Thursday, October 21, 2004 / 9:11 PM
bi bala boom

got 36/40 for oral proud of myself.*clap clap*
failed a math...BOOOOOO~
passed geography elective...30.5/50
failed physics la...with the new addition of the light expt in my ca2
passed english!!!PHEW~
wah~~~~exams are finally over need to fret over watta do and all the nervousness,and finally get to go online.abstained from the computer due to the exams.
think my L1R5 is like 26 lo...wad an improvement.
sat got hiking sia....wonder wad will happen.but everything will be fine.
miss tay wants us to dance for the sec4 graduation the grand hyatt hotel sia.but the others dun seem agreeable with this thing we are supposed to we will be a laughing stock in front of all our seniors and teachers.GOSH...

the twelfth night play is next weeek and nothing has been done yet.we haven rehearsed the whole play and never in costume and with all the props ready.wah~~~how??!?!its next week,for goodness sake!then ytd rehearsal every1 went home..i was all alone in the classroom.heard miss kaur was really pissed abt it.haiz~who isnt being serious now?she doesnt even seem to care at all.perhaps we should have more initiative and perseverance.

dread getting back my report the parents session.all the talking and asking of dropping subjects.i will be so overwhelmed man.really detest the feeling of being dumb and not doing well for my exams.lucky darrel.

Friday, October 08, 2004 / 9:40 PM

i dun think i will do well for my exams this time round.seriously...i have no confidence in all the papers.seems like i am doing them for the sake of getting a score..a lousy one that is.i am so tired with all the mundane affairs and sickening comments.i guess words have diff shades of meaning huh?i would love to perceive every thing in a positive light.whatever u say of me,i will never take it to heart.just as i feel the same that its utterly shameless and rude to scold someone and pretend u din.uck.whoever that is that hates me so much and keeps up with all these impolite comments,please stop all these childish and asinine acts.u are dirtying my blog.why do things have to get complicated?its not as if my affairs are of everyone's business.dun butt in unnecessarily.true,i once disliked candice..i mean DISLIKED,never HATED.please do not duan zhang qu whoever that guy is,get a life man.stop wasting your time on scolding others.

that man is really ridiculous man.he goes around the level complaining that we upsetted his flower pots when we din.not to forget,he beats his wife and sons up all the time.i feel sympathetic for his family man.just the other day,he was slapping and beating his wife so hard we can even hear it.gosh...its a nightmare staying beside him.i hope he can become less violent and angry.

this semester's exams simply floods in.i cant think of facing my results man.imagine all the disappointing scores!i hope i have the courage to go through all the trials in my life and the wisdom to accept them.

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