Saturday, March 12, 2005 / 10:57 AM
indiscriminate eating

heyhey...aurora team are such piggies!we went to seoul garden ytd,and literally swept away all the food there!lols~it was so fun and wonderful..took piccies of each other..zel dunno wads wrong with her..always take pics of me when i am eating.haiyo~make me look so not presentable.gulp.

din expect a 2nd for first aid comp's like a huge's not as if we train alot on first aid and home nurse.our main focus was always footdrill.and we got best in footdrill! was a pleasant surprise tad we won the that,aurora team certainly deserves a good celebration!so that's wad happened when we went to seoul garden ytd:Eat till u puke!

anyway...min choc ice cream is really nice lo..y no one appreciates the goodliness of it?apple...u certainly are my true friend for recognising the tastiness of mint choc ice cream.

zel went msia..hope she enjoys herself.but dun forget the souvenirs!=)

i gotta work harder man...din do exceptionally well for ca1.sad...this only makes me more afraid to face the future! T_T

going for a hiphop dance practice later.dunno wads in store for me.heard that the choreographer is a professional dancer.hope i dun make a fool outta myself.and hope that i will be able to pick the movements up real fast.

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