Saturday, December 30, 2006 / 11:24 PM

Death Note 2 was just a random movie that got me spending 9 dollars just to watch it. But the company was great with the NJ tippers (TIP ppl) cos we got together and had fun yesterday. We headed for Starbucks after the movie cos Coffee Bean was packed, and promptly got ourselves seats. Then we chit chatted for a while and then all had to go home..So sad! Then i took a really long bus ride back home that got me really car sick. Bleahs..

Then it was the Yong Chun gathering today with the rest of the tippers from other JCs and the turnout was dismal, cos there were only 8 out of 16 present. But it was ok and we had loads of fun crapping at New York New York whilst having our lunch. We even celebrated Bryan's belated birthday with a surprise and presented him with a waffle!! WHOOT! Hope he was touched :) Then we headed for pool at marina square and i totally sucked at it. Just not my day to play pool i guess. Then went shopping with the rest and bought myself a top from Topshop. But then we all had to go so the gathering simply ended like that. It was all right la.

Have been feeling really tired these few days, more so since i got back from Taiwan. Like i need to sleep a lot more and feel more tired easily. Man..this is so not good. Cannot focus on my studying too..Eeks! Is it some kind of plague that i have caught onto? Morbid thought. Anyway, hearing all those horror stories from seniors about year 2 sends dozens of shivers down my spine. Cant bear to think about next year. The workload, my CCA which i suck terribly in, the impending A levels and all the planning and thinking for the future. AHHHHHHHHH~!!!

Now that i am left with less than 5 days to enjoy myself, i might as well use it to the fullest.

Sunday, December 24, 2006 / 10:36 PM

WHOA~~Loved Singapore's weather so much as compared to Taiwan's. Once the plane landed and all i was like YOOOHOOOOO SINGAPORE!!! SHULI IS BACK!!!

All right, i admit that i missed this island in the sun A LOT.

Anyway, the last 2 days were certainly heart wrenching. The farewell dinner went on surprisingly well and i was the emcee once again. There were some mistakes made and the thing is, it was not my fault.The teacher in charge of my script got a lot of names wrong and my was it awkward. But anyway, i griped control of the situation and it was not so bad. Then cried a lot as we hugged all the Taiwanese and received some presents. It was really sad and all but then parting was inevitable and its part and parcel of life. But some of my friends cried really hard, cos their buddy's family had been exceptionally nice to them and treated them as if they were their children. Mine din really cry, so i didn't get my hopes up. Anyway, its enough with the rest of the Taiwanese around. I really miss them and wonder when will we meet again.

Now the worse part was at the airport. That's when all the floodgates open.

Just cried. All the hugging, goodbyes and presents. My friend's Taiwanese buddy reached, hugged me and immediately started to sob. She apologised that their attitudes have not been very nice and that they have not treated us very well, causing us to have been very unhappy. Then the two of us just started to cry like mad. After i stopped, we simply took pics with everyone i know and it was all really sweet and warm. More crying resumed, and it was worse when we were going into the gate. My buddy was cool and all that and she din even look sad. Just gave me a light hug and kept saying byebye. I dunno what was behind her body language, but i most certainly was true to myself and i expressed what i felt. Quite sad..

Really miss all the Taiwanese and the great things that they have done for us. The boys especially, were the greatest. They cracked jokes, helped us carry things, bought food for us, took care of us when we were touring the city and helped us wipe our tears away. The musculine hug from them was simply melting and sweet. I will miss them and i already am. Some of the girls were great too, and they treated us very well. Some of them from my class were really nice and the guys were so funny! They kept saying i was hot and all that and took pics of me. So weird~must have left their specs at home.

Now that i am back, it all feels so empty and juxtaposed. Like there is nothing to look forward to and no more TIP meetings. So lost. But i guess this is just a process. We have made friends and established really good relationships and had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves. Hope that we will be able to get to see the Taiwanese really soon and for the Singaporeans, to meet up and still keep in contact.

Missing all you Taiwanese buddies!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006 / 9:57 PM
stressed but having fun

Here i am blogging about life in taiwan again. Well things have been kind of rough at home cos my buddy's dad is one really strict and old-fashioned and outdated thinking kind of guy. He scolds my buddy and her brother half the time over some things like the way they answer to his questions, household chores, homework, cell phones etc. Sometimes i get kind of stressed when i am caught in the middle of this. The first thing is that you feel kind of awkward cos you are not in their family and cannot do much and secondly, you get kind of worried when will the same thing happen again? I mean it sure does not feel good to get caught in the middle of a war that you are not involved in. And with a very disciplinarian kind of father who is not yours too.LOL.

