Friday, July 29, 2011 / 10:13 AM
work life

Realised i have not posted here in a while already. Been busy with my internship and really don't feel like looking at the computer screen after a long day at work.

Wanted to blog today because i was feeling quite wretched with technology today. What an irony right? I couldn't send text messages this morning on my phone, and there was supposed to be a breakfast gathering with the rest of the interns but because i woke up late and reached work at 910am i thought i wouldn't make it in time for the breakfast, since i had division meeting at 930am. Why why, the division meeting has been postponed because the ACE is here and till now, we are all still waiting to go for the meeting.

I could have gone for breakfast with the rest of the interns. Fuck man. It's not like my relationship with them is amazing or something. And this is the most opportune moment to make peace with them. And congratulations to some stupid postponed meeting that i cannot do so. GREAT. PERFECT.

I dunno why i cannot gel with the interns. I guess its partly because i am too haughty in some ways, looking down on them because they always tell me that they have nothing to do. No work, boss not in so they come in very late etc. It pisses me off damn bad when i hear that, partly also because i have loads to do. The expectations flung at me is that of a permanent staff working here. I don't know if i should be sad or happy that there are high expectations of me, but hey, i am just an intern here you know? I am not paid that much to do so much, but i am.

I know i shouldn't be complaining, since i am in a horrid mood and the things that i write about wouldn't be pretty. But i just feel so indignant that i couldn't meet the interns! It just pisses me off so bad! I COULD HAVE JUST GONE DOWN instead of waiting here. I hate this!

Work life pains me. I wish i could study forever and become a professor or something.

ARGH!!!!! It's Friday, and i shouldn't really dampen my own spirits like this. JIA YOU JIA YOU!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

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