Tuesday, May 30, 2006 / 8:24 PM

Its all withering.
Wind has stopped.
Melting snow on the pavement.
Dead leaves all around.
I turn to look up at the skies.
Threatening to drench me.
With acidic tears.
I crouch.
Little pearls staining my shirt.
Dirtying it.
Monotony of the melody.
Ringing in my hears distastefully.
Tried to brush it away but it wouldnt move an inch.
Stood there silently.
Felt the cars pass by with such velocity.
Daren't open my eyes for fear of what i might see.
Disappointment and ugliness.
Brushed my hair from my face.
Set my eyes upon the skies.
Same old thing.
Dread of what may come strikes fear in me.
Tired of this refractory.
Too cowardly to do the deed.
Fear takes over me once again.
Give me a miracle.

And she punched her fists into the wall,and let the blood flow.

Sunday, May 28, 2006 / 10:56 PM


Anyway, our Econs VA is done too and the credit goes mostly to Huling who really tied up the loose ends. THANK YOU!!HAHA..(=

Holidays have finally begun but well, first week is taken up by math make up lessons and the most dreaded econs. Oh well, better than nothing. And ANCO is this sat! Oh dear... Hope everything proceeds well.

Oh well, gotta buck up man!

She looks down at her hands and observes the fine lines carefully. She wonders how can her fate be deduced just by observing them. A hidden code some where? Light chuckles follow.

She looks up and concentrates on the people walking by her, each engrossed in their activities. One man was carrying his briefcase while talking on his cellphone, presumably trying to close a deal. A young lady was trying to sweep her long hair behind her ears and from her face while nodding at her. A bunch of young boys and girls were talking loudly and laughing, and dressed up to the nines. Prom, perhaps? A little child stumbles and falls, smashing onto the concrete pavement, and releases a loud wail. The worried parents rushed to its aid while trying to soothe the toddler.

Everyone seems to know where they are heading to. Except her. She is just sitting around trying to make sense of everything. How come some people just know where to go? How come they always get their bearings right?

She looks at the toddler again and smiles. Children have the best times in their lives. Never having to worry about work or people. Just wail and someone will come to the rescue.

Damsel in distress? Add a dragon that spits fire and no knight in shining armour to save her and you get the picture.

She sets her teacup down, picks up her bag and heads for home. Mum is brewing soup for dinner.

Friday, May 26, 2006 / 1:56 PM
work work work

Now at Bytz, the place where all the computers are. FOC use.

Doing my research for our gpp and well, those guys beside me are simply thrilled with "Hard Gay" 's videos on youtube. Lol...I have viewed snippets of it and i would say that that man is rather interesting and er, a little "sort". But he is funny,la. Watch his videos if you are in a serious need for relaxation and some obscene behaviour.( Hard Gay likes to shake his thang ALOT.)

Boy! Gotta stay in sch till quite late for the CLDDS drama Ye Chuan tonight. I hope it will be a success cos their script is really good! Tickles me pink man.

Wow, can't believe today is the last day of the term man. Its so fast! Seems like i have only been around for just a few days. Really miss JJC alot and all the people in 06A02. How are they doing? How has life been? Hmm... Missed our class loads.

All right, gotta get back to the research. I think we have finally got it right. YAY!!! Gotta go~~

And she closes her eyes and lets out a deep breath

Saturday, May 20, 2006 / 10:57 PM
happy birthday

And then there was Funtasia today and well, our games stall did relatively okay. Good job everyone! Dead tired man from all the talking and shouting. Voice is kind of hoarse now. But really glad that Jonas, Candice, Diana and Hafidz celebrated my birthday today. Touched man. Not forgetting Samo, Zelda and Weewee!! YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD MAN. Wow, 17 years old le. Hope Diana learns to be punctual EVERYTIME and not make the rest wait for her. Rude eh. Also hope everything goes well and anyway, all the best! (=
jonas ahh...Why u eat until like tad??
20th May 2006~At pastamania cineleisure

Zelda the Witch and me

Apple and Samo
A cup of drink i got from the Starbucks promoters

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 / 9:40 PM
Malacca road trip

long long journey...HOME!

bye bye malacca!
breakfast tasted of the local authentic flavour and i LOVE the assam fish. The teh tarik was just wonderful man! It was so amazing to eat like a local!
My family members walking REALLY fast
taken on our way to breakfast outside the hotel..heeh~

A view from my hotel room! The balcony was locked up cos there were paint jobs going on so the pic doesnt look v good.
Dinner was at the Chinese restaurant in Hotel Equatorial and i gotta say the fried cod fish tasted heavenly man...And it was really affordable!

Streets of Malacca
All right you know i am super super LAME
Portugese food!!
ok i am just being lame once again X)

Monday, May 15, 2006 / 9:00 PM
itching like MAD

PHEW finalliy handed up my Geog varied assessment only to realise we were supposed to hand up as ONE report. Damn. Must have forgotten all abt it. BLUR ME.

Anyway, Funtasia is this Sat!!!If you have bot your tickets, remember it starts at 10.30 am! Those who have not bought your tickets can also come down and purchase it on spot. Afterall, our stall will be fun de. MUST COME

Really love dark chocolates.Falling in love with its bitter-sweet taste. Tastes marvellous. Love the Swiss chocolates and man, am i getting addicted to it! There is simply no way i can stop myself~

This thursday was supposed to be my birthday celebration BUT i am having a GP comprehension exercise from 4.45 to 6.30 pm. WAH LAU EH. Sian 1/2. Hope that i can do fast fast and check my answers and then zoom out to meet the bitches! WHOO!

