sai, so boh pian.'
She never expect but the neighbour say, 'Aiyah, kee lah, I give you money.'
So singalella brush teef and zhang-zhui, chen-kor, after that look very
> >different. She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor, already 11
> >o'clock. At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian because the char bor all boh
sui one. Dance floor even got one ah pek dancing. Just as Ah Ming told
himself, 'Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat', Singalella came in. Ah Ming straight
away lau nuar. 'Wah-lau eh, see-pay heng ah, chee kor buay pai.' Ah Ming
say to Singale! lla, 'eh, sui eh, wah ai kah lee zho flen!' Singalella say
ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there. But then just it was
12 o'clock, one ah pek die on the dance floor. He become ghost and tell
Singalella all the good 4D number. So after that Singalella quickly go and
buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio, zhit-pak ban. So she pay back the kay-piak
eh lau-kay-poh and then kah kee cho sen-lee. Simi kuan
eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai.

Section B: Grades - Gauge Your command of Hokkien....

A1. Can understand the story and pronounce Hokkien correctly. Hokkien eh
sai, bo beh zao.

A2. Can understand half story and/or cannot pronounce Hokkien properly.zhia
lat lat

E8. Don't understand story and/or catch no ball. leow leow, mai ka lang
kong you is Hokkien Singabolean

F9. Don't understand rating. kee see lah, wah mana eh zhai lee kong simi?

Wah lau this piece of brilliant Hokkien-piece rocked me off my chair. Steady steady bom pee pee ah!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 / 8:30 PM
fight it out

CLDDS drama SYF is coming soon! Guess it's next sat and i am really uptight about this. Rather nervous in fact. Cos this is my first time participating in syf and hope everything turns out good.

There were council elections today so the entire day was just stoning, eating, chit chatting, taking silly videos, pictures and drinking iced milo. So Eng Chiew, remember to send me the videos!I was the epitome of randomness and silly is my trademark. Ho ho. Just hope that they dun sabo me by putting those silly videos onto Youtube. Hell no.

Ok my GP is getting really sucky. It's really BAD. I mean how bad can it be when you keep failing your AQ and then getting 2 marks for your summary? And you just keep getting the questions WRONG? Man i think i am getting stupid. I cannot perform up to par with the rest in my class. Not that i don't want to but it seems like i will never get there. I am trying but it's still not enough. Humph. What is my problem? Cant fathom.

Even my fingers are getting retarded. I had to backspace a few times while typing the paragraph above. Grr.

Guess stress just degenerates you.

Anyway thinking of changing my blogskin sometime this month. It's getting too grey for me. Like GREY. *shivers* Maybe choose something light and feminine, or something goth or luxurious.

Dad has been cranky again. Bet it's menopause. Gets on my nerves sometimes, or i just try to answer to his whims or just keep nodding my head. Wonder if i will become like that when i grow old, being fierce one minute and then asks you nicely if you have had dinner yet.

Realised lately that I LOVE MY MOTHER ALOT. I dunno why but of late, i seem to miss her a lot. I use to take my mother for granted for a lot of things, like doing chores and cleaning up and etc. Ever since i learned to cook and make dinner, i finally appreciate how hard she works to keep this family going. She doesn't make loads of money, but her little efforts make us feel important and loved. She wakes up at 4am every morning and then prepares breakfast for us, leaving the house at 530am to catch the first bus for her part time job, not forgetting to give me a nudge to wake me up first. Then she works till noon and takes a long ride down to Pasir Panjang for daimoku at our SOKA centre. After which, she leaves for home. Then she has to prepare dinner, do the laundry, clear up after we are done and then sleep at about 1130pm. The cycle goes on until the weekends, where she gets some proper rest.

I really take my hat off my mum, cos she is such a strong woman who takes everything in her stride. She does not complain and whine about her duties but takes them on duly, kind of reminding me of Jin Shun. The both of them are so so so alike. So i am going to bring my mothe rto watch "200 pounds Beauty" and hope she gets a good laugh and unwind a little.


Saturday, April 14, 2007 / 11:39 AM
adults and their antics

I cannot understand adults at some times. Well, they are not meant to be understood anyway. They do things that are so childish and immature that really prompts you to give them a tight slap across their faces.

Yesterday i was watching this Korean drama called Jia You Geum Soon, where it chronicles the life of this young lady Jin Shun who has a child at a young age and she meets lots of difficulties and obstacles through her endeavours. That is not the main focus of my entry today. The elder brother of Jin Shun's husband (who has died), tells his girlfriend over lunch:

Brother: Why do people get married?
Girlfriend: I don't know?
Brother: Because they made a wrong judgement.
Girlfriend: Really? Hahaha...( eats her noodles)
Brother: Then why do people divorce or break up?
Girlfriend: Aiyoh just tell me..I can never guess it right.
Brother: Because they were finally back to normal.
Girlfriend: (laughs) Funny!
Brother: Then why do people get into a relationship again? Because humans have a short term memory.