And i am having a slight cold. Shucks that sucks a lot. First thing in the morning and you realise you cannot speak and no sound comes out of your mouth. Whoa that was really bad, then you feel that sensation in your throat and it simply jumps out at you saying you have a SORE THROAT. Then my nose felt runny and it just feels bad. So i went to see a doctor today and the treatment was quite cute. He sprayed some medicine into my throat and used a cotton bud to spread it. Then he checked my nose and sprayed some stuff which felt like wasabi. After that he just prescribed me some medication and i was to go already. FAST!Haha...So i just collected my medicine and left for more walking around!

We first headed to Jing Hua Cheng also called Living Mall to watch a dance competition with teams from all 30 senior high schools in Taipei. Some were really fascinating and won lots of cheers with their dynamic break dancing and unison, while some looked like drunkards trying to do the foxtrot. Loved the performance but we could not finish watching cos we had to go CUT OUR HAIR!!WHOO!The place where we are going is Zhong Xiao Dong Lu, one of the busiest place and road with lots of shops and commercial buildings. The place was called VSALON and is located in a quiet and serene alley. The salon looks really elegant and high-class. We each had our personal particulars taken down and a hairstylist was assigned to us each. Mine was called Mandy and she can cut hair, but only on the OK level. My hairstyle looks normal but she taughe me how to make it look like there is more volume with more pulling and messing using hair wax. Shweet. Then we all took lots of crazy pics and laughed around. It was really fun and wacky and i simply enjoyed myself.

After that we went to meet Wei's parents for dinner and it was mushroom pot. LOVELY! I adore mushrooms and i was so hyped when i saw the food. Had some jokes shared and it did not felt that pressurising. Went to see the President's residence too. Bought a nice little rabbit toy at RUSS for only NT $299. Quite ok.

Gotta wear court shoes, skirt, blouse and blazer for tmr's forum with foreign students from all around the world. Do you know how cold it is outside? It is about 11 deg celsius and we have to bear our calves!! Sheesh..Gotta bring more hot packs to keep myself warm.

OK..That's it for today and i better go rest early and take my medication. Long day tmr and hope everything goes well for me. Ciao!!

you make me blush :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 / 9:43 PM
TAIWAN and the stay

Using my buddy's computer at her house now, and well, was it hard to get online to update this entry. Anyway, everything has been fine and things are ok. Had a slight fever today and felt really horrible and lethargic. Luckily i brought my Panadol to school so i just took one tablet and went to the library to sleep for a while. Went for a Paintball game today and wad the hell, it hurt like mad when that stupid paintball hit my head!!!Bloody hell...I cursed and cursed and cursed when we took off our equipments. That PE teacher was damn hiong cos he was like shooting everyone else in their heads. Duh. My throat kinda hurts a little cos of the flu and all that. Eeks! Oh yeah, and Taiwan is not as cold as people say. In fact you can walk around in shorts and t shirts and you wun even feel the cold. Unless you are walking around at night or in the morning heh heh.

Everything has been a whirlwind since the 4 days of touring ended and now i am at their house. It is rather small but i guess most apartments are like that. Anyway we only have to return at night to bathe and sleep so its not so bad :) Quite cold in the morning tho. My buddy's room is also quite small, about a third of my present room heh heh. But i gotta bear with it and make the best out of the whole situation. Got my wisdom teeth growing at the same time so there is a HUGE ulcer growing at the back of my mouth on the side. Hurts a lot. Think the fever happened because of the wisdom teeth.

School has been really fun and we learnt a lot of things. Did some chinese knots today and found them to be really interesting. Had french lessons ytd and learnt a few words and phrases which is quite fun. Tasted wine and cakes and truffles too!

Ok..the family is quite all right, but the father is kind of strict and he is like some miitary guy literally. Quite traditional and rigid, not quite the family i would like to have. I LOVE my family cos they are like friends and peeps, not like my buddy's, which is rather disciplined and fierce.

Anyway, more updates to do when i have time. Dun wanna use their internet for too long in case their father worries or wei wanna use it. More next time so till then!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 / 12:32 AM

Flying to Taiwan tmr and my thoughts are filled with worries yet excitement. Dunno wad to expect. But one thing for sure is that my luggage will be DAMN heavy. Gotta pounce on it to close it properly so that is quite scary.

