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elyssa's story--chapter5

Elyssa gazed at the clouds that are floating by.Everytime just feels so light,so gentle,so comfortable.The breeze felt like small fairies,blowing all her fears and fatigue away ever so gently.

It has been a really long time since she relaxed at her favourite spot,down the running track.Boy,she feels really great!

Elyssa could feel her perspiration evaporating,alleviating all the stress she built up from this week.A truly exhilarating 5 km run!It has been a really long time since she went for a run.She was panting real hard just now;just goes to show that once you stop running,your stamina plummets.

Sunset,wow,thought Elyssa.It has been a week since she told Samuel her true feelings.Well,at least it is a great load off her shoulders.She sees him in the schools's hallways,and they always greet each other like normal peeps.You know...Hi and Bye and How's Your Day?..

It certainly felt good to get things cleared up.

Tania just broke up with her boyfriend,and just a few days before their 3rd anniversary.And you know what was that bastard's reason for break up?He complained that Tania's boobs were too small as compared to that buxomy girl in the next class.WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!What kind of lousy excuse is that?SON OF A BITCH!

Elyssa was almost psyched up to give Mark a leashing and a few tight slaps,but was dissuaded by the every kind-hearted Tania.She did not want to see Mark get upset in any way.

Still,Elyssa was terribly mad at Mark.He was a horrible and low-down loser.He critisised Tania in the middle of the school canteeen,yelling and hurling expletives at her,citing irreconcilable differences.Yet all Tania did was to sob and bent her head really low.

But Elyssa,Kate and Helen rushed to her rescue and led her away,not forgetting Kate's kick at Mark's groin--twice in fact.It is certainly wonderful to have friends whom you know you can rely on!

Seeing Tania feeling so blue and moody,Elyssa truly understands that being in a relationship is not sugar and spice and everything nice.Perhaps she has always taken a rose-tinted view to relationships.

Now that Tania is so depressed,Elyssa decides to steer clear from any relationships.Sure,Mark and Tania had happy times,so did Brad and Jen.But in the end,they still broke up.

What happened to all those sweet-nothings and passion and enthusiasm?The urge and desire to see each other everyday and to hear the other party's voice,before going to bed?The need to send the girl home straight to her doorstep?Where did all those go to?

Perhaps Samuel sees me as some kind of novelty,and very soon he will get tired of me and chuck me aside.A thousand thoughts raced through Elyssa's mind and she shook her head to get rid of them.It is better to be single and carefree!

Just as she was deep in her thoughts,a guy about her age plonked himself beside her,reeking of ''i have just completed 10km'.

Elyssa turned to look at him,and her eyes met with a boyish grin,and tanned skin.Gosh...who is this guy?

"Hi...I am Trevor.You were amazing!5km of running non-stop!"

"No la...Just felt really good running that's all.Oh, I am Elyssa.Nice to meet you."

She extended her hand,which was grabbed by Trevor tightly,giving it a firm shake.

"The sunset is really nice eh?You really know how to choose the perfect spot for some sun-gazing.Haha.."Trevor said out of the blue.

"Oh,this is my favourite spot.Nice place to think about stuffs and just to chill."Elyssa said,all the while admiring the sun and all the little things.

Elyssa then got up to leave,and Trevor did the same too.Flashing an awkward smile,Elyssa walked home with Trevor,not before realising they actually live in the same block!

They joked,laughed and did goofy acts...Trevor was certainly doing his best to entertain Elyssa.

What a coincedence.

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nothing better to do this harrods bag after much much much serious considerations.Really like the design and how useful the tote is.Woo hoo!

That's my feet you see there...This pic was taken in the living room.And that globe of light was not the flash of the camera...It was the light above of me.Hehe...

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elyssa's story-chapter 4

Elyssa held her lucky four leaf clover close to her heart.She hoped that this little thing will bring
her some luck later on.

Boy...What is she going to say?How is she going to say it all to Samuel?Oh dear...a MILLION doubts are racing through her mind.Will she be able to pull it off?Or will she sound like some moron and get scoffed at.

Elyssa shook her head violently and took in a few deep breaths.She had mustered all her courage to give Sam-he wants her to call him like this- a late night phone call.She wasnt expecting him to pick up,but nevertheless he did.

They had agreed to meet near the pond at 3 pm,and it was not even 2.30pm,yet Elyssa is already here.Well,she is nervous all right?Judging from the way she keeps rearranging her hair and clothes,she does look like a gan cheong spider.Back to the story...

Samuel smiled,as he watched Elyssa from a distance.SHE IS SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!he thought.Samuel has never seen a girl in his school like Elyssa- she is so true and unpretentious,unlike the rest of the flock who preen themselves too much and too much kohl eye liner.Just not his type of tea.

Samuel really liked Elyssa a lot.He can forsee all the fun times they will be spending all together.The both of them mugging for the O levels in the library...The both of them dringking ice cream sodas from the same glass...The smell of Elyssa's hair...A broad smile spread over Samuel's face.

Their eyes met in an instant.Elyssa felt as if she couldn't breath as Sam walks towards her.He is like some Greek god...The golden boy everyone wants a piece of,yet he actually has eyes for her,a plain-looking and unbearably normal girl?She thanked her stars.

"Hey Ely..You look fabulous!" Samuel praised,while giving Elyssa a tight hug.He would never let go of her!!

Yikes!Elyssa felt as stiff as a log.Besides her father and brothers and her baby cousin, no other male has ever hugged her.Okay...she is kind of square.

"Erm..Sam?Could you like release me for a sec?Heh..."

"Oh!I am so sorry...I hope i didn't scare you,did I?I just wanted to hold you in my arms for eternity.So what is it that you wanna talk about?"

Elyssa grabbed Sam's hands,as she looked straight into his eyes.Four leaf clover...Give me the best of luck!Elyssa murmured under her breath.


"Sam,I am really really a very lucky person to have you liking me.I really appreciate this!You are really a great guy and you are so wonderful.You see me better than everyone else,and you manage to spot me,a plain person in the midst of all the people.I really feel very fortunate and happy."

"So..What are you trying to say?"Samuel asked,looking extremely confused.

"What i am trying to say is that,I can't be your girlfriend."


"Don't get me wrong!I am not in love with anyone else nor am I playing you.I just think I am not ready for a relationship and I don't want to get distracted from my studies currently.Perhaps we could wait till the O levels are over?I mean you don't have to wait for me or..."

"No.I will wait for you.I will wait for you to say yes to this relationship.I like you so much that i will never just give up like this.I will be right here waiting for you."

Tears welled up Elyssa's eyes, as Samuel hugged her tightly.Elyssa sobbed uncontrollably,as she was so touched by Samuel's sincerity.

Finally!She got it off her chest.This was a great decision that she made.Meanwhile,she and Sam will remain as really good friends.Or at least she hopes so.

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