Wednesday, December 30, 2009 / 6:45 AM
first day in montreal

I HAVE REACHED MONTREAL! Writing this entry from my table in my apartment while my brother and mother have been knocked out. HAHA they are soundly asleep from the jet lag. So far i am adapting well to the jet lag, although the cold really was not to be underestimated. I walked around the snow-covered floor in my converses and i must say it is not a pleasant experience because it was so cold that my toes were numb and my legs had a numbing-tingling effect!GOSH!

So we headed to Guy-Concordia for lunch and we had Thai food but it didn't taste anything like my beloved ThaiExpress and it was super salty and not spicy at all. Well well. Then i bought my Sorel boots and my feet feels toasty now! Great for walking around in the coldddd weather. Then we headed to the bank and then to Metro Plus for grocery shopping and now i am in my apartment. Just showered too.

Somebody has to cook dinner, and i guess that somebody is me lor, since my brother and mother are asleep. Really thankful to have my brother and mother with me, otherwise i would feel so so so lost and helpless. Imagine sleeping at the airport alone! Or having to walk through the cold wind ALONE to get groceries. Omg.

But so far, the apartment is okay, except for a lousy doorknob and lock. The snow is pretty, but it can be super chilly too. Especially when the wind blows. It feels stabbing. And i gotta orientate myself around the neighbourhood so that i know where to go and how to walk there!

Till then, wait for my pictures! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 / 2:13 AM
stay dandy

picture from slipper buddha at flickr

Being emo and angsty is not stupid or silly. Slitting wrists and being abusive to yourself is not a crime.

I need change.
I need some sort of nirvana.
I need a boost to my life.
Lift me up from all the insanity and incongruity.

Well, what's life if you don't experience hardship and sorrow? That doesn't make life the way it should be, or rather socially constructed to be?

Everyone is born into this world, and as the noble ones like to put it, we are here for a reason and to fulfill our dreams and whatever.

The pessimists say that we were born crying into this world, covered in blood and slapped on the buttocks, doomed to suffer.

Meeting people is like an eraser generating friction. The longer you use, the more friction occurs and the more eraser sheddings you get. Not too sure if this analogy is right but i used it anyway.

I wanna be like Lily Allen sometimes. Being so heck and carefree like her songs, so condemning of the world and its inhabitants in such a relaxed way that it seems almost biting to the touch. Sore to the ears. Like a lady with a big smile on her face and wearing gloves studded with daggers, giving you a slap across the face. Nice scars.

I wanna feel how its like being Eleanor Roosevelt, or the Kennedys, or Mother Teresa. Just positive change, and knowing how your existence is a contribution to the world you live in, and not just a mere physical presence, adding onto carbon footprints.

Perhaps i am going a little loony, but humans are noble savages? Restrained by the chains of society, forever being the cogs and appendages of the machines by those who control us through surreal means. Humans are unpredictable, like the colours of the opal.

The morning comes, the people go to work, the neighbourhood livens up. Nothing stops.

So hurry on,
hop down the lindy lane,
and embrace the new day once again.

Whoo, let's hope everything and everyday is dandy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009 / 1:06 PM

I need some spice and all things nice.
Something to lift me off the ground and excite the palate.
Right now, some things are not helping.
And the wanderlust hits.

Don't be such a smart phuck.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 / 1:06 PM
great day


Sparkling lights, brave hearts and lovely giggles.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 / 12:55 AM

Quite an interesting entry on the web. The definition of smother. So many different meanings and situations encumbered in one simple word.

Like a little sparrow
That flies above clouds
Who longs to see
the magnificent crowd
But poor poor she
Never got to see
The starlet and bright one
that she had always wanted to be.

Sunday, December 06, 2009 / 3:09 AM
starbucks toast

A toast to the end of the exams, but felt so ambivalent. Sense of emptiness.

Thursday, December 03, 2009 / 9:55 PM

Quite tired of guessing what happens in some people's minds. Don't know what they are thinking sometimes too.

Exams are coming to an end tmr, and i feel that i really need to try harder. Haven't been the best student this semester, and next sem i will be alone in McGill. Gosh as the date nears and emails from McGill come in, i really feel that it's REAL now. Like soon i will be flying off to Montreal and be there for approximately 138 days! OH MY.

I took a few breaks today, and i started to write my packing list. Haha the food section was worrying, but definitely gonna bring chinchalok chilli and garlic chilli! Clothes are more or less settled, just need to get a few more pieces. Gotta do so much admin work too.

And i have been trying to study the whole day for emotions, and some readings are really bizarre, because they relate so much to my life! Especially what Beck and Beck-Gernsheim talks about, about couples who fight and quarrel in their marriage. And how there is symbiotic entanglement, where couples either be in love and lose autonomy, or be free and in control but lose a lover. Haha interesting!

Looking forward to tmr and sat, where i can meet the people who i love.

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