Friday, June 25, 2004 / 2:36 PM

ok..i slept at abt 2.30am.too bad din go watch the soccer match,but its ok.since i dun really like it anyway.whoa...sch is opening in 2 days time.diao!wad am i gonna do man?abt my sciences?haiyo~~i am so dumb.i dunno watta do abt it.boy,i betcha i cant make it into the top 20 of the class.LOSER!tsit tsit...

sjab....people exaggerate its some sort of boot camp or hellish abyss.come ppl can go be script writers liao lo.go ahead!since u guys love to make a mountain outta a molehill.plz la..get a life.stop complaining.shh.

just wanna say its stupid to end your own lives.even if u dun wanna live anymore,its also not u to have the choice to end your life.your parents gave u your life;so it will be THEM who ends it.foolish idiots end their lives.stupid ah many things in the world haven seen yet,then u wanna die?dun tell me your life is so terrible that you cannot take it anymore.what crap.did anne frank end her life while she was in the concentration camp?did she?!?NO.she wad if she died in the end?at least she cherishes every day in the land of the young girls out there ah..bie dong bu dong jiu cut yourself or keep saying that you wanna die liddat.come on...dun lose to life.its just a stage,you play what you are.w/o the facades that only have one life,so live it!

haven finish my physics and chemistry.can say is i dun wanna bother abt em liao lo.not that i am giving up,but i just cant bear to look at them anymore.i get the shivers man.

ytd went to the lib with weewee,natalie and justin.had a great time tho.hehe...we laughed and laughed over the slightest thing.u certainly cant tell jokes in a can die from trying not to laugh.hek hek~

i will work hard de!may the force be with me!

Thursday, June 24, 2004 / 10:35 AM
nightmare again

hey...i dreamt abt the twelfth night play again.this time,i was suppose to start off the play.but the script has been changed again yet nobody told me abt it.then this guy was telling me to get out onto the stage but i couldnt move.then i could hear the audiences askin wads happening.then all of a sudden,i blackout-ed.then i woke up from my dream.
do you think such things will happen in real life?like on the day of the play?i am scared.its like the play doesnt even have a final script!they keep changing and changing..and i hate to memorise the lines.i bet she wants my role more than anything.bah!olivia~she is such a blonde.i have to act like a airhead.well,that is SOOOO complimenting.
i dunno wad is this play gonna turn out.i mean,i din even want to have this play in the first place.miss kaur sent in the proposal w/o asking for our consent and told us only when we have been selected.damnit.where got ppl liddat one?zian zhan hou zou. haiyo~this is so unfair.its like we were forced into this.watta do?

school is reopening in 4 days.golly...wad am i going to do?i haven touched physics hw at all.let alone revision.damn...where did my holidays went?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 / 12:26 AM

its so late now..but no one is talking to me on msn.haiz~feels so queasy when i think abt that one.but feels so excited when i think abt him.haiz..crushes rite?he will nvr look at me.but i guess its ok.since we are not close now.i can live with it.

how does my blog look like?kinda sexy?i like the style tho.its fun to experiment with these skins.i kinda like my blog's skin now.heehee...

sch reopens in 5 days!argh..started to pack my bag le.

worried for the twelfth nite play eh.had a nightmare abt it.time is running out..the play is in august!argh~dun think i will make it.i cant memorise the lines well.that look on ms kaur's face tells

change over a new leaf?easier said than done.a leopard cannot change its spots.

fight if u want!its none of my business!i would rather cool off one side and listen to the rhythm of the bickering.can i have a lemon tea please?

let it be..let it be... The Beatles

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 / 12:56 AM
so yesterday

ok man...i dun care abt the feud anymore.i am comfortable with wad i have i decided to just shut up and talk only when jorge,nice chat eh?

jitters abt sch wee..mdm

watched POA today with jorge and experience wor.laugh until so loud..then the kids behind us were simply coughing into our hair.YUCK.sars is still around u noe.then they took our seats and still make so much noise and movement.wah kao~these parents have no brains wor.their kids sick still bring em out.shud let them stay at home and recuperate ma.tsit tsit~

sch reopens in only 6 days!oh dear~~~why cant they reopen on the first day of july?so eager to see us back?!?haiz...haven completed my hols assignment.dead meat.

good luck to me.i hope i can do well next semester.plz...

Sunday, June 20, 2004 / 4:27 PM

hellu guys...i had a fever again.this time i had to shiver thru the night before i went to see a doc.on friday after the rehearsal,i had a throbbing headache.i best thing to have on a fri afternoon.then went to the lib with samo and searched for books.i finished the "soul taker" and i got pretty chilled.all the stuff abt taking a person's soul and transfer it to a doll.YEEKS!

then i went to sit down someplace.tried to get a seat in the cafe but to no avail.then i saw mdm loke, with her hair cut really was with an female ex pe teacher of swiss..nvm abt them.then i went to look for more books when suddenly i felt really really cold.gosh...i knew i had to be falling sick.but i ignored the chills and went on gets worse with the headaches.then i went home with 2 great novels in my arms.

took a panadol and went to bed straight away when i got home.then i rested and slept for like 3 hours.then i woke up feeling feverish all over and went back to sleep again.on sat morning,i felt WORSE.i was a heater man.i curled up in my bed and thot my mom would take a look at me.boy..she just went out without even asking how i cool.then i asked my bro to take me to the doc.i was on the verge of throwing up.took the medicine and slept for 3o mins.and i woke up again to eat.then i read the book by jennifer crusie named "bet me". it is a book for all overweight girls to know that even if u are overweight, that does not mean that no one will love u.i mean a guy.okay...then my temp went down and my appetite resumed.ate an apple and went back to sleep.woke up at 8.55 and ate dinner.then took my medicine and went back to the book till 12.04 am.took my temp at 36.8. PLOP!i went to bed.hehe.

prevention is better than cure.i was sick for around 8 times in 4 months.weak.useless.

Thursday, June 17, 2004 / 2:25 PM

school is starting real much of aspirations,dreams and wants never realised. olivia is so,brains and status. but i dun wanna be her..all stuck up.haiz~i cannot understand chemistry and physics stuff. like all of a sudden my IQ is reduced to i am so scared and helpless lo..why izzit that i have a mental barrier? i cant seem to get through these. i am so useless man..
will tuition really help?
will working hard pay off?
will it pay to be kind?
will i die early?
will i get a boyfriend?
will i get married?
will i get a job?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 / 6:49 PM
the jurong east library nice eh..the jurong east lib is so like a shopping mall lo.everywhere got ppl one.then last floor all play pop and hip hop i couldnt find a seat anywhere..whoa.then see so many shuai ge roaming around.but so many of them had a girl in their arms already.haiz~~~all the handsome guys are forever taken.hehe...then went to the quiet reading room to do my hw..then suddenly weewee came.then later we got chased out of the room.apparently someone complained to the librarian.then she came shooing us out and telling us that this is a reading room,not a place to do hw.haiyo...then became a vagabound again.then we went to macs..and the most hilarious thing happened.this 2 guys sat beside us..and the guy sitting beside wee was wearing the same orange coloured shirt as her and the guy sitting beside me was wearing the same colour as my top and bottom.WOW!wad a coincedence!the four of us were laughing and giggling all the way man..haha...wad a day.

school is starting in less than 2 weeks...the start of a living hell..

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 / 8:20 PM

hihi...just got my blog...hehe..erm...

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