Tuesday, August 24, 2004 / 4:36 PM

i got an A1 for my chem test!!!!hahahahahahaha.....so happy!OMG~~~waaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got 21/30 for my english essay on the SIGNAL.hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

got 16/20 for chinese ting xie...duhhhhhhhhhhhh

i will work harder!!!!!i must pia for my position!!!!

I WILL!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2004 / 9:05 PM
alone in this world

miss tay came in for higher chinese today..shocked

felt today was really great.being a loner aint that bad.speak when u really need to.

first time i know how to do the chem wksheet all by myself and got all correct.hehe

life goes on with or without sadness.

Monday, August 09, 2004 / 11:48 AM
40th anniversary

woah~the anniversary was a success!our dance was simply fabulous!i think it is so interesting to have my hair straighten....lol...i look so different.the dinner was okay tho.

just wanna sae that -- really sucks big time.everytime touch her like a molester.she is so afraid of him yet he just wants to get physical all the time.wad the hell is wrong with his dirty brain?disgusting annoying irritating juvenile childish narrow-minded selfish stupid idiotic ugly and fat guy.YOU SUCK OK?YOU THINK YOU ARE THAT GREAT?U THINK U'VE GOT ALL THE MOVES?YOU ARE ALWAYS SO FULL OF YOURSELF,SO EGOISTIC,PROUD, ARROGANT AND WORSE OF ALL,DUMB!!!YOU THINK YOU ARE CLEVER?let me tell u somethin, if she leaves u,its your just deserts.you had it coming man.i have never seen a guy so pathetic before.she dumped u man..SHE DUMPED YOU!you just want to reconcile by forcing her into it!oh boy...u are so possesive and selfish.u only think abt yourself.and you never like other guys to go near her.who do u think u are?u are just a very normal schoolmate of hers.u dare to even call her mother and confront her?!?YOU BROUGHT HARM TO HER U SUCKER!YOU CAUSED HER TO GET SLAPPED AND SCOLDED!do you think the both of u are gonna get married?dream on!lai ha ma xiang chi tian e rou!stay away frm her u sweating PIG!UTTERLY GROSS!

i hope -- understands that the above paragraph is shooting at him and that i hate u.so wad if u bu shuang with me?u think i care now?WHO WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU?the sight of u nauseats everyone of us.we are just being nice to talk to u.YOU THINK WE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU AND YOUR STUPID IDEAS?Get a life la.

"i dun want to dance liao la!so what?er...i quit the dance!aiyah...i dun want to dance liao lo!hern!"
~words from a loser

Monday, August 02, 2004 / 9:37 PM
honey honey

phew...wad a cold day to begin with!it rained from ytd till today evening...boy...i just love rainy days!great time to stay at home and snuggle up the bed for a book.cool.all right...a math test postponed again.till next next fri.wow...wad happened?well...i dun really wanna noe.

i still cannot find HONEY the vcd.gosh...ren hai mang mang..i wanna get it!

sat is 40th anni le...and our dance is still in a mess!i am so afraid it will be a flop.we did extremely well for the zone presentation night...i hope we will again for this very important dinner.so many ppl will be there.heard there will be ard 300 guests.die la..may lady luck shine on all of us tad day!!!

so many things going on in my life wors.so many things happening simultaneously.but i swear to me conscience i will survive.

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