Tuesday, January 30, 2007 / 12:11 AM
a time travel machine

caught up in the motion
fatigue sets in

i do not deserve such disrespect from you
i have not done anything wrong
just lived up to what i believe in
yet i still reside in sorrow

wonder how the world will be like if there was a time travel machine? would people use it wisely or simply do stupid things? would criminals use it to go back in time and undo their mistakes? would an unfaithful husband go back in time to prevent the affair from taking form? would a kid who had stolen from his mother go back in time and put the money back to where he took it?

all the woulds and what ifs are so seductive that we mortals just keep using them.

the fact is, once its gone, there is only regret and remorse left. no "let's put it this way" or "what if".strange how it seems that others keep telling us to cherish something or someone before you lose them, yet the majority of us never seem to heed this advice. human nature perhaps?

so true, so true.

but then to take it from another point of view, it is perhaps we have already taken things for granted that we do not bother to notice if they are even around. like how we always look for that shirt when we need it but chuck it way behind your closet when you don't. or like how some children always yell at their parents to hurry up yet wail and cry when they have passed on beyond.

why cant humans just learn to cherish and appreciate?

how ironic for us to be called humans, as a means to separate us from being pure animals. we are superior because we have the power to think and to differentiate, unlike beasts. but beasts have the power to love and to care, like how dogs and cats like to snuggle up and make us pet them. this sense of affection comes naturally to them, the supposedly inferior bunch. what about us?

No. Humans do not like to show off their softer side.

Then one starts to wonder: is the world slowly getting de-humanised? where have all the affection and appreciation and love gone to? people are just moving on like herds of cows and flocks of birds, but where is the destination? what exactly are you striving for? is it pure contentment when you have a car and branded clothings and savouring foie gras?

Haha. The self questioning of one's very existence. A rather cliche but fervently forgotten topic. Something ppl hang at their mouths all day long without ever giving it serious thought.

Perhaps its the night. I am feeling melancholic.

tired you say?
keep going till your
legs fall apart and waist begs for a hiatus
go on my girl

Friday, January 26, 2007 / 9:54 PM
power of communication

Was just flipping through Life when i chanced upon an interview of Cate Blanchett. If you do not know who is she, she looks like this:

OK a little exaggerated but that was her comical side. Anyway, for those who really have no idea who the heck she is, she played Galadriel in Lord of the Rings and she is simply fantastic. Her acting was impeccable in almost every movie that she makes and what is her mantra? "I like to take on roles that i have no idea how to act in."

Now is that cool or what?

But it is the truth that
Babel seems like a pretty good show to catch. In the distant past, people tried to build a really tall tower in an attempt to reach God and they called it the "Tower of Babel". God witnessed this and was extremely furious and outraged. He then decided to create chaos by making the people speak different languages and thus the tower collapsed and everyone ran in different directions. I guess that is what the director of the movie wanted to communicate, the power of communication.

Everyone speaks a language, be it Tamil, French, English, Chinese, Tagalog or whatever. We all think that English is THE language and people should be able to understand since its a universal language. WRONG. When the time comes, nothing conveys a person's thoughts better than body language. The way how Cate got shot and how Brad tries his best to save her; the Jap girl who got raped because she could not communicate with her kins and did not understand her handicap and how all these blows up to become an international matter due to a lack of communication and more importantly, understanding and explanation.

And what about gossips and rumours? Same applies. Everything has something to do with communication and language. It is so important to just be able to connect and interact at the same frequency. And when you don't seem to click, everything just shuts off like a car without fuel.

Anyway, like Feste,words have grown so false that i loathe to prove them true.

Oh yeah Supernatural is a really nice drama series with all the spook and eerie-ness. Missed today's show cos i was watching the video clips of Metal Gear. Nice videos they have!

I did not get selected for the Chinese New Year emcee position..SO SAD LAR! Kind of disappointed that i did not get it cos i had really wanted to be the emcee for this event. Humph..guess the rest were better than me so no point harping on it.

Busy busy busy..Hope i can manage everything!

I knew i loved you before i met you
i have been waiting all my life

shut up sucker.
there is no such thing as loving someone before you even met them.

Friday, January 19, 2007 / 10:47 PM

Peiyi and me concussed on our hotel beds..ZzZzzz

huge cotton candy.

at the Taipei Puppet Museum

Nina and me

at Jiu Fen

qiuning and me

wooh~~look at my hair! CUTE PIC for all of us :)

from the left: Peck Yan, Qiuning, Peiyi and me

Brandon and me

some of the NJC tippers

qiuning and me at the beach

male and female leads of an MTV..WAHAHAHA

me and qiuning at the harbour..look how our hair is flying cos of the strong wind

me and peiyi digging into a huge fishball!!tasted real good

BROKE my BACK LAUGHING at the both of them..

my little tower of pebbles

At a Guan Yin temple at Kee Lung with fang zhou and yanmin

me and nina..the waves are COMINGGG~~!!

sure looks like i had long and slim legs!!loved the sea behind <3>

Thursday, January 18, 2007 / 11:19 PM
wad is their problem?

