Tuesday, July 31, 2007 / 10:08 PM

I realised how much i love running.

Admittedly, i am not the best runner nor am i part of the Track and Field team, but i just adore running. I'm not exactly athletic yet not your typical couch potato just yet. But still, i indulge myself in some running every now and then.

Today calls for a 3.5km run. Just wanted to get rid of my worries and vent my frustrations so i can feel better. School has not been merciful, and some part of me still refuses to budge and accept the cold hard fact. Guess sometimes i am still in delusion and that should not be the case. After all, this is my future that is at stake right? How can i still be so flippant and not serious? I don't know how to "wake up" my "idea" and that has left me scratching the wall. In desperation.

So i decided to go running straight after i reached home. I gotta say this: GP= gone and perished.

Anyway, i started stretching at the void deck and realised how tight my muscles (if there were any) were. Guess i have been inactive for eons and my limbs are getting flabby. I feel so fat and lethargic at times, and i figured out it was due to the lack of exercise. So in an attempt to unwind and work out, i went running!

Shucks. I seem to be beating around the bush and shit is mentioned of the actual run.

It was 5pm, and there i was walking down the stretch of running track near Sunset Way. It was certainly breezy, cos my hair and the foliage on the trees were flying all over the place. Taking off my spectacles to just relax my eyes, i realised how easy it felt and how comfortable it was. Being myopic since Primary 3, my glasses were akin to a soldier's helmet. It reassures me. But looking at the world around me WITHOUT my specs actually makes me feel so calming. It was as though everything had this mysterious quality to it, so blurred and yet so clear.

The evening breeze and the blue skies just made me feel a lot better. That is the thing about mother nature; it assures you, serves as a support. Then i put back on my specs after 500m and realised i now see better and clearer than before. No philosophical undertones here, okay?

I then crossed the road to the other running track and began to run. Everyone around me were the elderly and some middle-aged joggers, and boy they all looked supa fit. It has been so long since i ran and i presume that my stamina must have hit rock bottom. But it turned out okay. Completed 3.5km nicely.

Just loved the sweat, the heart pounding and the sore in the legs.

It is wondrous what running can do. Though my knee isn't in the healthiest of state, i still love to run. To take flight too?

I have been getting really emotional these days, and i cry easily. I hate to be so vulnearable and helpless, cos it means you get slayed anytime. And in this dog-eat-dog world, no one cares about whether you live or die. Sometimes going to school can be compared to that of a lone soldier fighting a war. It's kind of frustrating and ironic at times.

Then i really wonder. How come everything changes so drastically as we grow older? Does everyone have to become more scheming and unfeeling towards others? That is certainly NOT the way of life, so why bother to live the kind of life you never want to in the first place? It must be tough...

Right now i seem to hit a plateau in my studies. Nothing seems to be progressing yet i am stagnating like a pool of water and the next thing that comes knocking will be Mr Aedes.


I am guessing no one reads my blog, cos well no one actually tags except for a few souls. Then again, readers LOVEEEE pictures more than words right? It is kinda hard to find someone who can analyse my problems, slap me awake, gives me solid advice of praticality and MAKE ME CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! No one actually does it. Is it because of me? Well i wouldn't know about that.

I hate to be such a weakling. But no one bothers to understand that. People just think that i am whining incessantly and i am pretending. They all look at one side of me and think i am smart or confident. But hey, there are two sides to a coin right? You cannot just listen to one side of the story and jump to conclusions. There has gotta be assertion and dissention! Its not as if i am a scholastic champion or what. Its a bummer to suck in JC yeah?

Sound like some dissatisfied and angsty teen. I'm not. Just typing out my thoughts.

Perhaps i am insignificant. Perhaps i am devalued. Perhaps i am just being stupid. There are a milion of reasons why things do not progress as i had hoped for it to be. Its just that life has becomed so gloomy and grim that i seem to be morphing into my school uniform.

