Thursday, April 28, 2011 / 10:13 PM
Singapore General Elections 2011 and NUS EXAMS!

Life now revolves around the exams and my aching arms, and not to forget the Singapore General Elections 2011!

Its a every 5 year event, and i am glad that i get to vote this time round. The PAP lorry has been coming by pretty often, broadcasting messages in all dialects and languages. Their posters are also up, and somehow they seem more organised than the opposition party, who i have yet to hear nor see their physical presence or other forms of publicity. Come on opposition! If you guys truly want to contest, then show yourselves! Otherwise it's pretty unconvincing to want people to vote for you if you don't even make yourself known to the voters. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, twitter now is always flooded with GE news and tweets about rallies and whatnot. So is facebook. Seriously, quite exhausted with the massive reports and inundation of information. Pretty hard for us to pay attention to all these when its in the midst of our exams period. Are we an apathetic lot? Most certainly not! Youths are vocal and critical, but sometimes impractical. But nonetheless, there is a tendency for youths to speak out more and fight for what they want. Look at all my peers' excitement over Nicole S, the NSP rock star. She shouldn't hog all the limelight, for her fellow GRC contenders in her team look sorely like her entourage or helpers.

GE aside, exams prep has been all right, and i do study better at home :) Gonna take my first paper tmr, where quite a few people would have finished already. Kind of like how I finished my exams the EARLIEST last semester and now i finish the LATEST. LOL.

After the last paper and polling day would be my first day at work with STB. Quite hesitant and don't know what to expect. I am most certain i don't know any other person who will be working at STB too, so i might just be the lone ranger :( Hate being alone, especially when it's time for lunch and all that. AIYOH!

Really hope the internship will be nice :)


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