Watching Prison Break and i got really pissed with some of the prison guards. I mean WAD IS THEIR PROBLEM?They extort money and then beat up those prisoners and all that atrocities. And people getting framed for committing a murder they never did. Sheesh.Feels really angry that innocent ppl are getting reprimanded or punished for something that is not their fault. But i guess there is really nothing much these people can do, since the world is never really fair to anyone.

Sometimes i just hate some types of people in this world.

They can be really smart, and when u try to ask them questions, they just pretend to not understand whatever you are saying and then look away, feigning ignorance. Why is there a need for this? It is not like you get dumber if you answer my question right? IF you are so smart, there is really no need to be afraid that others might get ahead of you cos u should be smarter than them to realise that before they do. Or there are some girls who pretend to be really nice and sweet to you but then deep down, they think you are a frump. They entertain you but just saying hi and hellos and pretend to have something in common with you but then you know all they want is to get at least a mile away from you.

But then there are always exceptions. I know of many people who are what they are and they don't bother to put on a front or facade. They are just themselves. Maybe they do hide themselves a little but it's all right. Everyone has a little privacy, but not to the extent of pretension. Then there are those who are damn bloody straight forward but it's still a virtue cos they normally tell us the truth. They are WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than those acquaintances who sees you wearing this neon green and orange striped top yet still say it looks fabulous.

That is why i sometimes like to watch movies and read books. It feels like its just me looking on as a third party, an invisible being who supersedes everyone and just there. Recently i got inspired by the movies Accepted and V for Vendetta and i thought they were really wonderful movies. There are just so much more to it than superficial hellos and wow that dress looks superb on you! Shucks man.

Get Backers, this anime on Arts Central, is yet another one show i like. So hilarious, so fantastical and adorable. Simply love how the characters react to situations with ever zealous and steadfast optimism and enthusiasm. They are proactive, not reactive, and that is something i wish i could master properly.

Anyway, really tired from a long day in school. Training and all that. Gotta keep persevering and trudge on! WOOTS!!

Ironic how ppl fall in love easily
then get out of it
Are you sure you even like that person?
Or was it just a one-off infatuation?

Monday, January 15, 2007 / 8:19 PM

Visited Xiaxue's blog during my free period today and was amazed by her article on this US Marine who apparently was sentenced to life after raping a Philippine woman. Long story but it drew lots of flak and many other people lambasted her for some of her inappropriate choice of language and words. She sounded like it was ok to get raped and stuff like that, and now her blog is overflowing with comments about this issue. And so the US marine looks like this..

Looks good from certain angles but i never understood why he did something like that. Totally ruined his future in the army. Nice cheekbones there.

Anyway, do visit her blog to take a look at that entry. Although not very splendid, she did a nice argument and defended herself. So kudos to that.

School is kind of scary nowadays, and i am rather scared of Econs lessons. I dunno why but i just keep dozing off especially towards the end of the lesson. Feels really bad towards my tutor cos he tries his best to make us understand concepts. ARGH!!! IT'S JUST ME!!Feels like a horrid person.Then there are also those compare and contrast questions about poems and sometimes i just don't seem to understand anything! I don't get the versification and wad the hell are similar between those 2 poems. It feels like i am trying to shout through a vacuum and no one can hear me. Sheesh.. and its only the beginning of the year.I am so afraid of the impending common tests and most importantly, the scary A levels. Oh man..I NEED A SHRINK~~

Haha...really happy today during table tennis prac cos i improved a little. Kinda got into the momentum of it. Small steps towards better playing!

Will find a way to put up pics..Still trying to locate my USB connector. Gotta get a card reader i guess.

All rightey, time to go finish up my homework. Groans.

*extricates my self from the computer*

Thursday, January 11, 2007 / 8:39 PM
school so far

School has been ok, but somehow i feel sorry for the J1 at NJ, cos they will be having orientation for a week plus and its only halfway there. Poor OGLs, can see that they are really tired.

Anyway, decided to focus on my current eye candy and he is simply HOT.Like sizzling you know? And he is none other than.....WENTWORTH MILLER!!!

hiakhiak..he is so cute and smart. This lad was from PRINCETON, both parents graduated from YALE and he's got the looks to kill and the gaze to die for. Those eyes are simply DIVINE~~I bet his tots will look really sweet and adorable, with all that good genes inside of him man!