NJC is so grey man. Trying to bring colourful stuffs to sch to cheer myself up. Apple says i shud get myself an eye-candy so i have the motivation to go to sch everyday. WTH. Haha! If you guys have heard of the joke abt NJC, you should pity me. But then, trying to adjust my paradigm with utmost difficulty.

Oh yeah...Da Vinci Code opens next Thu! (=

And she hopes the itch to simply cease and not bother her again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006 / 10:59 PM
varied assessment

WHOA. Varied assessments are crazy.Nuts.Madness.Idiotic.

Doing my Geography varied assessment paper that is suppose to take up 10% of my promos. And you know what? I AM ABSOLUTELY GOING BONKERS!!! All the physical geog stuff is making me really confused and well, it doesn't help that i have never studied these things before. ARGH.

Nevertheless, there is still hope! I just gotta sacrifice some time for sleeping and do this bloody thing. Eeks~ There is just a HUGE blight in my mind and i cant seem to get it out of my way.

Malacca was fun and true enough, did some shopping and came back with a new pair of shoes, a bag and a shirt. Woot! The stuff there are simply gorgeous and affordable, so the long car trip that made my butt hurt like mad was certainly worth it. Oh and i saw Mr Eric Koh! What a surprise.

Anyway, this Geog paper is due on Monday and its my Doomsday. Shit..Wonder if Ms Ting could give me some allowance? Doubt so. Hmm..Gotta get back to my work.

Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world and especially to my Mum.

And she types away at the keyboard...

Thursday, May 11, 2006 / 9:17 PM
What a relief

Whooooo!!!!!!!I FINALLY HANDED UP MY GPP!!! Hope it is ok and the teacher accepts it.

Going Malacca tmr with my family. WHEE!!! My first time there with my family along too. Had a hard time with the booking of hotels but i hope the trip turns out ok. Heehee... Hope the retail therapy is good! And not forgetting the food too!

You know this morning i was just thinking as i was on the bus. There is this fish pond in our school that is near the atrium and in the middle of lots of trees and blah, with quite a few koi swimming in it. I remembered the other day i was sitting at one of the benches just gazing at the fishes and i wondered: Don't they ever get sick of being trapped in such a small pond, swimming in the same surroundings day after day?

Then the school attendant came with two huge bottles of fish feed and he dumped everything into the pond, and you can see that the koi were just jumping excitedly and in a frenzy to gobble up as much feed as they can. What a decadent lifestyle! They do nothing but to swim around and eat their food and then let people admire their colours and scales. Don't they ever think of trying to escape and to swim in a bigger pond or even a lake? Afterall, a pond is too much of a bore to stay in till the day you float up to the surface lifelessly.

I think too much don't i? Oh well, there is just too much things going on that are refractory. It seems like you are in the middle of a desert and your camels just refuse to budge. Haha...May be it is just MY camels. But sometimes i feel like a koi, always swimming in surroundings i wish i could change and the only happy time is when the attendant comes around with fish feed. Sort of pathetic man.

In any case, this is just a phase. I just gotta grow out of it. HEEH..Don't worry so much! Just take it as it comes? Eh..Dun really have an idea of wad i gotta do.

Hurhur...I should stop pitying myself and feel so helpless. Come on...It is not THAT bad la. Buck up i shall!

And she takes a deep breath and exhales slowly

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 / 7:29 PM
miserable state

I really really hate myself for being so cowardly and utterly useless. Why are all the shitty things happening to me all at one go? Why can't people just stop this???

Really, this is not like me at all.
Doormat is the word now.

I know we are of very different backgrounds and personalities but we gotta get our act together!

Anyway, just went for Gavel Club EXCO Elections briefing today and i thought it was really interesting! Really hope to be able to get the position i want and just enjoy it. At least there is another outlet for me to relax and have fun. My Patrick seems like a really nice man and he is super funny. Hawhaw~

PW really driving me up the wall. Endless GPPs to type and lots more. Plus all the work now is making me so giddy. Too much homework. And it does not help that i have a fear of Math teachers. I dunno why but i am simply AFRAID of them. Argh. Wee was right. They are just humans so why be scared of them? But then, i just cannot help it eh.

MATH TEACHERS ARE SO SCARY. Not stereotyping but i think Mr Ang is the best Math teacher in the entire Singapore *applause*

Well, really looking forward to the long weekend so i can study and organise my notes. Also, sleep somemore. Been getting headaches so frequently. Is it because of too much sorrow? Hah just kidding.

And the tears slid down her damask cheeks, seeping through the cold hard floor.

Thursday, May 04, 2006 / 9:33 PM
barley drink and sandwiches

Today was the JC 2Parent Teacher Meeting session and i got to be the usher! It was fun la...Had a lot of laughter but nevertheless, met some fussy parents. Nvm~

The math test today on apgp, inequalities and seg and series really KILLED many of us. Wahh~~IT IS SO SO SO SO DIFFICULT!!! Bet cha i am am so going to fail this first test. Imagine the look on Mr Chee's face: sheer terror and disappointment. Hmm...But then its not just me but a whole lot of other people who thought the math test was a tough nut to crack. Oh well, its OVER!

I hate math.

Just finished typing my 2nd draft for GPP. WHOA. I really hope PW gets abolished cos its so much work and effort! But then, we will need it in the near future. Grr...Just the generation of ideas is already irritating enough. Then there is the PI , then GPP, then EoM and yadda yadda yadda~~

Nvm, the weekends are coming very soon. Really wanna just sleep in and chill. Or i could get myself a nice pedicure. Or simply go on serious retail therapy! Hah...Till then folks!

And she cries because she simply could not take it anymore

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