Training camp for the sec ones and twos starts today and i hope they learn something from this camp. Guess the seniors must still be up at this time while the juniors are sleeping, albeit on hard, cold concrete floors. But sleep is essential, cos they have got a hike tmr! Nightingale was all right, except for all the scrubbing i have to do after the activity cos of the fake blood. Sheesh..But it was full of laughter and rather amusing. Btw, i was the casualty with hysteria and it was really hilarious how so many of them "siam-ed" me. ROFL.

Ok..i had better go get some sleep. Gotta be at the airport early morning. Hope everything goes well and i will be able to enjoy myself and have loads of fun. Will be coming back on the 23rd so i shall see you guys then!


Saturday, December 02, 2006 / 1:17 AM
wade of grass

Its funny how when you try to forget about that someone and live your life normally and a glance at his picture sends your heart fluttering and a tingle through your limbs.

Is this infatuation?

I don't know man. Its sickening when i am trying to move on and yet his picture just pops out somewhere and catches my attention. He is the star, someone whom you cannot miss out on and noticeable to all. Smart, fit and charming, the kind that makes u skip a heart beat or two, warning yourself that if this goes on you will never live past 5 mins.

Gosh, i hope this feeling goes away. I know i will never be seen by him although we are friends. He is just too high up there to even notice this wade of grass. Too much flowers around him. Too many butterflies.

Perhaps it will be best to just stick to the status quo.

Friday, December 01, 2006 / 10:40 AM
first day of the month/glam life?

Wow its 1st of Dec already! That means Christmas is less than a few weeks away. Time really passes by fast.

Anyway, Britney Spears has made quite a splash or rather, thump, recently. Apparently, the sweet and sexy singer of the past, who is going to divorce that ne'er to do husband K Fed, had turned up at a party with the infamous heiress Paris Hilton and is now unleashing the wild child within her by partying almost every night. Well, many fans are not pleased by whatever she is doing. If this is her way of making a comeback by playing the i'm-still-hot-tho-i've-had-two-sons-and-divorced partying whore,then its not being widely accepted. Throngs of fans have already been dissenting to her ways and many urge her to be a good mother. Hope that fall of Sean Preston has not scared her not-so-there maternal instincts away.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have split after a mere 4 months of marriage. Who can forget how the buxomy actress wed her husband on a yacht with pictures splashed over People? And all that whirlwind romance has now degraded to a piece of wedding certificate waiting to be discarded. Guess they won't be needing a marriage counsellor.

Then you wonder about Hollywood and all that show business. Whether anything is for real anyway. Its such a juxtaposition to our lives. I don't know of you guys out there, but my life certainly does not consists of crash diets, skeletal friends, coke, crack, yo yo marriages and also aesthetic surgery. It gets kind of bewildering as to how these celebrities behave and live their lives. It is as if they are in a movie all the time, or worse, a never ending drama series, playing a character they never were. Keeping up with the pretense, doing things they wish they had never done and said things they wish they could have just kept their mouths shut.

Weirdly, some of the celebrities go on talk shows and proclaim that the "celebrity life is hard", "we have to play many facades", "oh i wish i had some privacy". The next day, they snort crack and get photographed kissing some other celebrities or entering their hotel rooms with some nubile young girl. Idiosyncracies? Drama drama drama.

No wonder Meg Ryan wanted out of the Hollywood scene. That place is filled with vile characters and passionate paparrazi. I'm just glad she left, maybe not "cleansed" overall, but at least she is not getting her hands into the business. Sure, there are some celebrities who are not in this cycle of vices and unwelcomed stuff, but i presume many are having a mighty struggle trying to overcome their fears. Afterall, the common people all wanna know NEWS, GOSSIP and the latest fashion trends. As long as the celebrity fufills these 3 requirements, they are gonna be hot. Noticed. Popular. Favoured. FAMOUS.

Well well, the voice of a small town girl isn't really that important anyway. Just typed the thoughts. Perhaps its thrilling and exciting to live the life of Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, get to wear beautiful clothes, meet famous people, tour the world, be famous and get slim. But if u recall, all that is at the end of the rainbow in a particular advertisement, is just a barrel of cereal. That's pretty much it.

Never mind. These celebrities make toilet trips and gossip sessions interesting anyway.

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