He is definitely one snaggable guy. WAHAHAHAHA!

Enough if this craze..thinking of how to upload my pics onto my comp WITHOUT my USB connector. Apparently i misplaced it before the Taiwan trip and its no where to be found!!CRAP~~i got so many pics in my cam! Gotta find a way to do it i guess..

Anyway, till i find a way to upload the pics, no pics will be posted here. So any of the TIP ppl who has got my photo in your cam pls email it to me k?WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT :)

Now there are just 3 things on my mind:
But its kind of hard to stick to something, still trying! Hope that i can lose at least 2kg..*guffaws*

Anyway, Jessica Alba is really one actress to look out for cos she is so healthy and trim! Definitely better than those willowy Richies and Lohans around the scene. Check it out!


Friday, January 05, 2007 / 8:28 PM
some pictures of the taiwan immersion programme

Some pics from the Taiwan Immersion Programme..more coming up later!

Foong from VJC and me :)
Yong Chun Senior High rocks!!
Spastic me.
During the forum--that is Cheryl from TJC and the guy on the right side looks really like Ashton Kutcher!!!

Chinese ink painting with Nina and Peiyi on my right..those are persimmons which are supposed to symbolise good luck...
During History lesson, eating local foods! Whee~~

Peiyi, me and Foong with our completed Chinese knots

Monday, January 01, 2007 / 11:44 PM
New Year Resolutions and Hopes :)

Well, 2nd post for the new year,with a more sentimental tone.

2006 came and left, and it felt so surreal cos it was like a tornado that happened really fast.

First was me getting into NJC and feeling like i do not belong there cos i was not there for the first three months. The PAE was really important and so is the orientation. So i felt really out of place and for several times, i hated myself for leaving JJC. I felt that i had left JJC, this nice cosy place for NJC, where people do not really say hi to strangers and show their reluctance in their obvious body language. Everyday, i just hope to end school and get the hell out of there so that i wun feel so awkward and out of place. Thinking back, i think i disadvantaged myself a lot cos i din get out there and made more friends and widen my social circle. Well i guess it was my inferiority complex getting the better of me. Afterall, i never thought i could get in there. But with 2007 here, i hope to tackle school with a more positive outlook and have a healthy paradigm of my environment.

So i resolve to:
  1. Positive outlook on school
  2. Healthy paradigm of my environment
  3. Pray earnestly and keep up with my practice (Go Soka!!!)
  4. Do well for A Levels and get into university
  5. Be more sensitive to others and be mindful of my words and actions
  6. Work out more and maintain my physique
  7. More patience and perseverance
  8. Focus on what is important and necessary
  9. Spend more quality time with my family and myself
  10. Get a beau!
Goodbye 2006 and HELLO 2007!

/ 11:14 PM
HAPPY 2007!!!


2007 is finally here and well, its a lot of things to look forward to.

Anyway, i stayed up for the countdown ytd night and realised something. The favoured words and phrases of the hosts and celebrities were "show some love", "make some noise", "excited". And we should not forget the No 1 Hot favourite question was "So tell me, what is going through your mind now?" Bleahs... But i gotta say the hosts did a great job, and Jade Seah has room for improvement cos she looked so lost on stage. Perhaps she just needs more practice and she will get the hang of it. Just counted down in front of the TV and called ppl to wish them a happy new year. Quite nice to hear all the people you know scream and laugh over the other end of the phone. Warm fuzzy feeling.

Then i decided to stay up to watch the first sunrise of 2007 and so after the countdown ended, i watched more tv but all the shows were quite boring and the internet was not working properly. Lazed around and did some math hols work and finished a paper and a half. Then fixed myself a mushroom lasagna that was microwaveable but it tasted really horrible so i discarded it after eating some. My bro came home at abt 4am, so i asked him to wake me up after my little nap. At 530am he told me he was sleeping soon so i went back to my room and concussed all the way till 11am this morn. DANG. No sunrise...I could have seen it cos the rooftop of my house faces the sea and the horizon would have been really beautiful. But its ok.

Went out with the six chicks today with the exception of Shar cos she had to go out with her parents. Quite lethargic today but managed to do some shopping and got myself some tops. It was a nice outing la cos i got to see them after so longgggggggggg..

Ok gotta try to finish up the math and start on my geog research paper and econs essay. Humph..School is reopening and i dread it a lot. But i shall work hard and do my best!!!

You must not know about me
You must not know about me
I could have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking
You're Irreplaceable

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All the love in the world, dear John