GAWD. I gotta snap out of this. I sound like some suicidal and sensitive kid who needs counselling. Seriously, the future seems bleak and directionless. I want to get into university so badly!I WANT TO GET INTO UNIVERSITY!!!

It shall be my motto and i will intend for it to be fulfilled.

jiayou shuli

Sunday, July 29, 2007 / 3:58 PM

Woo.Scary world this is.

Just had the YWD Kenshu this morn at Tampines HQ. Quite a nice experience to be there and hear so much encouragements and stories. Really glad to have been there instead of sleeping till midday.

Went for NDP Preview yesterday and OMG IT WAS SUCH A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!! The fireworks totally blew me away man. It was marvellous! There was also the 3D Display by the SAF, showcasing all their military equipment and it was so cool! Anyway, i shouldn't say too much cos you guys should just watch it for yourself. That's where all the fun is anyway :D

Anyway my common test results sucked. Total FLOP. Really upset cos i had really hoped to do well for GP but got a D instead. SIGH.
  • Literature  D
  • Economics E
  • Geography E
  • Math           U

OK. Gotta go study now.Tommorow will be a better day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 / 9:19 PM
pull through

I'm tired of trying to reach the mark sometimes.
But it is a one-way road.
Gotta pull through this.

Mr Yong will be starting the Death Valley run tonight at 11pm. I am indeed worried yet excited for him. Worried because of the sweltering heat and arduous terrain; excited because no one in Asia has ever done it before. Keeping him in my prayers and that he will complete the run successfully and in great health! GO MR YONG!!!

Anyway, prelims are coming. All the pressure coming on at full force. D is scary. I'm kind of afraid of him sometimes. Scared that i am detested by him. Oh well. Guess my common test results were short of satisfactory. Sigh.

Back to a dog's life.

Sunday, July 15, 2007 / 2:10 PM
cps gathering

We had a really great night out at Clarke Quay on Sat. Was supposed to meet abi and mich for soem supper when we decided to join my primary school friends for some drinks and chatting. It was hilarious cos we all were trying to find some pubs or bars to chill out but heck, some aren't 18, some places require guys to be 21 or above. Quite funny to keep walking around in a group.

But i left the group with abi and mich to have some food at haagen daz cos well, i haven had dinner at 10pm yet. Ordered this lovely ice cream and we all just digged in. Stupid abi kept moaning and it all just sounded so WRONG you know.

"Awwww~~this is SO good...Awww!"


Anyway after the ice cream we just walked around and finally found this place where we all could sit outside and chill. I finally got to eat my dinner at about 1030pm which is a passable fish and chips. Guys ordered drinks. Got myself a mocktail- Shirley Temple- which tastes just like cough syrup.

Conversations were funny and silly, and melvin just kept singing the whole night. I swear i will bring a muffler on our next gathering. No masking tape will do just fine. And horn sau and cheryl are "together"! WHOOT! MY GOD! tsk tsk...

It was really a great night out with the peeps man. Kinda sad some people could not make it. Surprised to see liangyen and kang ning too! My liangyen is so so so TALL now. And melvin slimmed down!

OK.Enough of me blabbering. See for yourself.

the sian, the peeping, the covering
that is a spy shot taken by sam when i was eating the tasteless fish and chips.that is horn sau on the right.
melvin, justin and samuel. dun shy lah, justin.
Liang Yen and Shu Xuan avoiding the cam. Funny with the block of ice in shu's glass.
would you look at this pretty ice cream?!
sorry my finger kinda blocked the flash.
michelle, abi and me at clarke quay's haagen daz

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 / 10:06 PM


Forgive me for my over-display of histrionics. I was simply too elated.

The emcee script was one super big problem we had to overcome cos well, they are letting me, someone who has not touched Chinese texts for a long time to do the translation. But heck, i thought i did an okay job. At least it makes sense and brings out my point.

