Friday, August 31, 2007 / 6:51 PM
Mr Wong's Birthday Celebration at Fish & Co.

"YES YES!!!"

i LOVE this picture
those are nice calamaris..taste especially good with buddies :D

what the hell am i doing.

/ 6:26 PM
Mr Wong's Birthday Celebration at Fish & Co.

/ 6:10 PM

The Simpsons doughnut that Bart always eats tasted really delicious..Thanks to my brother who lugged this back from HK!
Snacks bro got for me from HK
Mich fiddling with her camera
Joyce and me
Jensen is attempting to "eat"
JENSEN!!your hair~~~
PE class with Mr Menon pre GP prelims


Friday, August 24, 2007 / 11:13 PM
its all in the attitude

Decided to let my creative juices flow and write some stuff on somethings that i have read and experienced today or rather, this crazy week.

Monday. School was as per normal, with crazy studying, consolidation lectures on Econs and all the content of market failure swirls like a martini in my head.

Tuesday. Lessons all the way till afternoon. Math consultation at the oasis was real fun, cos it was the first time i managed to enjoy a consultation like that. Managed to see a different side of teachers and friends too.

Wednesday. Didn't have breakfast, good friend just came for a visit, played hardcore Captain's ball in the morning. Some feedback session at the LT. Read my exchange rate notes anyway. Stayed back at the oasis to study a little.

Thursday. Went to Ema's Diner with Joyce and Abi and had loads of wacky fun. We amused ourselves with the game of 5 Stones and Joyce has a video on that. Still waiting for her to send it to me. Then it was Geography and Literature consolidation tutorial. Rather sleepy but still propped myself up with the aid of a nougat. Stayed back till 6.15 pm to ask some questions on Heart of Darkness but got more confused and unsure instead. It is really tough to see the episode through a cracked nut.

Friday aka today. Lessons were on as usual, and after the last tutorial a bunch of us stayed back to bitch and gossip, while trying to figure out the SRAS AND LRAS curves and blah blah. Did some integration sums and then walked around the school cos it was Open Day. Saw a SJAB junior and kind of dissuaded her from coming to NJ. What..You wanna be grey for 2 years of your life? Huh. That's kind of exciting. Thrilled to see Swiss ppl coming anyway. Then got home, had dinner and chionged down to SYC for Friday Rendezvous cos i was the emcee and saw HIM. Heart fluttered a little.Phew! Did an okay stint as the emcee anyway.

Well, seems like the week was rather boring and studious. Kind of loved school this year more than the last, cos my attitude wasnt kind of right to begin with. This year, i figured it has improved because i am much cheerful and less angsty now.

Right. My topic is on "attitude". Not going to be GP-ish, so its all random talk and typing going on here.

Saw something i really hated today in TIME. Several German-born Indians were beaten up during a street festival in Berlin, and no one bothered to save them even as they ran helter-skelter for the pizzeria. It was quite sadistic, as the on-lookers cheered on the group of 40 man to beat up the Indians, while shouting "Foreigners Out!". Quoting from Kurtz, it is indeed "The horror! The horror!" (Kurtz is the character from the book Heart of Darkness).

Why the hell did they treat fellow Germans of a different skin colour they way they did despite all of us being in a CIVILLISED society? Isn't civilisation made up of civil people who act and behave responsibly? This is rather shocking, and even PM Merkel was outraged by this act of racial discrimination. These Indians were fellow Germans like the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Why do people then choose to look at others in a different light just because they look different? Isn't it kind of IRONIC when we are in such a globalised world, and should be more accepting and understanding of all people from all walks of life? It scares me that despite our claims of being civilised and educated, some people still make this mistake. It just pains me to see such injustice and unfairness just because we are deemed "different" therefore "inferior".

Then there was an article about Mother Teresa. She was a really noble woman, spending all her life in slums and helping the poor. Her new biography entitled Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light speaks of all her "spiritual dryness" and "darkness" that had lasted for ten whole years. It was indeed overwhelming to hear about her correspondence with her seniors and confessors, that she was so tortured and unhappy, yet she had to continue in her mission. The most striking quote was this:

Jesus has a very special love for you.
[But] as for me-The silence and the
emptiness is so great-that i look and
do not see,-Listen and do not hear.

And i wondered how related this is to the Chorus in Murder in the Cathedral. Everything seems so inter-related.

Then i saw a pretty girl with a beautiful talent, yet was rude and condescending. It just spoils everything plonker.

