Sunday, December 19, 2010 / 10:47 PM

Life is really unpredictable. Sometimes you can be on the top of the world, reeling over with delight and joy, and the next moment your life can take a nose dive and plunge you into states of hell and suffering.

I pray.

So much things have happened, and so much things i wished never happened or happened in another way that would have made the situation so much better now. But a bit too late to talk about such things right?

And did i tell you how much i love typing on my laptop? The sound of the keyboard is always consistent and so nice to listen to that after a while, you just want to speed up and feel it more, to type more.

I smell the smell of the night now, taking it in as the occasional night breeze carries the scent into my room. It's almost as if Nature has hands that caress broken souls.

And sometimes i wonder how would it be like if i could fly, to be able to fly around in the night sky and take a look at the sky line, or to fly to Hong Kong or some other country and just sit at the tallest building and look at the night sky as it is. Fun to have super powers that i can conceal.

Work has been challenging, but boring as it goes on. Googling and googling. Typing and typing. Getting fat as the days go by. Looks.

Okay, help yourselves.

Friday, December 03, 2010 / 11:11 AM
Lone ranger in the academic pursuit

Day in day out, certain thoughts come to me. What if i had done things very differently? What if i had a different attitude than the one i was so selfishly obsessed over in the past? So many possibilities but no way to change things.

Sometimes it gets really paralysing just thinking about all these things. What am i here for, what is my purpose? Is there something more to life than just these superficial things?

Hope for some people to actually visit this blog and leave some comments in the tag box, but a part of me doesn't want that many people to find out about this blog. Or maybe it isn't that hard to find anyway, since you can just google for my name and it brings you here. Scary how resourceful the net can be.

So much things to look forward to than just fretting over who are taking modules with me next sem. Doesn't matter that i don't have that many sociology friends? Lone ranger in the academic pursuit i have become. Quite depressing, if you think about it. Who doesn't want to study sociology together with people she likes? Study groups, critical mass. We all have a herding mentality that we are so accustomed to that it is so hard to break out of it even though we remind ourselves to every time.


Repairing old relationships are hard.

Anyway, starting my internship next monday at HDB. Scary!!!!! Don't really know what to expect but imma do my best!

Okay, time to head out for pub cell meeting.

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