Monday, October 27, 2008 / 11:41 PM

Yay ARTS OPEN turned out really well, and i am so glad. There were so much camaraderie, sportsmanship and laughter, not to forget the merciless sunshine that was partly the effort of the onion, ginger and garlic. Haha. Teams played their best and gave it their all, and it was a nice and happy conclusion.

Well i sort of felt that i didn't do my part well. Really apologies for any mistakes that i have made! Being such an amateur, i really have to thank sherman and taa and ivan for helping me generate the fixtures.

And because of arts open, i stayed in school till around 5am in the morning, went home to bathe and came out again. My dad was up at about 4am and he was so concerned where i went. Haha! He thought what happened to me. And i wasn't even feeling tired or sleepy, just worried for the event and about the fixtures and all and the briefing. After a quick shower, countless persual of my materials, i headed out. First time in my life driving at 6am in the morning with no traffic and no pedestrians. NUS was just super quiet, with the road sweeper all up and cleaning the compounds. I went to recee the area and realised that many people in the halls were still up from the day before or just woke up.

Then headed over to PGP to pick taa, sherman and sarah and headed to SRC, where the real action begins. Moved stuff here and there, confirmed places, waited anxiously for my officials, chatted nonsensical stuff and BAM ARTS OPEN BEGINS!

It was pretty exciting to be captain's ball programmer and medic all at the same time because i was really "wanted". There were a couple of times people got injured and i was super ashamed because our first aid supplies were either unusable or not available. I tried to open the brand new Deep Heat cream and realised that it had SOLIDIFIED.


OK luckily there was the multi-purpose salonpas spray that was in hot demand the whole day. Really gotta do something about the first aid kits. The event progressed well, and it ended well too. Really glad.

Then chionged home to bathe and took a nap. Went out to meet taa and then took a cab from clementi to aljunied for Terence's 21st birthday party. The both of us were seriously shagged from insufficient sleep and sunburn. Picked up mus and siang and then turned up. People thought taa and i were drunk cos our cheeks were red and our eyes bloodshot. Really sorry that we weren't enthusiastic in participating in the games cos we were sooooooo tired!

Took a cab home and fell asleep. The taxi driver had to wake me up. Reached home, bathed again and went immediately to bed.

SUNDAY: My mum shook me out of bed and had to accompany her. Super NOT enough sleep. Washed my car and all then started to do the SEA booklet. Tough job man. Developed a fever and well, that pretty ended my night of studying. Had to go to bed cos the headache and all were getting to me. Slept at about 4am.

MONDAY: Woke up at 3pm and still felt really groggy. Cooked instant noodles to eat and delved straight back to work. Ugh.

Am still trying to chiong my soci term paper. I realise that soci is the ONLY subject that leaves me in cold sweat and induces pangs of nausea and diarrhea in me. And it is always highly blogged about. Duh.


oh dear.
i think i'm falling for you.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008 / 5:55 PM
rainy sunday

Woke up pretty late today, about 2pm. Got a shock when i saw the clock on my dresser but nevertheless dragged myself out of my bed. Drove Mum out to Westmall, where we had a leisurely lunch and dessert at the food court. Then finally headed to SOL Mart and got my KIMCHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ok pardon my excitedness.

I walked down the little aisles of Korean products and immediately grabbed the kimchi and threw it into my basket. Oh man i have been lusting over it and now finally! HAHA. Then got some seaweed and drinks and headed to NTUC. Man i felt like a housewife buying all the groceries. And being an environmentalist at heart, i didnt use any plastic bags cos i brought along 3 reusable bags. Ok i'm a little auntie but who cares when its good for the earth? Good job man!

We then walked around and browsed through some shops and then headed home. Haha nice driving home cos it was just after the rain and the air smelt really fresh. When i reached home, i devoured a bowl of kimchi. Cannot help it, lah.

Suddenly felt melancholic as i read this girl's blog. Think most people knows who is she because her boyfriend passed away unexpectedly while he was having training overseas for the army. I really think that the love shared between the two of them is so pure and sweet, so forgiving and so loving. The emotions seeps through each line of her entries touch me, and i feel so much for her. On one hand i feel extremely sad for her that someone so dear to her has left, yet on the other i envy her for having had such a wonderful boyfriend.