Anyway, everything is determined by your attitude. So if i choose to be victimised and see my tormentor as a greater force that i cannot overcome, then i am destined to be under oppression. If you choose to react violently to a passing remark, then it will bug you for the rest of the day.

So, be pro-win win. Settle for a win-win situation. If that bitch next door continues to be sarcastic or mean towards you, let her be. It will make her day. If you feel out of control, pause and think for a while, then pick up your shield and fight your inner demons.

And now, the demon i will slay is the A levels.

It is a fantastic voyage into the heart of the unknown.


Saturday, August 18, 2007 / 12:17 PM

xuelian,me,xiaoying,tingting at YWD Day

i love this blurred pic..

what should we call ourselves?4 Golden Flowers!!HIAKHIAK!

Celebrating Jonas, Jodee and Thar Er's birthday at Vil'age
JONAS! Where did your eyes go?!?


Thursday, August 16, 2007 / 6:15 PM

Ok the idea of studying overseas in growing on me but i figured that its best to study at NUS! Australia may seem enticing, while the prospects at New York University is almost too hard to resist, good ol' trusty Singapore is where i wanna be. So now i gotta triple my efforts to study really hard, get good grades for the A levels and enter NUS ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES!!!

It was really tiring in school today, cos i have been keeping late nights doing math questions and also my econs essay. Sleep is almost a luxury good. But it was worth it and the consultation with Mr Goh just rocked. He is SO intellectual. I would do anything to have him to teach me cos he is such a GODSEND as compared to my previous tutor. Really glad to have him as my tutor :D Though i may not be the most fantastic student of his, he made Econs less boring and a little more interesting. Whee.

Anyway, i have LOADS to do coupled with the imminent PRELIMS.. More essay questions, mountains of math practice questions and also lots of geography stuff to read. SO pardon me if i don't get to chat with ya on MSN or if i snub u online cos well, its all hectic and everything will pass by in a flurry if i don't wise up. And i got my Prelims schedule today. Double whammer. More ambivalent thoughts.

As Daniel Powter sings in his way too replayed song about having a bad day, here's what i watched to embrace some TLC.

Applauded the efforts invested here.
Seems like i gotta do the same too!

Oh yeah, tonight is Jinshun and Zaixi's wedding ceremony!!OMG OMG..She has been my source of inspiration all this time, and i feel kinda sad that the serial is ending you know?Jinshun just reinvigorates me and pushes me on whenever i feel stumped by life. Loved it so much that i wanna buy the DVD~

But wait till i have more disposable income. Gotta scale back on aggregate demand.

off to mugging land..

Saturday, August 11, 2007 / 10:27 PM

Those were some of the pictures we took for ASD Connexion @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa today!Had loads of fun accompanied with barrels of laughter with all the team games we played, like the tug-of-war and beach soccer. And our team (Porky Pig) got the title of the "Best Cheer"! OUr cheer was the Cha Shao Bao song, and it totally rocked!

After the whole event, we headed back to vivo and had lunch at this specialty chicken rice shop at the basement. Food tasted superb and all of us simply devoured with no table etiquette anymore. Hey we were hungry ok..

Headed for some shopping after the super fufilling lunch. Got myself a white sun dress from Pull and Bear and a nice t shirt from Topshop. Surprisingly, Forever 21 fails to astonish me and prompt me to whip out my wallet and buy clothes. Anyway, it was a really fun day.

Went out with the 4E3 gang yesterday for Rush Hour 3 and dinner at Vil'age. Quite cute as we celebrate the birthdays of Thar Er and Jodee whose birthdays are on National Day and Jonas's whose is in a few hours time from now. It was quite sweet. Will post the pics at a later date. tired. Felt so slack for 2 days. Been going out and relaxing, haven really started to study fr the scary mock stats paper on monday. Sheesh!

off to study land with my GC and stats notes...

Thursday, August 09, 2007 / 3:54 PM
13 weird things about myself

Ok i have been tagged by Meera to do this. So sorry cos her entry was WAAAAAYYY back and i only saw it today. Anyway, here goes:

List 13 weird things about yourself and then tag 5 people to do the same.

1. I LOVE CHILLIES. I like my food spicy and hot cos well i have been eating chillies since i was a kid. In case u were picturing a little girl munching on red hot chillies, you got it. I love curry, tom yam, asam, chinchalok and yadda yadda...

2. I like the smell of the rain. You know there is this lingering smell in the air before it actually rains? I always smell it first and i like it. There is this strange feel about it.