Even till the last minute, there were still many changes that my partner and i had to grapple with, like the sudden insertion of a few lines or some content. It was great between the two of us cos my partner, being older, would offer me encouragement whenever i am nervous. Hey, just imagine standing in front of a 12,000 strong crowd with 3 inch wedges.With a flowy dress.

But anyway, i am just really grateful for being chosen as the meeting emcee cos it was such a wonderful and memorable experience for me. Although the make-up auntie cut my right brow with her eye-brow shaping device. OUCH. Really, not that i am being mean, but some more people do agree that some make-up aunties ought to be put through some training. How the hell does orange, green and yellow eyeshadow come together on a person with single eyelid? Weird.

That was Saturday. On Sunday i first met up with the MILK Run mass dance trainers at Bugis where we went to this Hong Kong style cafe called Tong Shui Cafe for a celebration and lunch. Played zhong ji mi ma. Those who guessed the number had to eat this plate of strange-looking jelly with compliments from the boss for one of the trainers who will be having her birthday the next day. After that we just walked around Bugis Junction and i bought some really cool tshirts from the Tshirt Design Shop Graniph. Real neat.

The rest of the trainers then proceeded on to have coffee while i pulled away to join the CLDDS ppl at Clarke Quay. I was late man. Then they had some silly tricks up their sleeve which ultimately was not exercised. We went to this place called Pitstop Cafe which offers a small cost area where you can enjoy great food while playing with numerous board games, some of which i have never seen before. And you can take a picture and then paste it on their walls and doodle. Shweet.

Well they say a picture speaks a thousand words. So here you go:

the informal one.
Huizi and me
Silvia and me at the Pitstop Cafe
the people...

you just gotta keep moving on moving on

Saturday, July 07, 2007 / 2:57 AM
lost in translation

Whoa finally managed to finish translating all the English lines to Mandarin. Really taxing on the nerves and mind.

Anyway, today's rehearsal at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was good. Found that i could pair up well with Kenneth and we did quite a good job at the run through. I kept saying the wrong words cos i had to recite my part in Chinese so well, still in the midst of memorising it well.

Finally gotten my outfit cleared by the YWD chiefs and phew it was a relief that they liked my idea! Good good..really glad that i had bought that top during the GSS. Came to good use. The YWD Mass dance was fantastic! Their stellar colour brought out a wonderful spirit and enthusiasm! LOVED their moves man.I wanna know!

Anyway, really kudos to all the backstage helpers who have to be at the SIS so early.So JIAYOU everyone!We must put up a great performance for our audience and show the true spirit of SSA!

Oh yeah, i had better go get some sleep. Can see the dark circles round my eyes already.


Monday, July 02, 2007 / 12:48 PM

Was at the CitiBank MILK Run yesterday that was held outside Zouk.

Our mass dance was a total blast! Think we did a good job in bringing across the spirit of the whole event and cheered ppl up. But the best thing was STOMP who did a fantastic job in livening up the atmosphere with their rhythmic beats and also cheers for the runners and walkers along the 4km route. Hahah..one boy was heard saying that" i hope the dom dom dom ppl dun catch up so fast or we will have to run liao". Cute!

Anyway, i hope everyone who has participated in this MILK run were happy and had really enjoyed themselves in the process. Also, THANK YOU MASS DANCE PARTICIPANTS! I do hope that you guys have enjoyed having me as your trainer and also had fun yourselves.

Oh yeah, big thanks to the MILK Run committee for ASD! You guys were really fantastic, cos i understand that preparations and backstage work takes hella lot of effort and it was not easy. We all are truly inspired and awed!

So glad. AND I took pics with Jack Sparrow, Susan Storm, Chicken Little, Vendetta and also Darth Vader! Sweetness. But gotta wait for Xuelian to send me the pics..

Ok i'm off to studying now. Lit paper 3 tmr morn.

ahhhh!!!GST IS 7% NOW!!!cannot shop like wildfire anymore~

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