Really, how many guys are truly that sweet?
How many guys do not mind taking loads of pictures with you and cam-whores along?
How many guys say sweet-nothings and send lovey-dovey msgs everyday but make u feel touched rather than nauseated?
How many can tirelessly send their girlfriend home yet enjoy the whole trip? No complaints?
How many can proudly show their friends and family that this is his girlfriend and he will take good care of you?

Sigh. I am so so so envious.

Of course, I wouldn't know them well enough for the above to be true, but what i see is the kind of relationship that every girl would want. The kind that makes you melt, makes your heart flutter, makes you cry but you feel the happiness and passion every second. The kind that LASTS and goes on instead of it being a moment of lust or dare.

Ah look beyond the appearances! Not every hot or pretty girl is a good catch.

Oh well whatever.

Now the most pressing issue is... my sociology tutorial. Seems like it is the only module that induces pangs of nausea, spasms and bouts of hyperventilation in me.


Friday, October 17, 2008 / 11:11 PM

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder.
The green monster pops up every now and then.
One minute brimming with happiness.
The next filled with frowns.

So gonna do something about this malady, this stagnant stage.
Be a big Pac Man, grow and be stronger.

While i steer my course, i hope to meet you.

Monday, October 06, 2008 / 11:08 PM

now i'm starting to feel the void engulf me.
feeling samuel beckett in action.
tasting the sourness.

oh boy. why cant i learn?


/ 11:04 PM

i am fucking stressed up and i am developing a sense of self loathe.

Sunday, October 05, 2008 / 10:28 PM
what the

You cannot expect others to always take the initiative. So what if you are new to this and you have no idea what to do? Shouldn't you at least explore your options and try out? Patience is a virtue, but not everyone has excess of it.

And even if there is a preference for a certain someone, and when there is too much inactivity or lack of reciprocation, interest can die. Even if there is fervor and passion.

Don't stay behind the curtains and expect to be seen. Don't wait till its too late before you scream and regret. Say it while you can and when you have the chance. Tell so people know; no one knows what you are thinking of and what you want unless you TELL them.


And i don't know what is wrong with this thing between my shoulders. It refuses to absorb information and it is not working as hard as i would like it to be. Though i feel the impending doom and the dark clouds looming above me i cannot seem to focus, concentrate and STUDY. It feels like a malady that is slowly taking over me, making me feel helpless and out of control.

Why is everybody else absorbing knowledge well but i feel like a stagnant pool? It feels as if i am not working hard and i am not as smart too. SIGH. The stress is hovering but then i still feel the inertia. ARGH going out of my mind.

I need help and care for so many things. Someone told me recently that she feels that i am a very strong person. Very independent and rational, and mature. When i heard this, i don't know how i should feel. Haha more flattered?

Recently i heard about this word "fatigue" from a friend. It is used to describe the "breaking point" of a material, like how many times do we have to bend a metal for it to break and etc. So i wonder when will my fatigue set in.

I feel the exhaustion of waiting happening.

Friday, October 03, 2008 / 12:59 AM
red faced

Well today was quite an adventure. Shan't go into details.

But i was so glad to meet up with Zelda and Samantha! It's been ages since we last met and all. It was fun to relive those moments spent in Seoul Garden during our secondary school days, esp after SJAB trainings and all. We'll go there in our smelly zone tee (a striking blue polo tee that retains far too much perspiration) and geeky black socks and eat like nobody's business. We always chose Chinese Herbal cos it tastes the best when we cook other stuff with it. It was just plain goodness to have a hearty meal with your bestest friends after a long day of training and exertion.

Thinking back, i am soooooooooo glad that i chose to join SJAB. I didnt want to initially because i was afraid that i may not be able to take the physical training and high level of commitment since it's a uniform group. Joined in the end, and i must say i never looked back.

Great day out with u girls! Smooches and hugs XOXOXOXO

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