That is rather true. Humans do have a short term memory. But we don't have memories like that of a goldfish, who only remembers things for 10 seconds, that's why they can still be so happy swimming around in a small bowl. We remember things forever, even the nitty gritty ones. We remember what colour our boyfriends/girlfriends like,what they like to eat,drink,see,smell,do...But we forget the important things. We forget what is more important than dating and having fun. We forget the important values of being faithful, loyal, honest and unconditional love for and to our partners. It just makes me sick how people state "irreconcilable differences" and a "clash of ideals and characters" as reasons for their separation or divorce. IT'S CRAP.

This man who treats his wife coldly for her taking up another faith 26 years ago, ignores her and is aloof to her....This man who womanises despite having a wife waiting at home for him and going through difficulties together...This man who is attracted to his gentle and caring secretary, hates his dominatrix and fierce wife..I don't know what this world is coming to.

Is marriage really that fraught with problems? Why is it that couples always end up fighting and quarrelling, then affecting their children and adding stress to themselves? Why must couples fight over petty things? I have heard so much horror stories about relationships and marraiges that i am tempted to take a backseat.

But i am willing to try the bride cake though :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 / 10:36 PM
ping pong

I find that when u are completely engaged in a sport or an activity, the world seems to come to a standstill around you. You don't hear any voices, no screams, even ignoring any physical discomfort or pain. It just takes you by the collar and you just do it.

Table tennis is one such sport that allows me to do the above mentioned.

Today was the guys' deciding match to proceed on to the semi-finals of the Nationals but hey it was a tough fight. Our boys put up a great match and well though they did not make it. Way to go people!!

Team NJ table tennis guys rock!!!

Anyway, all the best for tmr guys and i will be supporting you peeps all the way!

So school has been rocky and tiring and with all the rehearsals up till 9pm everyday. That is quite sucky cos well, imagine having dinner at 10pm and then bathing and all admin done, before sitting down at your desk and trying to do your homework despite the fatigue and sleepiness. GRRRRRRR~~~~~oh well there's nothing much i can do about that :D

Ok will try my best to update whenever possible, that is if time permits and i can fight the sleeping bug!

he vs she
man vs woman
are we additions to them or just what we are not?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 / 9:37 PM
long pimple

It was a battle half won, with mixed feelings. It was to be a legacy, yet slipped from the fingers. It could have been tears and screams of joy, but now its just praying for the best. Our team has came a long way, from training since last year, all in line for this one competition. But we have done well, each playing with out utmost might and agility.

Team NJ table tennis girls ROCK

Though we did not achieve what we had wanted, and now there is still one more school to go, i do believe we will be able to work hard and do our best and show em what we have got. It will be OUR chance, our platform to soar.

I don't know if any of my team members read my blog, and i am most certain that they mostly don't. But i just want to let them know that we have done our best and we had put up a good fight. Results are nothing but complimentary gifts; the process meant more. Training hard together, perspiring and sweating, practicing serves, attacks and spins, having breaks at the canteen and talking about the most random stuff...these are great!

We gotta fight till the end and we will not go into the night gently.

Sunday, April 01, 2007 / 5:06 PM
irritable bowel syndrome

OK the Nationals for table tennis has begun and hell am i visiting the toilet more these days. I guess its all because of my nervousness and excitement that i just cannot contain and simply gotta let it out.

Anyway, we had already played and won the first match. The boys did a brilliant job too. They were really good and i felt proud to be cheering them on. It will be my turn to play against meridian next tue and hell as i am typing this entry i can already feel the need to rush to the toilet. I am THAT nervous ok. Its my first time in a table tennis competition since primary six so imagine the horror.

Actually it should be all right and i should not keep dwelling on this matter. But its all because of my self-imposed inferiority that i cannot seem to lighten up. BUT i should try my best right? After all we should all work hard to get to as far as we can as a TEAM. Really i should just chill a little and stop worrying incessantly.

School has been all right, just that with the Nationals looming over me and the imminent SYF coming, i cannot help but feel smothered at times. Got back most of my common test results and SHUCKS MAN i flunked (again) Math and Econs. Damn. GP was a horrid E and i cant bear to look at my GP tutor in his eyes. It doesnt help that you are in the best GP class of the entire level and with all your peers practically acing the paper effortlessly. Boo. NVM la..Just try to not let them get me down.

Had ASD orientation at Labrador Park yesterday noon and it was a la the Amazing Race. Guess most of the themes of orientations always revolves around Survivor or some reality shows. We had to complete tasks and score for cheers and teamwork and it was fun. Laughed a lot and cheered a lot. Made more friends too. Glad that the J1s had enjoyed themselves cos this orientation was for them to get to know more about ASD ( A-Level Student Division) of the Singapore Soka Association. COOL. But it rained just as we completed all the games, so it was all very lucky. Had songs and dialogues and it was so cute and sweet. Nice day to spend with all the Soka members. Some of them had to go for NDP rehearsals so we all left together.

OK..The coming week shall be nerve-wrecking with the Nationals and studies. Praying for everything to go smoothly and for me to play well at my match and also to calm down. Feeling those butterflies in my stomach stirring up a storm again~~


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