Monday, June 30, 2008 / 9:15 PM

It has been such a whirlwind and now i have finally calmed down. Lots of memories and experiences and first-times.

Arts Camp was really tiring. Slept less than 4 hours everyday. But it was really fun! I totally enjoyed the beach games and the pre-war games. Oh, it was so exciting! Met many new people and fitted in ok though i only arrived on the 2nd day of the camp.Pictures can be seen from my Facebook and you can just link here link there to see. I didn't take much pics though. Really zonked by the camp and all that is there. Glad to be home.

Taiwan trip was a blast, and i spent so much money! Gonna get the photos developed soon so i can take a good look!

Anyway, down with food poisoning today. A really terrible feeling. But i am feeling better now!

School is starting in a month. Not really excited. Speaking in short sentences. Not in the mood to elaborate. Sigh.


Thursday, June 19, 2008 / 11:55 PM
going overseas

OK everyone! Especially to those who read my blog (thank you!), i will be away from 20 to 27 Jun.

20-23 Jun: Taipei with Samantha and Zelda
24-27 Jun: FASS Arts Camp at NUS

Whoa flying off tmr morning! So exciting~~Hope that we will have have a safe and awesome trip to Taipei and do some serious retail therapy and gastronomical exploration! HEEHEE! Gonna try to contact the Taiwanese who i know when i reach, hopefully i can meet them. Just over dinner or what lor.

Then when i come back on Mon night i gotta prepare for arts camp the next day. My bags are all packed, so there shouldnt be much prob, except that i will be joining the camp on the 2ND day and it may be kind of awkward. Really keeping my fingers crossed on this one. And yeah, i should go with an open mind and a big heart.

Anyway, do call me if there is anything urgent. Smses are also fine.

JIAYOU and bon voyage

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 / 2:15 PM

炎炎的夏日, 只听到鸟儿和蟋蟀的声音。
一个人坐在电脑前, 轻轻的打着电脑, 浏览网页。
有的随风飞扬, 有的则静静的跟随。
车子一部一部地驾驶而去, 只留下黑烟和灰尘。
街上的行人个个伪装了自己,试图保护脆弱的心灵, 不让自己受伤害。

很多时候,当我们越在乎, 越心疼关心一件事,失望和悲愤就越沉重。
有些是小事, 但我们却因为双目被一时的愤怒遮住了,变得聒噪, 生气和难过。
大事情呢,会让我们喘不过气,给我们压力, 烦恼。

人人都会说“凡事看开一点”,“简单的生活最好”之类的话,但没多少人真的办得到。我们不要光说不做, 应该身体力行。。。

我喜欢阅读吴淡如的文章。她所写的东西和大家的人生其实有很多共鸣点。通过她的字句, 我了解了人生的一些点滴,也明白了一些做人的道理。生活在一个咨询如此发达的世界里,很多人都忘了停下脚步,充电了, 再继续奋战!

艳阳高照着呢。。。 让我的心情都好起来了。

Sunday, June 15, 2008 / 7:11 PM

Please me.
Humour me.
Surprise me.
Coo me.
Hug me.
Kiss me.
Be with me.
Love me.

Can you do all of that, my future One?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 / 12:22 AM
get carried away

It has been a few days, where i had many thoughts and also this dull pain in my top set of teeth on my right. The thoughts grew mammoth, as i wondered about all the possibilities and the outcomes and even fantasised about how i should do things and plan them out, while the pain in my teeth reminds me of the extra fittings i.e. BRACES i have done to myself.

So let's talk about the PAIN first.

It started last week i think, last Friday i suppose. I cooked lunch for my family members, and i chomped down on this extra hard piece of beef and IMMEDIATELY this dull and aching sensation SHOT UP my teeth. Then the pain or rather this abnormal feeling persisted till today. I am hoping that it is nothing serious, and that the dentist could fix it tmr since i am going to fit in my lower set of braces. YIKES! MORE METAL! Till today, i can safely say that i am comfortable with my braces already, but there is still this awkwardness that i get whenever i smile. My teeth has metal. And the thing about braces is that it makes me feel geeky. Nerdy, childish, kiddish whatever. I don't know why i feel that way.

So tmr is the discomfort day. Gonna be stuck on porridge for a week AGAIN. Maybe i could slim down during the week. HAHA.

I watched Sex and the City today, and i must say it is a great watch despite Tay Yek Keak's serious criticisms. In fact, Carrie inspired me to buy a pair of white heels today, which i am proudly wearing while typing this entry! Its white and its about 6cm high.WHOO!

Having never been an ardent fan of the HBO series, it took me a while to figure out who is who in the series, when the wave of enthusiasts proudly promoted the lives of these 4 very unique and cool New York women by the name of Carrie Bradshaw, CharlotteYork, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes. Four women with very different attitudes and personas, yet bond together by a beautiful and strong friendship.

I cried really hard during the scene where Carrie ran all the way from her apartment downtown to find Miranda. It was really heartwarming to see this, cos that act really made Miranda so touched. I wonder how many people would actually do this for their friends, going to their sides whenever their friends need them, even in the middle of the night. And what made it even tougher for Carrie to meet Miranda was that it was New Year's Eve, meaning no cabs available and it was SNOWING really badly. What made it even more miraculous was that Carrie wore her PJs under a really big fur coat and guess what? CHANEL ankle boots. And all that friendship and love...

Carrie and her shoes. I mean HEELS.

And there were some sex scenes and naked body parts, like breasts and dicks. But most of it were censored away so we didn't get to see the whole movie in its very essence. Nevertheless, i feel really touched to see how strong their friendship is and how united they are. Despite going through so much, they manage to be there all the time for each other and really are great friends, EVEN CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS, MEETING UP FOR LUNCHES. Even if they couldnt meet up, they would at least call each other up and get updated about each other's lives.


I would love to have friends like them, holding out to each other. It is almost like a sisterhood already.

The movie was fab cos of the immense visual spectacle of FASHION. I just ADORE Carrie. She has so much clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses and a really nice apartment i could ever think of. Her massive collection of shoes left me filled with envy. All her Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, Steve Maddens, Chanels, LVs... Her bags! Her dresses! Her trench coats!


That gives me more courage to want to try out heels, though i may tower over others and my feet may hurt terribly. And looking at her fantastic apartment makes me want to tidy up my room a bit. My room is not exactly the way i would like it to look. It is really messy, lah.

Nice styles that i totally dig.

ever mine. ever thine. ever ours.

Thursday, June 05, 2008 / 3:21 PM
we got married

Recently my life has been rather shallow. I sleep late every night, either reading, watching dramas or surfing the net. Then i can sleep all the way till late morning or even noon. I feel kind of lethargic man, like there is this emptiness in me. I thought of looking for a job, but then nobody is willing to hire me for less than a month. And i don't know where to look for those temp jobs such as road shows and promoters. Oh well.

School is gonna start really soon. There is this nervousness in me.. Quite scared! Don't know if i am able to handle everything and especially the people, the work and the stress. YIKES!

Really in love with the drama series "We Got Married". Watching it makes me feel so mushy yet happy all over. Just a really romantic and funny series. My personal favourites are Shin Ae and Alex and Solbi and Andy. They are so sweet! Watching don don with saori was a torture, while looking at In Yeoung and CrownJ makes me "merlion" blood. Sheesh.

Going for NDP training later. Hmm. All the best!

Monday, June 02, 2008 / 2:34 PM
night out to "celebrate" my birthday lol

alvin and jx

i am loving my strawberry margarita. so little alcohol, so sweet, so delectable!
but the light makes me look a little ghostly~

my dirty dancing partner

we love french fries!


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