3. I cannot stand people with POOR DINING ETIQUETTE. Seriously, i get a nervous breakdown when i hear people munching their food like cows. I just HATE the sound of that. People should eat with their mouths closed and chew quietly; don't slurp your soup and etc. You should be quiet and refined when having your meals instead of chewing loudly or trying to fit a piece of cabbage into your teeth. Or whatever.

4. I like to keep my hands clean. Not like Jaggers or neurotic like Lady Macbeth, but i make it point to always wash my hands, especially when a toilet is easily accessible. At home, i will wash my hands whenever i feel that it is dirty. Happily scented shower foams from the Body Ship makes hand-washing all the more enjoyable.

5. I am very superstitious. Superstitious in the sense that i always fling a fallen eye lash over my shoulders and make a wish. Wait, is that considered superstitious?

6. I have a keen interest in the supernatural. Since young i have been fascinated by ghost and horror stories, mystical forces and all that. So i like to read stories relating to this topic and sometimes just freak myself out.

7. I TEAR when i tell ghost stories. Never could understand why but it just happens. Leaves my audience offering tissues and asking me why am i crying.*shrugs*

8. I always make it a point to clean the seat of public toilets thoroughly with toilet paper or cover the top with lots of toilet paper. I know this is being environmentally-UNfriendly but then, wah lao, so many people used the same toilet you know?!?!EEKS.

9. Pretend to be a newscaster. Loved those jobs where you can narrate or speak, like a newscaster or actress. Sometimes i try to follow the subtitles shown on news and read them. It;s kinda fun actually.

10. I like to suss out hot chicks and hunks. Anyway, i like to look at girls who are either leggy, or funny, or simply good-looking. Never mind if you are an airhead cos i won't even want to talk to you. Then i love to look at guys. Some look so good in suits and it makes one start thinking and picturing..

11. I used to like candles a lot. Used to get a lot for my birthdays, until i realised that burning them can pose a danger sometimes, like burning down the house or suffocating myself cos all the oxygen is burned up. Heh heh.

12. I'm a serious SUCKER for chick flicks, romance and some kid films. I adore Ice Princess, Princess Diaries, What a Girl Wants, In Her Shoes, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...Guys should really learn a stuff or two from these shows sometimes cos they really make the girls go goo goo gaga!

13. I am literally a soup-drinking machine. I drink all kinds of soups and especially likes those who have a little Chinese herbs in them. The fragrance is simply traffic-stopping.

The five people tagged are:

Jieying (Soka)
Diana aka FLAKY

beautiful seed- its amazing what potential a tiny seed can hold.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 / 9:54 PM

She loves the feeling of feeling the breeze caressing her skin and sifting through her hair...She loves the smell of the fresh grass and the taste of berries and the touch of the river. She wants to run on the grasslands that scream of freedom and euphoria, just like the horses in the pictures she saw. The feeling of being unrestrained and simply relaxed without putting on any facades and not getting weird looks, is the kind of feeling that she has been wanting to have for her whole life.

Not that is it unattainable. Just not possible at the moment.

She sits quietly at her desk in her room, looking out of the windows, with the afternoon breeze slow and gentle. Economics, Literature, Mathematics... So much homework and notes to read, yet no mood to do so at all. Tapping her fingers on her assignment, she watches as the clouds float by.

Butterflies, four leaf clovers, cars...Candy floss!They look so pretty!

So unattached, so unrestrained, moving around freely without having to touch a single Math problem or a GP essay. How nice.

It was such a perfect weather, so good to be out instead of wallowing in self pity about the tons of things she has to do before the upcoming Prelims. Its going to be quite a BIG deal because it predicts what kind of scores you will most probably get for the A Levels. If you want to get into a university, it is time to pull up your socks, tie your ponytail to the ceiling and STUDY REALLY REALLY HARD.

But she has no urgency about the whole thing. She doesn't even feel nervous for the mock statistics test next Monday. Okay maybe she is a little but hey, compared to the O levels, the attitude and manner she is having right now is seriously ABNORMAL.

Looking at the pile of materials to catch up, she heaves a sigh of resentment and dread, and looks at the picture of horses again. Can someone please guide her along? Please give her lots of encouragement and concern? I figured she is a little lost on this path to the A Levels and she is really freaked out about herself and everything that is happening.

She looks at the clouds again. This time, she will start studying with a whole new determination, and after the A Levels, she will be able to be free.

At least for 3 months.


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